And if you are thinking of buying a pen, tablet or pen display. This could be a good time to get one for yourself in this video Im going to give you a quick Round Up to some of the XP pen products that have been released in 2022 and give you my recommendation. I will try to keep this video short because I wont be able to go into the details for each product that I mentioned. So I highly recommend you check out the detail, reviews that I have already made for this product, which I will link in the video description below. More specifically, you can compare the list of pros and cons for each product so that you know what are the pros and cons and limitations. The most significant releases this year from XP band have got to be the second generation XP pen, artist, series, penis lace and currently in their lineup are the XP pen. Artist 10. Are these 12 artists, 13 Artists, 16 and artist 22, and these are the official retail prices and during Black Friday, you will be able to find this at 10 to 30 and sometimes even 40 percent off depending on the country where the online store is. There are three big upgrades to the second generation pen this list. The first is there is now USBC video support in addition to HDMI, which is to see that it is not possible to connect the pen display to your computer with just a single USBC cable.

The second upgrade is this pen displays are now using the new X3 Elite pen, which is more sensitive and accurate. The pen supports tilt and slightly over 8 000 levels of pressure sensitivity and the initial activation force is very low, so you will be able to draw thin lines very easily, even if you have a thick brush selected. The third upgrade is to the display itself. The displays now have better color accuracy with 99 to 100 srgb support, and many of these displays have up to 80 to 90 percent Adobe RGB color support, So color accuracy for this displays is pretty good. Do note that there are some differences between the second generation artist 22 versus the other models. More specifically, the design looks different and the pen is the pa6 pen, not the X3 Elite pen. Xp pen is still selling the first generation RT series pen displays and during Black Friday they have those displays at up to 25 percent off. So for the 13 inch you can get it at 110 US dollars for the 15.6 inch. You can get it at 277 dollars, so lets take a look at the 15.6 inch by the way this pen displays have pretty good drawing performance as well, which is comparable to the second generation. Just that the second generation pen, the X3 Elite pen, is slightly more sensitive. They have very good colors as well, so one easy way to identify the first gen and the second gen is by the red ring that is there with the first generation.

So this is actually a Dao which is customizable, so you can use this to adjust brush size to screw your pages, you can use the dial for zooming in and out of your app as well, and there is a portable stand included, so you dont have to Spend extra money to buy a stand when it comes to pen displays, I usually recommend something: thats at least 13 inches or larger, because thats a more comfortable size to work with, and if you have intention to use your pen display as your main display. I recommend you go with a larger display because everything is going to be larger. The UI elements, the phones, the text, the icons are larger, its just easier on your eyes, but larger pen displays, of course, more expensive compared to smaller pen displays and personally. For me, my table space is quite limited, so I cant get anything larger than 15 inches and all of the second generation pen displays the one that I would recommend. If you have, the budget would be the artist 16 second generation. If you need something bigger, you can consider the XP pen, artist, 22, second generation or if you have even more budget, then definitely go with the XP pen, artist 24 Pro, which has USBC support and, more importantly, the resolution is 2560 by 1440.. So, with more resolution, you will be able to see more content on your desktop and this improves productivity directly.

This is a huge pen display with a stand that is detachable so that it gives you the additional option of using this pen display on a 10 by 10 centimeters Json Mount all the XP pan panty space have pretty good drawing performance so when it comes to Choosing between the different models, it really comes down to choosing between the different features such as whether there are enough shortcut buttons for you. Whether the stand is included. The display connection the size rather than choosing between the different drawing performance because they all have good drawing performance. If you have limited budget, you can consider getting the XP pen Deco pen tablets. These are tablets without screens, so they are going to be more affordable. There is The Deco M, which is 8×5 inches, and the price starts from US 49. That is also the wireless version of Deco M, which is 69, so thats 20 dollars more for the Wireless feature. That is also the larger version: The Deco L and the LW, which are 10 by 6 inches. The prices are 69 and 89, but of course the prices will be lower during Black Friday and, if you feel like you need something that has more features or look more premium, there is the XP pen Deco Pro, which is US 99 onwards. The XP pen, Deco pen tablets have good drawing performance and they have beautiful designs and are now available in more colors in addition to just black.

So let me see what I have here: its actually a list of all the products that are going to be discounted during Black Friday, its a very long list, which is too long for me to show you on screen. So I will give you the information to these products in the video description below. I have reviewed all the XP pen products mentioned in this video, so Im quite familiar with all these products. If you need personal recommendations as to which product to get which pen tablet or pen display to get, let me know in the comment section below. Let me know the type of art you create and also your setup at home, so that I can give you personalized recommendations right. I hope this video is somewhat useful and I hope you can get good deals during Black Friday this year.