This is the XR browser for the pico4 and Im going to put a link of this in my video uh down below Ive never installed this. I dont know what its like. I just purchased. It for four dollars – and I just wanted to see my support actually developer – also just to see how it is too it looks pretty cool. It has like that kind of idea on it. So it looks, pretty fun looks pretty nice, so I figured lets support this guy XR browser is actually a derivative from my fitness, app treadmill, XR companion, its stripped from the virtual Runner functionalities and the basic web browser with C through feature. However, since owners of a rowing machine and other Fitness devices ask for something similar, XR browser should fit their needs for everyone else, enjoying a web browser watching videos on a huge screen floating in your room. This is basically a web browser for media conception. Please dont expect fully fledged productivity tools. It is an early access. Improvements are in the works and he has improved uh. He he looks like hes pretty active in in updates, and I commented support from me with your app. So there you go and theres my old um video, like my old uh icon, because I do have a GitHub situation. So I did buy this, and here is the list of applications so thats pretty cool pictures of it. So lets get ahead and go in into installing it.

Okay, so were gon na go ahead and show on the folder and were going to go ahead and open up the Pico real, quick and drop it in there and install it. I do have a. I do. Have a screencast ready to go for this, so were gon na go ahead and get in there. Um lets go ahead and f11. This page here and lets go ahead and see what we got going on all right. Okay, so now were inside here and hopefully its working. I got ta double check, because this thing always does that. I do like this dark environment, so this is perfect, for this type of thing lets go ahead and click on file manager and then click on this Ive never installed this before I just barely bought it. So I have no idea what its like. Okay, now we have the browser, and I dont even know what the icon even looks like um. So where is the browser at? Does he not have it like a normal, normal browser like shortcut, because that would be stupid yeah he has it in here. I dont know why it would go in here thats thats kind of dumb okay. Well, we can open up Pi launcher because we have that so lets see. If we have Pi launcher um, I might have it installed. I dont know if I can remember if I have pie launcher or not, I do not see Pi launcher either.

I might have not installed Pi launcher. I probably didnt so lets install Pi launcher real quick uh lets see Pi launcher Pi launcher. Oh, I think I already had it open. Okay done. Okay, I have the app so lets. Try Pi launcher. They call it apps launcher now, thats, why I didnt know what it was called, but heres X, browser, okay, so thats the one problem, because normally side loaded apps can show up in the main thing its usually the ones that are um not well thats. Actually, a really cool I like that it has like shortcuts to sites um, not too sure how to navigate this very well, but I mean like: can you drag it? Oh okay, use your trigger button to to look. You can also click off the page here and you can add in a window which is nice thats like cooler than what you can do with um the normal browser, so thats, actually a really cool feature: okay, so thats nice actually thats what whats, Microsoft? Okay, you got a Bing search, page, its pretty nice. The back and front arrows are really cool. Um, oh yeah, so you can you move it like? Can you move the browser, or is it just stuck in this inner huh? I wonder how you can move it. Im not sure if you can move yeah, because not knowing how to move this, I guess the only way to move it is to hold the the button.

Okay, you can just grab this thing like you can with the web browser okay, thats, weird, but okay lets. Try, actually, I want to see, lets, go back to YouTube and see how and Im running through a VPN, so dont, you know dont be mad at me, so lets see if theres VR, 360. Im kind of not liking this theres a lot of ads. Oh yeah! I I usually have my own account here, its not the web browsers fault for the ads its just, so it does have a normal sound like that. I just Im used to signing into my okay. One app so well see how it goes like how many ads do they need in front of a video okay skip. Ah, look at these flowers pretty arent. They, especially against such a bleak gray background anyway, pay special attention to their centerpieces did this? Is an oil thats a hundred times bigger than normal dick and Miss rubber ducky? Okay hes the most annoying person ever, but it does play videos. I just dont know how I just cant stand Mr B so lets actually try like somebody thats. Actually you can stand. Lets do Mystery of the past. Every single Nintendo Home console ever weve got a TV from the time of each ones, release and even the main Super Mario game for every single year. So lets see how much better you cant even go in a large mode. The company I dont know how committees the entire video game.

I dont know how this is even immersive. If you cant go into large screen mode, thats kind of yeah. I think this is more for like lets see if it even like. Does my my server at the house here, because its not doing me too very well so lets try that okay and the buttons are like backwards than what you would expect to Im, not trying to be over picky Im, not Im, not its just. What can you do right, oops? I think think that the period would be on the other side, okay, 48 and then wheres the colon. I forgot what the code is: um uh. What is it 8096 thats what it is? Sorry it just takes me a minute Im. Really tired so hold on a second see here lets see if this is any better were just gon na click on big screen, because theres some code for that and were gon na go ahead and click on a big video. We just want to like see if itll actually go full immersive, because if it goes full immersive, then thats going to be okay. If it just stays in this big screen. Okay, I guess you dont want to play that one lets. Try this one Im not very impressed with this browser so far when it comes to playback, simple things: it cant even play back. It cant even go full mode on YouTube, so its one of those apps that I would suggest to kind of just wait on.

I mean its cool to support developers, things like that, but it needs a lot more fixes, um its good. You know its great to support a developer but yeah, and I wanted to buy it just because this would create a different video for for me, because I dont normally like review, browsers or apps or games. But I wanted to review XR browser so and give them a shout out Ill put a link down below its great to support him theres some issues with playback on it. It looks nice for like productivity of other things, but for video playback. I dont see how its a positive over the the Chrome browser thats built in because the Chrome browser can actually play videos and even on YouTube, it could be full screen. So theres got to be some improvement there, but its not a bad app. It looks really nice, it has a good interface, but from what I can see its just one of those things. But I do thank you guys for watching my videos and please subscribe, and let me know what you guys think of this web browser app Down Below.