Today, i will introduce you yeeling uh, 36 to usb wired headset let’s, look at the specifics compatible with phone and platform, simple and flexible connectivity all day wearing comfort on parallel audio experience, noise canceling microphone, easy management, what’s inside okay, okay, you can just put it inside Use it like that here is the controller for the headset and let’s see the microphone. When you look at it, it has good quality it’s, like 180 degrees. You can turn and you can open it. All. Righty let’s go ahead and look at this part. If you want to use this or you can use the esp1 okay, first of all i’m going to use this one, this is the music Music all right! Let me go ahead and use this one Music. You can adjust the volume here. As you see, i can adjust it there. I bow beads before around three hundred dollars uh. This is only eighty dollars. If you’re asking me what’s the difference between this and uh the beats, i can tell you there’s no difference. Let me explain these buttons um. The first one is, you can answer, reject or end the call second button right there. You can mute or unmute the microphone. The third button is, you see addition hold. When you hold it two seconds you can activate the voice assist. You can feel the quality when you put it on your head all right. Let me tell you one more cool thing about this: either you can use the microphone right side or when you turn it, you can use it on the left side.

Also, as you see she’s using on the right side, let me go ahead and take it out and the other way. Let me use it and it’s gon na be on the right side, and then you can also adjust it right over here. You want, or if you don’t want to use it just one. Second, if you don’t want to use it, you can just put it right. There let’s go ahead and go to the website and we’re gon na see it is working with the google meet and google voice and it is certified for microsoft teams.