I havent been too interested in live streaming in the past, but this product could definitely change that. The yolobox pro has a built in battery very bright screen and a bunch of ports. This allows you to connect up to three video streams through the hdmi ports, one video stream through the usb port and additional video pre recorded content through the sd card slot. You can preview your video stream through the built in screen, or you can use an external display with the hdmi out for audio theres, a mic in and a line in, or you can use audio from one of your hdmi ports and for monitoring audio theres. A headphone jack, which is a nice touch in the box, comes one usb c to c charging cable, one usb c to a charging cable, an allen, key, a sim tool and a cold shoe mount all in all the build quality of the yolobox pro is really Good, the plastic feels really solid theres, a tripod screw at the bottom, for different mounting options and theres, also a built in cooling fan, which is going to stop it from overheating. I would happily use this device in a professional setting and if you do want to beef it up a little, there is an external cage that you can buy, which is going to allow you to attach handles, or extra thread mounts and its also going to provide Some clamps for your cables just to make sure that they dont come out.

I found that the battery life is pretty good, lasting at around an hour or just over an hour and thats going to be good enough for most live streams. But if you do have a longer one, then all you need to do is plug it in to the usbc port and itll be able to run indefinitely in terms of internet connectivity, yololif, hasnt skimped on anything you can connect it wired through the ethernet port. You can connect directly through the wi fi network or you can even add a 4g sim card into the device, and that means you can basically live stream from anywhere. You dont even need a wi fi signal and ive tried all three of these methods and they all seem to work really well. Actually, of course, youre going to be limited by your 4g connection or your wifi speed, but thats pretty standard for any live streaming situation. The yolobox pro has a bunch of really cool features that im going to go through in this video, but what i really loved about it is that i found everything was super intuitive. I didnt even need to touch the manual and just playing around with the device for a bit. I was basically able to figure out everything i needed to know with it to fully test the yolo box pro in a real live stream demonstration. I decided to take it outside and for this demo i decided to use two sony a7s threes.

These are going to be directly connected to the yolobox pro and then in addition to that, a dji a2s drone, and this is going to be connected through a holy land. Wireless transmission system, from the smart controller to the yolobox pro, and in addition to that, we also have an sd card with some pre recorded content. So were going to take that out, see what we can do and play around with it and go through a bunch of my favorite features of the yolo box. Pro okay, so weve come out to the park here and were gon na run. A demo live stream. Were just gon na run this straight to youtube and were gon na make it an unlisted video because we dont actually want it to go up, but its gon na be a live stream with our a camera over there weve got a b camera over shoulder. So you can see the yolo box pro and then weve actually also got a drone here. So were gon na be flying the drone for our third video stream, which is actually pretty cool so just to start im actually going to launch the drone and get it into position and were going to switch to hdmi 3 on our feed. So were going to see where we are in this situation and were under those trees over there, and you can see the traffic behind us there and im just gon na. Let it go there.

So now what were gon na do is gon na go live, and to do that, you just click, go live okay, so weve got our drone set up for a ultra wide angle. Over there, im gon na switch to it here, hdmi three thats, just more for fun to show what you can do and were actually live here. So you can see it says, live and were streaming to youtube. So, first and foremost, were gon na. Do the basics of what you would want to do when youre running a live stream and just to show what this is capable of and, firstly, weve got our different video feeds here and its super easy to just switch between them. You literally just tap the screen and you can switch between all your different feeds and then, if we go into more advanced settings, theres a bit of a few cool things we can do here. One of them is to add image overlays. So with that, you can add stuff like lower thirds, where you can add a title, so were gon na. Add it there and now weve got hello and hey there, just as a demo to delete that we just hold down delete to add another overlay. We just tap the plus. We got images countdown timer. This is quite a cool one, so we add a countdown timer. You can choose your font, your color. This is all built in theres, no need for another external streaming software.

Anything like that, and if we go down here when we add it, weve got our countdown timer there. This is cool for before your live stream actually starts, and next were going to show what you can do with an additional video source through sd card. So weve got an sd card in here with a few pre loaded videos and were just going to play one of them and now weve got another stream over here, which is a pre recorded video, which can also be pretty useful for any type of pre roll Ad or whatever you want to put before you live stream or even during and were going to switch back to our main one. There gon na go to the smaller view and then another cool thing we can do is we can actually do picture and picture video. So i can have this as my main screen next and then add in the over the shoulder shot as my secondary screen, and i can move it around wherever i want make it the right size put it in the corner and we go done and then picture In picture video is now a feed and now weve got our main screen as the main screen and then weve got a smaller over the shoulder shot in the corner. So thats a really nice little touch as well and to go away from that. We just delete our picture and picture video profile. Another cool thing i like to do is actually add transitions between the videos.

So, for that we go to our settings, we go to our video source transitions and now what we can do is we can set our video streams to actually have a transition between them. So ive selected fade here so now, whenever i transition its going to nicely fade between the scenes and theres a bunch of different options like wipe, these are more like your standard transitions. Youll find in most video editing, softwares now for audio. What we can do is we can actually use any of the audio ends from our three different video sources here or the sd card slot, for this scenario were gon na use our main camera for audio because thats what my mic is connected to, but we can Also use the mic in or line in input, so thats a really nice wide array of sound options that we have for this stream. Another really cool feature of this that i was surprised to see is theyve actually got an automatic keying feature. So if you have a green screen or blue screen behind you, you can just turn the keying on and you can choose a background image and itll automatically put a green screen in the image for you, which is actually really cool and helpful im. Not using that. Now because ive just got a park behind me, but its so easy to use and just add in if you want to so next weve got our video output mode and this is hdmi out or display port out, and this allows you to actually monitor from this Hdmi out what your live stream is displaying on screen, if you dont want to use this monitor – or you have another bigger screen that youre using then weve even got encoding settings so were on cbr right now, which is constant bit rate, and we can also change The bit rate of our stream and the fps so thats pretty cool.

If youre running a slower internet connection, you can run a low bid rate and your streaming should be fine. So another really cool little feature on here is theres. Actually, a comment tab, so i can see here all the comments coming through from my youtube: live stream. Obviously theres, none because its unlisted, but when they are there, youve got easy access to them and its going to be really easy to respond to any comments. You might have so thats just a quick demo of a little live stream. You might do with the yolo box pro and honestly, i cant emphasize about how simple and easy it is to use. I mean without any user manual guide. You can basically figure out all these settings by playing with it for a bit by yourself and in terms of using it outside. There is quite a lot of glare on the screen for the camera, but for myself i can see everything really clearly and its also really cool to be able to stream straight through a 4g signal, which is what its doing now its uploading at 2. 000 kilobits. A second, which is what we asked for and its been going strong this whole time so thats it for this outdoor live stream demo and were going to head back to the studio. I think the ultimate goal of this device is to make live streaming, really easy and simple, and it definitely accomplishes that, in my opinion, it removes so many of the things previously needed for live streaming.

You dont need a laptop. You dont need a desktop pc. You dont even need a wi fi connection. You dont need capture cards. You dont need streaming software. All of that is built into one easy to use device and thats why? I would definitely recommend this device for people looking into getting into live streaming or people whove. Even been doing it for a while who are looking to make their workflow more efficient and easy. If you are interested in this product, i will have a link to it in the description below, and i hope you enjoyed this video.