99 uh and by 4.99 i mean free it’s, understandable that whenever there’s a new windows release, many people don’t want wholesale changes, forced on them and while windows 11 doesn’t appear to be Dramatically different from windows: 10: there are enough changes to make some folks wish they could go back. Thankfully, it looks like microsoft will make it relatively simple to migrate back to windows 10. If you want at least for a short while after upgrading, you will have 10 days to revert to windows 10 without losing any of your files or data, not a ton of time, but definitely more than the zero days we got with the last major windows rollout To do so, all you need to do is go to the update and security section of the settings app and select the option to revert to windows 10.. But if you wait longer than 10 days, your only option is a clean, install, hopefully, windows 11 won’t be unbearable, and this will be a moot point for most folks. We don’t need a repeat of the windows, vista debacle. You know what just switch to linux users. Cheating in online games has long been an annoyance and the tools used to detect and ban them have caused problems of their own as well. Just ask anyone: who’s run linux, but now there’s an even more irritating layer to the war involving cheaters, honest players and developers. Machine learning, a new cheat for call of duty is going around that uses.

Machine learning to score kills as long as the player just points their weapon close to the intended target. The cheat can virtually guarantee a kill by using ai to line up the perfect shot aim. Assist bots have been around for a long time, but this one is overpowered since it uses the aforementioned machine learning and it can even be used on a console by connecting it to a pc. Notable since consoles have typically been less vulnerable to cheating. Activision is trying to get the site that’s distributing it taken down, but in the meantime, don’t be surprised if one of your online opponents seems inhumanly good. We haven’t seen an update to the ipad mini since 2019 is a while ago now, but that might be changing. This fall as a report from bloomberg says to expect the biggest redesign ever of the mini version of apple’s flagship tablet. This comes on the heels of noted apple, insider ming, chi quo missing on his prediction that we’d see the new ipad mini in the first half of this year, but it looks like we won’t have to wait too much longer. The new mini will be similar to the current ipad air and feature a newer cpu, which we think would mean the a14 bionic system on chip. That same report also indicates that apple is working on a bigger imac to give consumers an alternative to the current 24 inch models. The new imax would be powered by an updated apple silicon chip such as the m1x or the m2x.

Currently, the only larger imax apples offering still have intel cpus, so you might want to make a little bit longer before upgrading or you know, just buy. A second monitor – and i guess it’s time for the quick bits brought to you by honey honey – is the free online shopping tool that searches for best promo codes whenever you shop at specific sites. Those of you who downloaded honey from our link have already saved over a hundred grand in the past few months. Good job honey works on lots of your favorite stores, including amazon, ebay, new egg, razor best buy walmart and more. All you have to do. Is click apply, coupons while you’re at the checkout page and wait for honey to search for the best working coupons, it’s, free to use and installs in just two clicks and we use it too. Colton brandon and a few others here at lmg use honey to save money, shopping online, start saving today and get honey at jointhoney.com techlinked on to the quick bits. There’S, no other thing here. I don’t know why john where’s, the jokes anyway, oh right, the joke is samsung’s unpack samsung’s unpacked product reveal event is next month, but we’ve already got a huge number of leaks showing off several new devices, including two new galaxy foldable phones, watches and earbuds. The leaks come courtesy of evan blass, a notable product insider, and you can check them out on his twitter page, though, of course, the leaked gifs don’t feature.

Any dust getting inside youtube looks to be getting serious about getting into the popular short form. Video format as youtube. Shorts is getting expanded to a hundred countries. After limited releases in india and the united states youtube, shorts is google’s way of competing with tiktok, which, ironically, let users post longer videos recently. I guess we’re all just really copying each other. At the end of the day, if you’re, not the kind of person that wants your online conversations to stick around indefinitely, then you finally have another option for disappearing messages. Whatsapp is giving its ios users the option to enable disappearing chats similar to what you’d see on snapchat. The feature has already been available on android for a few weeks, and you can get it on ios by signing up for the beta just remember, they can still be screenshoted, so try not to send insults about your boss to an unsympathetic, co worker, hoping for a Promotion virgin galactic, usually charges 250 000 for a space flight ticket, but in case you don’t have a quarter million dollars just casually lying around. You can now enter to win a pair of tickets for free. If you donate to the space for humanity. Charity, though you do get extra entries, the lucky winner will get a private tour from richard branson himself and be taken to an altitude of 250 000 feet. How appropriate a dollar a foot but money probably isn’t an issue for whoever sold a near mint copy of super mario 64.

This weekend i thought it was legend of zelda. Oh yeah, that’s, further down we’re getting spicy. Now, a sealed inbox copy of the venerable nintendo game sold for 1.56 million dollars just a few days after an early copy of the legend of zelda got to around 870 000., the copy had a 9.8 rating, so the buyer will get a game. That is basically exactly as it was when it hit store shelves in 1996.. I just hope they don’t do anything stupid, like you know, actually play it.