I’Ve got here this estelle t5 tablet, with a large 10.1 inch screen running android 10 out of the box it’s a budget tablet coming in at 140, pounds i’ll put a link to the tablet below in the description it’s. Actually, for my grandma, i let my dad pick it out for her and i said well before you hand it over. Let us check it out on the channel. Maybe one of you are interested in a budget tablet to run some emulation, maybe some youtube, and so i figured i’d put this through its paces and see what it’s capable of so let’s check it out. Let’S, take a quick look at the back of the box. It’S always quite funny to read these chinese manufacturers with their descriptions. So, just briefly, take a look. It’S got three gig of ram 800p 10.1 inch screen 64 gigabytes of internal storage and runs android 10 out of the box, just check what else comes with it? Oh microfiber cloth a cover for it as well. Didn’T know that was included. That looks like a screen protector very nice that they include that in this box here we’ve got. Oh, it comes with a stylus. These look like earbuds, yep, it’s, a power, brick usb cable let’s. Take a look at this. Yes tell usbc volume, rocker power button camera on the back. That must be the sim tray that must be a 3.5 mil headphone jack, and then we have.

There is a keyboard attachment for it, but i didn’t think you know my grandma’s not going to be interested in using that i mean the material is not fantastic, but at least it will protect it functional at least very stock. Looking welcome screen there, so that’s cool. I believe there’s a um, oh there’s, a screen protector already on that’s a nice touch, especially if you don’t want to faff around with getting that installed. If you’re not used to doing things like that, it can be, can be a mission, so they’ve included one in the box, but they’ve also included one on the tablet. Well, that’s, just finishing its booting process, let’s compare to a 12.1 inch samsung tablet. You know what the bezels are: not bad, not bad at all. Let’S just turn that on there you go. They look like a google pixel, slates bezels identical to that anyway. Okay got my account added let’s, try some youtube: auto 1080p60. Okay, it doesn’t look too bad. Actually, should we try going to 4k, i mean i don’t have high hopes, but let’s try. So i don’t think that’s switched ah okay. Here we go no there’s. No, this clue. No decoder for the 4k format, it’s, just a black screen with the audio don’t. Try around 4k on this using the youtube app, but i am just going to try it in the browser just to see what sort of stats i get it’s watchable through the web browser, but i wouldn’t it’s constantly dropping frames.

Now you can’t see on the counter. There but there you go, but i mean watching the video you wouldn’t notice and again for what this will be used for i’m sure the performance in this tablet is more than adequate. Dear i put on some emulation which i’ll put on a well let’s start simple and work our way up now: we’re getting our full 30 fps for gran turismo 2 using duck station a relatively new emulator, yeah that’s uh that’s running pretty well. I’Ve got the brightness on max as well, so you can see the um. The brightness is not great off angle, but you know straight on not a problem. Yeah, definitely playable. Next up, i think we’ll try dreamcast right, i’ve got crazy taxi. It does run at 60fps on the original console, so let’s see how it fares on here. Fps count on the top left. Oh yeah, getting my 60 frames per second it’s. Pretty good controls are responsive, a few dropped frames, but definitely playable. Oh go on yeah a bit stuttery though, but you know given the price of the tablet here running dreamcast is not bad now i know it’s not all that impressive, because you’ve got raspberry, pi’s running dream car simulation to perfection um, but you know those are those Applications are optimized for that processor, whereas i don’t imagine this. Software is optimized for the chip inside this tablet at all, so it’s, not bad gamecube. Now i have a feeling this is where it’s gon na fall flat on its face, but let’s see fps counter at the top right and let’s have a look: oh yeah, audio starter in the menu that’s that’s struggling big time so yeah.

You know you’re not going to use this for gamecube emulation. I think that was a uh. I mean that was a given and it’s not even liking the vulcan back end there. Oh god, they look horrific. I guess i should download geekbench just for those who want to see the numbers that this device can put out from a synthetic benchmark, so we’ll just load that up now, okay, the results are in and we’ve got a. You know as expected, a pitfall one. Five. Six single core, 806 multi core, but again not going to expect much from this now let’s just have a look at the stylus that came with the tablet. Having a look at this, this looks entirely fake, it’s, just plastic and i think that’s what they mean when they say when they include the stylus yeah. They send it. Doesn’T do anything it’s just marking the screen protector it’s a bit misleading really, but anyway, it includes a basic, any screen type stylus that you can use so that’s it’s, not too bad. I know this is going to be used as a replacement phone of sorts. It’S got two sim card trays. You know you get lots of devices that have sim card tray tablet, so they don’t actually allow you to dial out so let’s. Just try that confirm that works. It does have a dialer app, so let’s try putting in my phone number give it a call yep incoming call call that is good.

Okay, cool don’t want to leave that sim in there let’s take it out now, otherwise, i’ll forget and that wraps up this look at the yes tell t5 budget android tablet with 10.1 inch screen. Now i was pretty impressed with the performance. Given the price here. You know you’re not going to do anything too taxing on here we’re talking about some light web surfing youtube videos. Video calls voice calls it’s great that the google play store is installed on here from factory which can’t be said for a lot of tablets at this price point so that’s, definitely a plus included case that’s. Definitely a plus a fake kind of stylus yeah it’s, not too bad um other than that it’s um, not a bad choice. Actually so yeah it’s gon na do the job. If you’ve got any questions, don’t forget to leave a comment below i’ll do my best to help you out don’t forget to like and subscribe, and check out my instagram too at the technology.