Android 11 tablet powered by the snapdragon 870. It has 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.0 storage, and this little stand on the back of it here. So you can see you can use that to prop it up at all sorts of different angles. You can also use it to sit it up. Like this – and this also does support the precision 2 stylus and so far in my time, using it, this is definitely the best large tablet that you can get. If, of course, you want an android tablet. So, along with the tablet, youll find a type c to type c cable, our charger. This is a 30 watt charger and it does take approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes to fully charge the 10200 milliamp hour. Battery and banggood does include here an eu adapter for any eu customers now the build quality. So an unusual design here with this one weve got plastic backing material here there is this round part which does have two speakers which are five watts inside it ill give. You a sample of them later on in this in depth review, and then we have our handle stand really for this, so you can use it to prop it up the other way you can lift it and push it right up and around, and that way you Can use it then, as a handle, you could hook it over something if you wanted to do so now.

This hinge is very, very stiff. Its made out of metal this part here is rubber and weve got plastic and then a felt type material. Well, its like a suede material, theyve gone with on the back now i dont mind this too much. You can see the yoga branding. However, i notice it does pick up a lot of particles of dust and things that will show up because of the black color. Now this is just painted on the lenovo here, its not a metal tab on the left here. Weve got something really interesting and that is hdmi input. So, yes, you can use this as a secondary monitor, which is really good to see which more manufacturers would do. This so you can connect up a nintendo switch, your pc laptop ps5 xbox. You get the idea, so weve got a microphone here. So this is plastic. The frame around the outside thickness right here is 2.5 centimeters. The tablet is pretty hefty. It does weigh 900 grams. Well, just under its about 897 grams, according to my scales, its a little bit heavy there and then on the right side, weve got our type c for charging. Now this supports usb 3.1. So quick transfer speeds to the 256 gigabytes of storage within this model here, and it does support video out so power on volume up and down, and these buttons are made out of. I think they could be metal but probably actually plastic their other microphone so thickness.

Wise here isnt too bad, but it is a little bit chunky, but we do have those two speakers inside there and of course, that handle stand so thats. Why it has this unique design to it and along the bottom here, which kind of fires out a little bit to the front, but more bounces off the table when you do stand it up? Is the speaker grill here so putting my ear up toward? I can hear sound coming out from here and here with those five watt speakers, but nothing in the middle here. I just think thats a chamber to help get a little bit of bass out of those speakers and finally, along the top. The two two watt speakers ill give you a sample of all four of those speakers now what they sound like and just before i do those there are just some microphones on the top. Now, with the front of the tablet here, weve got up the top here. Eight megapixel front facing camera. There is a time of flight there and it does support face, unlocking which i do find works well. So what is missing is a side fingerprint reader which i would have liked. They could have put it maybe up here. I just think it would have been a little bit faster than putting in a password and they do not have micro, sd card support or lte support, so no sim card support on theres no 5g, so those are really the two things that are missing.

For me. The expandable storage but great having the display input and also great having, of course, the type c out with video out from it and the screen here. So this ones 13 inches very large for a tablet and normally im reviewing the largest its normally about 12.6. And this one has a resolution of 2160 by 1350, so 16 by 10 aspect ratio. The screen looks sharp now the maximum brightness that im able to achieve and get out of this display is just over 400 nets. Officially, they say 400 nits, but im getting around 418 nits, which is okay indoors, its fully laminated covered with glass. Now i dont know if it is gorilla glass that they are using with this one. Now, overall, the brightness indoor use is perfectly fine, but outdoors you will struggle a little bit here now. This is what the gamma you can see. It should actually be about 2.2 and its pretty close to that and thats the brightness down there at the lower setting, which i accidentally triggered right there. Now the touch response from the screen is good, its a little bit sensitive and overall, i dont think its a bad panel. Now the bezels top and bottom lets get out of this. If i can trigger the gesture back there, we go bezels top and bottom okay. They are a little thick now for 2021, but the left and right ones, arent too bad at all. All up.

