Also going to show you how to set it up now, this emulator isn’t for ps3 wii, u or even a new gamecube emulator. This is actually a nokia n, gage emulator known as eka 2l1. Now this has been available for pc for a while now and android, but it’s finally come to the google play store and i’ve personally been having a blast with this little emulator. Here now, back in the day when the n gage was released, i remember going into eb games and really wanting to get one, but even then i thought the screen was a bit small and i’ve really never experienced using an n gage until now with emulation. So the device that i’m using right now is the galaxy tab. S7. Plus. I wanted to use this one because i have easy screen capture over hdmi and we just have that bigger screen. But i have tested this on the pixel 4a, which has a snapdragon, 720 it’s lower end than this tablet here, and it runs just as well so, like i mentioned, i will show you how to set this up, but first things. First, i wanted to show you a little bit of gameplay here now with this. You will need the firmware for the n gage, and you know i can’t tell you where to get it, but i’ll give you some hints when we get over there and you’re. Also going to need some games, so for me i got a few installed here, tony hawk’s pro skater.

I cannot get the launch properly, even though it’s been in development for a little while now there are a few games that are going to be slow even on higher end phones and some games just won’t even start, but a majority of the stuff that i’ve tested. So far has worked flawlessly let’s go with crash. Nitro cart, as you can see, get the layout just like the engage over on the left hand side. We have our arrow keys. We have our numbers over on the right hand, side. If you want to play this in portrait mode, you can also do that and we’ll get right into a little bit of gameplay. So you can see how this thing performs. So this tablet here does have a snapdragon 865, so we got plenty of power. I mean this thing will even do gamecube, but, like i mentioned, i have tested this on lower end devices and it does work out quite well. Next up we have rayman and yeah. I mean, as you can see, this is running at full speed, so i want to move over and show you guys how to get this up and running on your android device. Okay, so first things. First, obviously, we’re gon na need the emulator, so we’re gon na head over to the google play store and we’re gon na search it up. Eka 2l1 we’re going to find it here and install now everything that i’m about to show.

You can actually be done on your android phone or tablet, but personally i would recommend moving over to a pc to transfer all of these files over and get them in the correct location, it’s going to make life a lot easier. But if you know how to use a file manager on your android device, i mean you can follow along with the steps you’re going to see in this video to get this set up all on the device itself. But, like i mentioned it’s a lot easier to move over to a windows mac or a linux pc. To do this we’re going to go ahead and start up the app for the first time and it’s going to tell us. We have no device installed and by device they’re talking about the firmware for the n gage right now we don’t have the firmware or any games on our device. So what i’m going to do is move over to my windows, pc i’m, going to plug my android device into the pc. So i can easily transfer files over okay. So here we are at my windows – machine i’ve plugged in my android device here. So i can access the internal storage and transfer all of the stuff that we need to transfer over really easily now there’s, two main things that you’re going to need to get the n gage emulator up and running the engage, firmware rom or you can call it A bios, if you really want to and we’re also going to need some engage games.

Unfortunately, when it comes to this stuff, i can’t tell you exactly where to get it, but if you do a quick search on google for, you can find everything that you need now. I’Ve already got everything that i need downloaded on my desktop. I have some engage games. These are zip right now and i also have the symbian os roms. This also covers a few other devices, but we’re strictly sticking to the n gage right now. For this video, very first thing we want to do is extract this file. Here you can use winrar or 7 zip inside of here we’re, going to see a folder called roms and we want to go to nokia, engage and in here there’s one main thing that we need. This engage qd, dev, so i’m going to place this on my desktop for easy access, and now i want to extract this i’m actually going to move these out of the way just to make it a little easier. So we have the engage, qd dev we’re, going to extract this one now inside of the engage, qd dev you’re going to see, engage qd dev data drives packages roms now, basically, what we want to do is head over to our android device, which is my tab. S7 plus and i’m just going to place this folder right in my downloads, folder on my android device. Give it a little while to copy over does take a bit of time because there’s a lot of small files on there once it’s finished up it’s.

