The successor, i think, for the infamous yaesu ft60, which was probably one of my favorite hts of all time. That thing was built like a tank, this one i could do without the plastic case, but it is still one of my favorite handy talkies in this price point for what it does and how well it is built. They just don’t make those diecast case, hts anymore, like i like the price on these has really come up lately, especially during the pandemic. Right now about 175 us dollars. I picked this ht up about a year ago for like 40 dollars less, so the price has really come up during the pandemic. I really hope that’s not a permanent price point, because at this price point it really does kind of shy some people away. I think at the cheaper price point, like 30 40 bucks, cheaper, was really at the right price point um. My number one thing about this ht is that it’s really easy to use. You don’t want to be fiddling with the menus when you’re out in the field to make contacts, and this does exactly that. It’S got a super. Long lasting lithium ion battery a little bit different from the ft60, which used a nickel metal hydride, which i found lasts for a good, solid, day’s use and a bit to spare the charger plugs directly into the radio there’s no charging dock, which i absolutely love, uh. The battery level indicator isn’t super accurate uh, it pretty much, never reads full but then again that’s how all of my yaesu hts have been in the past.

This ht makes c4 fm really easy just program in your call sign when the radio fires up initially and you’re good to go. There’S no emailing, someone that you don’t know asking for a code plug just find a c4 fm repeater to talk on and you’re good to go. It uses a common mini b, usb cable on the radio end and, of course, a type a on the computer end. So there’s no weird programming cables required. The display is super bright and easy to read even in the bright sun, and it has a very loud audio. Even for my hearing impaired ears, my only gripes on this radio are that the auto mode select, which is basically an automatic function, that the radio has to determine whether or not you’re listening to a c4 fm signal or an analog fm signal. It’S, not super accurate. When trying to determine you know whether it’s it’s, a digital or fm, coming in and i’m, not really sure, if that’s, due to noise levels at my location, because i have really high noise levels on vhf here or something else and of course i think the case Could be a bit better built using some tougher plastic? You know coming from something like the ft60 that you know i mean i could drop that thing from six feet up and there wouldn’t be a scratch on it. The first time i dropped this i mean it was all scratched up, so it would definitely recommend a case for it, because the plastic is really easily scratchable.

Let’S. Take a look at the menu system, really quick, one of my favorite things about the radio it’s really intuitive i’ve, never actually connected this thing to a computer, because programming in a repeater or a simplex frequency with a channel name has never been easier. In my opinion, it does have 64 menu items, but they are in alphabetical order and a logical order at that and the most common menu items you will actually find on the front panel, either through a two button. Push or a single button hold, which is really nice and i’m sure we’ll run into off and on through the weekend, take 7 3. You, okay, you two will be safe out there, uh yeah, we’ll we’ll be talking over the weekend 73, mostly cloudy a chance of showers and thunderstorms. In the morning, then showers and thunderstorms, likely in the afternoon i had to readjust my mirror from mr giant Applause bait. Town is 141 miles from here Applause. I think we should shoot for that. Unless there are bathroom bathroom needs beforehand: Applause uh.