I think it is a good screen and most people should be very pleased with it for definitely definitely for looking at media content. I find that this is a great screen for that like something like netflix amazon, prime video, which it does support and it does support having them in hd as well. So weve got wide vine level, one cert which ill get on to soon about that, and i just also wanted to point out that here were running zui, which is based on android 11 for the ui. With this one and again i mean the performance has been good multitasking and the gesture support with the touch good, not a problem, eight gigabytes of ram with the snapdragon 870, and it has been bug free. But a couple of times i have i wouldnt say: 100 bug free. I have been in the settings menu and just changed something and its completely crashed the settings and i bounced back out of there. So weve got a lot of different things you can tweak in here. We can schedule it to power on and off. We have for the display to some other options. I wanted to point out, so you can change the color mode. This is great your white balance. I really love to see this, and most manufacturers do do this, but there are a few that are a little bit slack and dont actually include those options. Eye protection, dark mode can be scheduled.

Adaptive brightness ive got it turned off at the moment because, while im recording the screen and trying to show it as best as possible that i can here, but the ambient sensor is right up here, its next to the time of flight and that 8 megapixel camera With this one, so various different things can be tweaked and it is the global rom that banggood flash onto this one so thats. Another reason why i ended up buying it from them, so there are updates that come through. They have a system update and their own over there update system, and this is the latest version, so i did get one update, which is minor bug fixes, i dont know actually what it fixed, but i havent had any problems with that. One other thing to point out too, though, however, is this that when i try to get onto my wi fi six network, its only picking up wi fi, five, not the six, which is the latest, the fastest wi fi uh ax, so wireless ax, it doesnt seem To wan na connect up to my router or detect it for some weird reason, even though that yes, this model does support wi fi, ax, wi, fi, 6. android bench now. This is just to show the internal storage speed, so we have 256 gigabytes of ufs. 3.0 storage, very good speed, so getting almost 1400 megabytes per second sequential reads: sequential rights, almost 700 randoms well over 200.

So very quick storage – and this is not going to bottleneck it. So we do have the eight gigabytes of ram as ive mentioned, and that really does help to aid in the performance of this particular tablet, its very, very quick one of the fastest that i have reviewed. So when you first get this yoga pad here, you will have basically no bloatware and not really to me is any of this stuff kind of blow. Most of it is useful. Now there are microsoft apps on there that some may consider as bloatware like office and whatnot, but theyre still useful, so no real junk, apps, no games or anything is installed now free available space. You are looking at approximately here, 244 or so gigabytes frequency 242. Sorry that youre gon na have with this okay, remember no expandable storage. Unfortunately, with this particular model here now, battery life is excellent. It is really really good. I was able to achieve almost 13 hours. This is at the display calibrated to 200 minutes, okay and it just runs and runs until it gets to 20. So i could have gone on for at least about 13 and a half, maybe even 14 hours of runtime. Just watching video with this, which is really really good thanks to the 10 000 200 milliamp hour battery as mentioned charge. Time is about 2 hours and 40 minutes with this wide vine level, 1 cert and it does support amazon, prime video at full hd resolution, which ill get onto soon, and here is our antutu score.

Now i apologize for some of the video quality of this particular video here, because the screens at an angle, its very hard for me to get the whole screen in focus and sharp here with my lenses. But there we go almost 700 thousand points here and two two, this things an absolute monster and its just as good as the snapdragon triple eight. It really is its getting similar scores and similar gaming performance as youll see later on ebooks and pdf files. So this is a large pdf file that i do always test out, uh its, i think, its around about 50 megabytes or so a lot of detail, a lot of pages and its very quick on this no problems and looks great on the large screen. Now the bezels here are looking a little bit worse than what they really are. So if i zoom in you can see now thats the normal bezel size there. So the text looks sharp. It looks great and the performance when just scrolling ahead there very very quick, but it still wont beat an ipad and ipad pro and even the older generation ipads still seem to be the champions at just raw pdf file performance. Now, once i get out of this ill, just show you an ebook too, as well: absolutely no problems with them. It looks great and of course you can flip the screen around and hold it and use it then in portrait mode.

But i would use the stand for this because it is a heavy tablet, its about 900 grams. As i mentioned its, not exactly light, and they look great, you can zoom in you can invert the colors here, so you can make the text white the background black. You can put on the blue light, filter, dark mode, and all of that too, of course, now onto the gaming performance here. So this is pub g and we do get up to ultra hd, but we take a hit in the frame rate then drops down to ultra, which is 45 frames per. Second, i believe, and if you stick it on there and just do hd, which is what i will be testing out, we get extreme, which is the 60 frames per second. I think it is and that matches the 60 hertz that this panel has so lets. Take a look just how pubg performs here now, as expected, stating the others here that no problems at all this is 60 frames per second constantly runs well and looking down the sides. Theres gon na be no lag at all with this game, so very light title really. This is not demanding at least not on this setting, so ill move over now to androids, most demanding game and probably ios as well, which is gen shan impact and lets see how it handles it. Now i have the title here: set on the highest possible visual settings at 60.

