Let me start by saying that I really enjoy typing. I find it satisfying and relaxing and I definitely appreciate a high quality keyboard and I would be the last person to say that you shouldnt spend the money to get a nice keyboard if thats, what you want, but with all the reviews and modding videos and sound Tests out there, it might start to seem, like you really need a mechanical keyboard and that even the expensive keyboards may have to be modified to be any good. Obviously much of this is subjective and I cant provide much beyond my opinion, but you probably dont need an expensive keyboard, maybe youre looking to buy a keyboard to just get some work done and when you search for keyboard reviews, it seems like all you can find. Are people talking about the thought of their keyboards and how they had to modify even an already expensive keyboard in order to make it acceptable, thats all well and good, but its not as if a cheap membrane keyboard is unusable. This is an hhkb hybrid s. The keys have a smooth gentle feel without being mushy or vague, and its just a really comfortable and pleasant keyboard to type on. I really like this keyboard but its expensive. If you want a compact Bluetooth keyboard, you could choose something like this: Logitech. K380 Music. The keys have a slightly vague rubbery feel that isnt very satisfying and the smallish round Keys belie a slightly tight key spacing that may take a bit of getting used to, but it supports Bluetooth wireless with quick, switching between up to three connected devices.

It has excellent battery life on two AAA batteries and, crucially its just thirty dollars. I greatly prefer the feel of the hhkb, no question and even in terms of other low profile keyboards, this one doesnt win many points for feel in my book, but I could absolutely sit down and get a days work done on this keyboard, its perfectly usable. But what if you dont, need Wireless and want to spend even less? This is the Microsoft wired keyboard 600., its a standard, full size, USB keyboard, and I got it for 13 and you know what its not bad at all for the price, its light and a bit flexy and the keys are a bit spongy. But the keys are smooth enough, theyre, pretty quiet and pretty stable. They also have a fairly consistent feel. It even has little flip out feet on the back to adjust the tilt. Honestly, regardless of my subjective opinion on typing, feel I dont think my speed or accuracy suffers in a meaningful way on this keyboard compared to better feeling ones, not that Im an amazing typist regardless, but this keyboard provides a totally serviceable typing experience for just thirteen dollars. Will there be people who scoff at the very idea of using a cheap membrane, switch keyboard like this sure, and if you want a nicer keyboard for whatever reason, there are nearly Endless Options these days, but even though high end keyboards, particularly mechanical keyboards, are all the Rage these days, that doesnt mean that a cheap utilitarian membrane switch keyboard wont do just fine.

Hopefully that was helpful.