Now on our android device and we need to move back to our android device before we mess around with any of the engage games. Okay, so we’re back at our android device. We need to open up the emulator again so we’re going to go ahead and open. It up still going to give us that warning no device installed, but now we can install it because we’ve transferred the files over choose install from the drop down right here. I know it’s a bit hard to see. We have two choices: rpkg or raw dump. We want to do raw dump we’re going to choose raw dump and we’re going to navigate to that folder. We just transferred over to our android device, download, engage qd, dev data, z, rh4 and from right here. This is where we’re going to stay. You’Ll have nokia and system choose? Ok, we also need to choose a path to our rom, so we’ll choose rom here: download, engage qd, dev data, roms rh4 in our smy.rom we’re, going to choose that one, and now we can click, install it’s going to take a little while to install the system For us it’s now complete we’re going to back up and you see we have a lot of options here now. Basically, you can choose any one of these because it’s not going to work right now, so i’ll choose the very top one status, not running that’s. Totally. Fine we’re going to go ahead and close out of this, and now we need to move back to our pc and add our engaged games, and then we can start playing so i’m going to move back over to my windows machine now.

Okay, so now it’s time to get some games installed. I have my android device right here, we’re going to open it up and we’re actually going to be navigating to the eka 2l1 folder that was created when we installed the emulator. Now that we’ve installed the firmware we have more folders inside of here we’re going to go to data drives and drive e is where we want to put our games now. There’S a folder in here called system and everything’s going to go inside of this folder here. So i stay on the outside here. Just the e drive now we’re going to move over to our games that we have and just extract everything. Now we have our engage games, but these are also going to come zipped. So what we want to do is go into each game and extract it now, from here i’m, just going to select all of the games and i’m actually going to extract them together. So all of the zip folders or the raw folders right click extract each archive to separate folder. This is just going to extract all of those games, for us create a folder for each of them. So now you kind of pick and choose what you want to install i’m going to go with the elder scrolls travels, so inside of here you’ll see elder scrolls and we have a folder called system in each one of these game. Folders we’re going to take this system folder from the game.

Folder place it right in here, it’s going to ask us if we want to overwrite we’ll choose do this for all current items and yes, so now that’s transferring the game over. I have run into where i’ve placed a game in there and it actually overwrote some of the files for that game, but it’s few and far in between. So what i’m going to do is just fast forward. This and we’ll install two more games: real, quick, okay. So we have one game installed and this does get a bit tedious, but we’re going to back up and we’ll install one more let’s go with sega rally. So inside of the sega rally, folder we’re going to find the system folder place it right on our android device. Overwrite everything choose yes and let it transfer over and we’ll do one more here for good measure. Let’S find sonic n system override everything. Let it go so now that we have some games installed. All that’s really left to do is start playing, so we’ll move back to the android device. Now so let’s go ahead and open up the emulator again scroll all the way down to the bottom. This is where our games are going to be located. As you can see, we have elder scrolls, sega rally and sonic in and sonic in is basically sonic advance for the n gauge we’ll tap on sonic in and we can start playing up in the top right hand corner.

We have these three little dots there’s a couple, little options that we can mess around with mainly editing your key layout, so i’ll choose key layout edit mode, and i can move these around and i can actually delete some if i want to, but overall find it Works really well the way it is from here finish edit mode, and now we can just start playing, engage games on our android device, so yeah i’ve been getting really good performance with basically everything that i tested, except for tony hawk. I just couldn’t get it to boot um in order to exit three little dots up in the top right hand, corner we’ll just choose exit. Now we can start up another game. We’Ll go with sega rally before we get out of here, so yeah that’s, pretty much it uh. Like i mentioned it is a bit tedious to get your games up and running with something like this, but it’s still a bit early, hopefully there’s an easier way down. The road, but it does work well like it, sits right now and it’s really awesome to see these games running on an android device. I know it’s, not ps3, wii, u or a switch emulator, but when it comes down to emulation. I still think this is pretty awesome, so that’s gon na wrap it up for this. Video really appreciate you watching.