You might be asking ourselves what it burns to the table compared to the last generations. Model lets get into it. For starters, as you can see from the appearance, its got, this brand new comfort edge design with sleek finish more comfortable to hold in the hand due to the smooth edges compared to the large gens squared off design. It comes in two in one comfortable form factor, so you can fold your laptop over for tablet like experience, but if you are only using a convertible as a laptop or tablet, you are missing. The half bun attend mode is handy to have in the kitchen when searching out disciplined recipes, creating shopping lists and watching tutorial videos. You can also flip his keyboard under for stem mode, putting the webcam in a better position when you have video calls, instead of a conventional stamping method. This time it takes on precise sensing, unibody machining, giving yoga 7i a wider firmness, display bezel and a tougher structure, integrity and it helps increase ar to 90 compared to eighty nine percent less than a fourteen inch and ninety one percent unsigned the bigger the screen. The more of your work will be able to say, and the more youll be moved to do so now we have slimmer battles 16 by 10 golden aspect, ratio that spans across 14 inches not to forget the drop down hinge over here. It gives a larger and wider field of view yoga semi, 6 inch, vibrant features, 2.

5 k, lcd display and 400 nits brightness wonder color camera of srgb with multi touch glass on top of it. But if you prefer oled display over lcd, then you can pick your smi 14 inch vibrant, presenting a signal. Great 100 dci, p3 color gamut, with 2.8k oled, display its oled, its beautiful, fast and fluid, and its really true joy to use for anything indeed, and they all come with tuv hardware, low blue light protection, so your eyes can stay comfortable. While you stay in the zone working on some intricate content creations, we have gone from 720p hd camera to incredible ir, fhd camera, giving you better image, quality and double the resolution. Now, when you are on video course, it lets. You immerse yourself in high quality, video, chats, clear and vivid like never before and its going to be great to help increase productivity when it comes to touch controls and, of course, additional base. Pen, 3.0 or lenovo e color pen with great pressure sensitivity, and they will take both your productivity and creativity to new heights, as you can tell its amazing writing experience its just like a massive creative canvas and you can take notes or make sketches anything the like Seamlessly move down to the one piece aluminum seat cover thanks to the sensory unibody machining, that provides a stronger holding power with a clean edge by reducing rubber and plastic usage. They come in eco, friendly packaging, no more rubber strips near the hinge area.

For the sake of environmental sustainability, speaking of sustainability with tougher structural egg cover b cover bottle, bezel has a chance to be narrowed down to only 5.9 millimeter, so plastics materials can be reduced to 33.6 gram compared to last generations. 72.2 gram saving more than 56 percent on the chassis. That is a big leap as well as many of us continue to juggle a working hybrid that includes time in home office. Improve audio setup can help improve your work, productivity and homework experience to bring big improvements over the sound experience. Audio is designed to upgrade from two to four building speakers, no matter what type of music you are into, it is best to listen to it in high quality. It gets your blood pumping and makes you more productive when working plus w atoms spatial audio technology offers the most immersive sound experience. We have also added smart amp so that, together with dobby atoms, it can significantly improve audio quality and loudness and the cherry on top of that, no matter where you feel the most productive, smart noise cancellation can help cut out background noise. So video call experience stays seamlessly. It might not look too obvious, but we also have reduced the speaker, holes from 0.76 millimeter to 0.6 millimeter so from the outside. They look more exquisite at the same time not affecting the volume quality moving down to the trackpad, both 40 inch and 16 inch. Yoga 7i have enlarged the trackpad to 25 and 54 respectively, with a large, nearly flat surface, its incredibly easy to navigate with more gesture versatility, and the 16 inch comes with a number keypad on the right side of a keyboard easy for you to work more efficiently.

One big shift on the side is that now these things comes with more generic support. Selection. In my hand, its a 16 inch yoga 7i. It has two thunderbolt 4 2 usb a and 4 size sd card reader compared to last generations. One usb a and two usb saves on board. Now we offer you more ports and more choices. You no longer need a dongle at all its especially useful when you work or learn at home at post copy times. If you want power, this motion absolutely delivers. Thanks to the new 12 intel core processor intel, iris, xc, graphics, you get super fast performance up to 1.25 times faster than the previous generation. If you want to experience the new intels arc, a370m discrete graphics, we are making available on the 16 inch. So if you are unlocking the foundation in the fortnite, the action will be seamless and you will be enjoying improved graphics with smooth frame rates. Same goes with your photo editing experience in adobe lightroom, especially when you want to adjust colors out to the perspective and bring out incredible details. It would be perfect for the job and you can also work play great without worrying about your battery life. The 14 inch comes with 71 watts hour battery, while the 16 inch usmi, with discrete graphics, features a 100 watts hour. Battery 14 inch delivers up to 16.5 hours, video playback on full charge at 200, nits and 11.5 hours mobile mod 2018 max battery life, while 6 inch guess what almost 26 hours local video playback.

That is quite impressive and also 11 hours around for mobile mark 2018. You can rest assured your semi. I will boost your creative spirit day and night and keep your engrossed in your content creation without any gaps, and it also supports fast charge, so it can juice up the battery from 0 to 3 hours in just 15 minutes charging. Your flash now were offering the yoga 7i 16 inch. Arctic gray and stone gray with two colors 14 inch, on the other hand, has a stone blue color, apart from the same storm gray color as 16 inch different colors different fill, were excited to see what you can do with it. Please let us know what you think of this new yoga. Stamina in hand, wed love to hear your thoughts, that is all for todays yoga semi deep die.