Frames per second and in the performance is very, very good, its running really about the same as what i would get out of a snapdragon triple eight here or demensity 1200. Even has similar performance to this from what ive seen so very, very good now, does it get warm? Does it run in to any thermal throttling or problem, so just around this area on the other side, lets get a little warm, but because its a very large tablet, it doesnt suffer from those throttling issues that you would get with a small phone with the same Chipset or the snapdragon triple eights are actually worse when it comes to thermals this ones, not bad at all, so just got a couple of enemies. Here lets jump into a quick fight with him being so large its a little uncomfortable. I would actually prefer to game on a slightly smaller size, but still performance really really good here from the yoga pad pro now heres a sample from the front. Eight megapixel camera theres, in fact no rear cameras on this, and i dont think anyones going to be really missing that with the tablet, the quality for an 8 megapixel one, you can shoot 1080p video max here. You do have portrait mode with it. I dont think its bad. I think this is a good front facing camera that theyve used in here lenovo and excellent audio quality out of those microphones by far my favorite feature of this particular tablet is the fact that it supports display input, which we dont see with any other tablets, really At all – and i wish more manufacturers would do this, so here you can see with my windows – 10 mini pc ive got hooked up to maximum resolution is the 2160×1350 16 by 10 aspect ratio and with the maximum 410 nits of brightness.

It does actually look pretty good indoors. Ive got the screen. Brightness turned right down so tapping on the screen. Now i can set and control the brightness levels. You can see how much ive turned that right down its a very bright screen here and tapping again im able to adjust the aspect ratio from 16 by 10 to 16 by nine. I put it back on 16 by 10 and then the audio two we get. The on screen display for our audio controls when im adjusting that now it remembers the setting that i had before when i previously use that. So that is great, and as soon as you plug in an external device for the input here for the display. It then swaps over to it its a very handy feature to have okay, so we really do have another winner here from lenovo. I really like the large screen the experience of using it, especially for media consumption, watching netflix, amazon, prime video, disney, plus youtube and just other movies and whatnot is really good on this with those speakers, and we do have the wide vine level, one suit its a Global rom and amazon prime video is in full hd, which is really good to see because a lot of devices, even though they have that widevine level 1 cert, are still stuck in standard definition, which well it kind of looks terrible, especially at 13 inches. It would so thats great there performance excellent, very fast chip.

Snapdragon 870 makes this so far. The fastest tablet, with the eight gigabytes of ram that ive reviewed here in the channel weve, also got the lenovo p11 pro or the xiaoshin pad pro 2021 model. That ive reviewed, which has the same chipset but just six gigabytes of ram. Now the display input input on this is a very handy feature to have that. If you intend to have this as a tablet, but youd also like to connect it up to say a nintendo switch or your laptop on the go, you can do that and its useful its got a sharp resolution. It is still a good looking screen to be able to use like that, and then youve got the type c usb 3.1, with display out support as well, so it clones the display. You can connect it up then, to a larger tv. If you wanted to do so so battery time and run time on this very good, 12 to 13 and even possibly maybe 13 and a half hours you can get out of this, which is really good because its got a large battery. So all up the build is good, even though its got a plastic. The middle frame is great. The difference things you can do with it. You can, even you know, use it to hook it up like this, the screen of course flips around. Then you can stand it up like so if you wanted to do like that or have it sitting up, so it is used useful, its versatile and really it comes down to only a few things.

I dont like about this particular tablet, im sad to see no micro sd card support that would have been brilliant on this no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then no lte or gps support, which would have been great again or even 5g support if they could have Added this to it, i think, then, with those things that would have been really the perfect large android 11 tablet now with lenovo theres. Another thing too to point out: theyre, not known really for major android updates. Ive just had a patch come through, but i really doubt this is going to see. Android 12 ever youd probably have to get a newer model to get android 12 because the previous gen model is still on android. 10. The same goes with the p11 pro series.