The slim 7 pro the 16 inch laptop with a 2.5 k. Glossy display touch display with 120 hertz refresh rate, but ive been getting a lot of questions or comments regarding this one, which is the idea pad 5 pro. Also with that 2.5 k resolution – and it also is 120 hertz display, but there are differences between the two. These are two excellent choices, especially if youre looking for a laptop that gives you a good price to performance ratio. Hey everybody its andrew, and this is a head to head between the slim 7 pro and the idea pad 5 pro coming up Music. Now both units are running the same processor, its the ryzen 7 5800, its an 8 core 16 thread processor, but the idea pad 5 pro has a different gpu. The one i have here today is the gtx 1650 from nvidia, whereas the slim 7 pro has a little bit better graphics. It has the rtx 3050 gpu and you will see a graphics performance boost with that rtx 3050 in the slim 7 pro the idea pad 5 pro is slightly lighter than the slim 7 pro coming in at 1.9 kilograms or 4.2 pounds. The slim 7 pro weighs in at 2.08 kilograms or 4.59 pounds, and the idea pad 5 pros corner is a little bit more rounded than the squared off edges on the slim 7 pro now, my review unit on the idea pad 5 pro has a storm gray.

Finish, which shows a little bit more fingerprints than the cloud gray of the slim 7 pro now taking a look inside. They both share a lot of the same traits in terms of upgradability and the internals both have the same 75 watt hour battery dual fans and non upgradable ram 16 gigabytes of ddr4 3200 ram that is running in dual channel mode and both have an upgradeable pcie. Nvme gen 3 ssd and both did well in terms of the reads and writes all right lets talk about the displays theyre, both 16 inches. They both have the same resolution 2560 by 1600, and yes, that means they are both a 16 to 10 aspect ratio. That means you do less scrolling when it comes to web browsing youll, see more on the display a little bit taller vertical nature on both displays, which is good, but there are some differences between the two on the left is the idea pad 5 pro, and that Has a matte display you dont get any unnecessary glare or reflections, whereas the one on the right with the slim 7 pro that is a glossy display, youll, see more glare and reflections on that one, but the one on the right gets brighter coming in at 500. Nits, whereas the one on the left comes in at 350 nits now its not a huge deal in terms of that disparity in terms of that screen brightness, since the one on the left is a matte display.

So again, the glare and reflections dont play as big of a part in the terms of the quality of the display. Now the slim 7 pro display is also an hdr 400 display, so watching high dynamic range content in youtube. Netflix amazon worked really well. Youll get a better viewing experience and they also are both 120 hertz. So you get that high refresh rate the smooth scrolling and the really fluid experience and theres. Also another key difference between the two. The slim 7 pro has a touch display the idea pad 5 pro doesnt and having a reverse notch on the top means that both units can be opened with one finger, as you see here now, as you can see, the keyboard layout is pretty much identical to Each other, although there is a key difference between the two on the left, you cannotice, that the power button is in the upper right hand corner, whereas on the slim 7, pro its located on the side of the unit and the ports are going to be identical. To each other, on the left side is your power port thats, where youll charge with the included 135 watt power adapter next to that is an hdmi 1.4 b port limited to 4k 30 hertz, not the 4k 60 and, of course, a usbc 3.2 gen, 2 port. That is full service data charge and display out and finally, a 3.5 millimeter microphone. Headphone, combo, jack and moving over to the right side is a full size, sd card reader.

Although the cards do not sit flush with the units and then next to that is two usba 3.2 type, a ports, theyre gen one ports and that will round out the ports on both laptops and, as i mentioned earlier, both are running the same processor, its the Amd ryzen, 7 5800h processor thats a 8 core 16 thread. Cpu weve seen it before. Although the ideapad 5 pro has a different graphics card, it has the nvidia gtx 1650, whereas the slim 7 pro has the rtx 3050 from nvidia and gets slightly better graphics performance. Not groundbreakingly better but better, nonetheless, and where the difference between the two gpus comes into play is when i ran the 3d mark test on both the time spy scores and the fire strike scores. Youll notice that the slim 7 pro with that rtx 3050 did slightly better than the gtx 1650 found on that ideapad 5 pro and when it comes to the pc mark 10 score, which is a good indicator of everyday use. They got very similar results. So that means that both units are going to be excellent choices for microsoft, office, email, web browsing, photoshop, lightroom things like that youre going to really do well on either one you cant go wrong and both units have two 2 watt speakers, theyre dolby atmos, and i Thought they were adequate at best. I didnt think either. One was great. I think they could stand a little bit more volume, although there was a hint of bass and there was some mids.

I would say if you want a more enhanced audio experience with either unit use, wired or bluetooth headphones, and both units have a 720p ir camera. That means you can log in with face recognition with windows. Hello, neither unit has a fingerprint scanner. So just something to be aware of, i did examples of both cameras in their individual videos. Links will be in the description below you get a good idea of the video quality and, of course, the audio quality of the internal mics, which werent too bad in both units share the same 75 watt hour battery. Now the idea pad 5 pro got about seven and a half hours, whereas a slim 7 pro im, still testing but im, seeing very similar results. Ill have my final results in its full review. Thats been coming in a few days, so stay tuned, but battery life is not going to be outstanding on this, but its going to definitely be adequate and one of the reasons i love these laptops is their price to performance ratio. They just simply wont break the bank and youre getting some premium specs and materials used, and that to me is very rare nowadays now the unit that i reviewed yesterday or i got my unboxing and first look review of that slim 7 pro comes in at 1232 Dollars according to my source at lenovo and will be available very soon over at lenovos website. For those interested remember check out the link below, but i think the fact that youre getting such a premium laptop on either one such a great high end display with a high resolution and a high refresh rate.

That means youre going to get better than average results. On anything, youre going to do probably even great results, considering the price to performance ratio, and that to me is a big win in either unit. But the biggest downside to me is its availability because of the chip shortages, the pandemic. The amd processor scarcities right now play a big part in its availability and if you can find one, i would grab them up as fast as you can, because these are great price to performance ratio, and you wont find that very often nowadays, where you can get Really premium materials premium performance at a really affordable cost and thats what these bring to the table. So, if you can find them, i would definitely buy them because im very very impressed with what lenovo was able to do in both units. So what do you think about these bad boys? I think these are great choices, especially if youre looking for a good price to performance ratio, they just simply wont break the bank now heres the thing people, if you can find them grab them. These are excellent choices, especially because youre getting these high resolution displays high refresh rates and, of course, uh premium, build quality and premium specs, but im curious to know what you think. Let me know in the comment section below what do you think of these laptops here? In early 2022, i know weve got the ryzen 6000s on the way weve got the 12th gen alder lake from intel on the way, but im curious to know what you think again.

Let me know in that comment section below now. Of course, these are not the easiest to find in terms of uh product availability uh. This one is going to go for 1232 dollars. According to my contact over at lenovo, i will leave a link in the description below for where you can get it. This one ill leave some links as well, not so easy to find it even last year. Wasnt easy not easy this year, but if you can find it a great price to performance ratio, i keep harping on that because thats the theme with these great mid tier laptops that are really not mid tier theyre more premium than mid tier again. I want to know what you think. Let me know in that comment section below so please hit the like button. Please subscribe. Please share this. Video dont forget to leave a comment in that comment section below. Let me know how im doing. Let me know if theres a device or something out there, you think i should review ill, do my best to try to make that happen. Dont forget to check me out on facebook, twitter, instagram and, of course, my website