You excited because i’m excited it’s, that time of the year, xps 15 baby with the oled we’re going to unbox this thing and have a look at the box. That is a 14 inch razor blade, okay, that’s xbs, 15 box. All right it’s a bit thicker, but you sort of get the idea of the compactness of the xps 15. and i will show you how compact this is compared to a 14.. So if you are interested in the xps 15, i do suggest that you sub up because i’m going to slam this every which way from sunday. I think first i’ll do my gaming review, but uh i’m going to be upgrading this putting 64 gigs ram 2 terabyte samsung 980 pro so pci express 4 we’ll see if that works in this, but i particularly want to see how good this oled display is. So let’s crack on and unbox it so so so let’s unbox this baby i’m, so excited to see how good this oled display is because really there’s nothing as sexy as an xps. So one thing about this xps is: i bought this with my own money. Okay, this is not a review unit. I actually will get a review unit at some point, but this isn’t it so here the xbx boxes and there you go. There is a 14 inch box, so pretty much the same sort of footprint now this is just a laptop itself. This actually has the power brick in it as well, so this 15 inch is really small.

Now i am assessing this laptop to be my. You know sort of daily driver and let me tell you something: if it’s not good enough, it’s going back and maybe i’ll get an xb7, you know maybe i’ll get an x1 extreme or something else, maybe because if it’s not good enough for video editing, my content, It goes straight back and that’s the good thing about these sort of reviews when you’re actually assessing a laptop to be your own. Even though i do comprehensive tests with all the laptops, i get it’s not the same as one you’re gon na buy for yourself all right. When i do reviews for laptops it’s like a general review. This is specific to my needs. Okay, so obviously i’m – not gon na be gaming on this, so it doesn’t have to be the best gaming device out there. So this is the box. It comes in. Take that thing out, let’s get an idea of its footprint there. You go 14 inch and a 15 inch that’s the difference in the size there 14 and a 15 inch not too much difference right, so much more compact than any other 15 inch. So i do like the box, it sort of comes in there. We’Ll, just put that aside, we get the adapter, so that is cool, so this adapter here is hdmi and usb. Just your normal cable there, some literature and the 130 watt power, brick all right, let’s unwrap! Well, we already know what xps 15 looks like one of the sexiest laptops you get, although i’m, not the biggest fan of this dell logo i’d, rather the xps there than the dell.

The only reason i got the black is because it had the specs i wanted. Otherwise, i would have got the white let’s fire her up and let’s see how this screen is nice, carbon fiber finish there they’ve got good keyboards. They look exactly the same as the last model. All infinity edge display here, wolf, alright! So here we have it. This gorgeous 3k display oled. Oh, my god, it is amazing, it is gorgeous, it is sharksy, and one thing i have noticed is: if you use premier color, you have an extra option as a color calibrator, so you can even use the i1 display pro or portrait display. C6. Now i’ll leave a link in the description to the x right it’s only like 250, or something like that. So you can only use those two color rimmers. That c6 is like two and a half k. I think it’s like kelman equipment or something like that. So yeah, it actually looks amazing out of the box, just want to show you what this looks like let’s, just you know, use the different sort of color here. Look at that wolf, that is wow that is gorgeous the crispness of the text wow. That is just amazing that’s what you get with oled and it is 400 nits of brightness. I will test it right now and if you go with the 4k model, it’s not oled for a start, but it is brighter 100 nits brighter.

You can also get a full hd plus, of course this is 16 by 10 that’s. What you want in a laptop these days, you can actually view hdr content. I’Ll play this for two seconds. Just so maybe you can see oh yeah, dolby vision, baby yeah looks amazing. This content. This is hdr hdr. It gives you the effect of hdr it’s, not your full 1000 nit peak brightness. So we’ll change the wallpaper here and, as you can see, it looks amazing. The darks look really dark and you know the crispness of it it’s. Actually, at 200 percent scaling, i set it to 200 percent, actually getting firmware upgrades through the actual windows update and that’s the thing that like has been happening lately, i had an azus laptop that done the exact same thing: it updated the you know the bios for Your windows update just weird this isn’t, the latest bios on this. Of course, i will test that this model here, of course, is the 3k oled model. It has an i7, so the 8 core, i7 11, 800 h and it has the rtx 3050 ti 16 gigs ram. We will be upgrading that to 64 gigs and putting in the pci express 4.0 ssd, whether that works or not well, we’ll guess we’ll find out. So stay tuned and make sure you subscribe for that, but, of course this is like the last model. Xps 15.. Now you get two thunderbolt 4s instead of thunderbolt 3, which is the same slunderbot 3 anyway, just with all the features implemented on the right hand, side you get usb type c and you get the sd card reader there, but stay tuned for my full review of This this looks amazing.

So far i had to get the black one because the white one they did not have the eight core and they didn’t have the 30 50 ti that really sucks and they didn’t have the xbs 17 available at the time which i will get in. Of course, i’ll have review units, you know for the xbs, 15 and 17.. The old muscle memory is coming back, i’m loving this thing so far, and this display is cracking so i’ll just do the measurements now stay tuned, so this is the pro way to do it all right. You don’t sit the laptop in its normal way and have it hanging on it. No, you do it like this, come on so straight away: 374 nits, so that’s within the 10 plus or minus of its. You know specification of 400 in its brightness, so it is a bit less than what it says. All panels are different. Some will get better. Some will have more than 400 nits. Some will have less that’s, just how it is 374. all right. So we have 100 srgb, 93.6 adobe rgb and 99.1 p3, so it checks out. It ended up being 378 nits of brightness there. So you know that’s within the 10 plus or minus sort of thing there nothing to worry about in that regard. So it is a cracking display. Look how sharp that text is. It just looks amazing, it’s displayed hdr actually looks good. I know it’s, not a thousand nitpick brightness, but it’s hdr, 400 or whatever it is.

It still gives you a good. You know hdr effect. Okay, just a quick look at the battery port and i can report that yes, 84 watt hours, its design capacity and its full charge capacity so far and it’s an smp battery. Now i do have to check the battery again and the display again. Of course now look at this preview calibration. So if you have a look at the colors up there preview calibration, so what i’m doing here is i’m checking the calibration and the young calibrated and, as you can see, i cannot tell the difference. Can you tell the difference, i cannot see the difference between calibrated and not calibrated, so this is really accurate and actually compared to say some of the led 4k displays we had on the xps in the past and even the oled, the previous oled one they used To be really saturated – and this thing here, this color accuracy is really good – i’m liking. It and i’ll dig in deeper to the contrast – and you know the delta reason that just for my own benefit here, but you can see here – delta e maximum, i think of 3 average of 0.2 is that right. That is just off the charts, accurate it’s, not even like delta e of 1. There. I have to check that up, but you can see there. You can’t tell the difference between calibrated and non calibrated, so it’s a winner.

This display, i chose the right display, should i’ve got the i9 with the you know, the thermal constraints and the power constraints of 130 watts don’t waste your money with the i9, maybe in the xbox 17, but not in this. Even the xps 17 you’ve got to remember you know it’s only 130 watts and that’s cpu and gpu together, so yeah. So stay tuned gaming review a lot of content creation stuff to come. Yeah i’m liking, it so far, it’s really good i’ll catch.