Um xb10 sent me this this box to like review. Well, they sent me a tablet, so im gon na unbox it and then, and then were just gon na like take i cant open. This were gon na like take a look inside and see if its good, so ive never done this before and i cant open the box. I dont work guys i just my nails arent long enough for this. Oh there you go okay, i i know what im doing i dont know what im doing i have. I have reviewed tablets before okay, so this is um xp pen right. I think i see it its xb pen, um deco pro mw pen tablet its not a screen tablet its just a regular drawing tablet, but you can connect it with bluetooth. I think Music. Okay, there we go all right, um, please dont, break, please dont break, please dont break! Please dont break! Wait! No! Wait! Guys! I swear im professional there. We go okay, okay, so it comes with um. Well, the tablet itself ill ill do like a zoom. In later it comes with like a tablet: um this thing whats this called yo: oh, oh, okay, okay, um, heres, the heres, the the stylus; it comes with a casing: thats cool um and the pen nibs and the usb receiver. Oh, it is bluetooth. Look at this! Okay, is it there, you go look at this: it connects to like a laptop or the or the pc or whatever you use.

Yo, thats, cool, okay, okay, so um whats. This is this like. Oh, we got the papers. Okay, oh theres, a glove theres, a glove! Look at that its a glove, um and theres, another port im, not sure what this is. Oh, i think its an adapter or whatever you call those things where you like plug it in so that it uh it it converts. I dont know theres that and then theres like theres, like the guys i dont know how to do english and theres the wires. Oh theres a lot of wires. I swear ill. Do an in depth. Uh version this in a second all right. So the thing itself is like really light its really light and its uh its really thin too its like really fun. I could break this. I could just break this over my knee. How do i open this? Am i supposed to tear this apart? Uh no ones ever gon na like sponsor me ever again, all right, um, oh its even oh, wait was this. Oh, this is fancy this thats really fancy, because i have like my old xb tablet. I do use an xp tablet uh before they reached out to me so its. Why i like uh, i accepted but like yo, look at this look at this look at this weird. This knob thing i got a snap thing. Look how thin it is its like! Really light Music shiny, oh its shiny, please remove the protector before using all right, um, okay, so like overall, this looks its like really its really lightweight um.

If you have a big enough bag, you can like probably bring it around with you too, because its not that heavy, like you could bring in like say a laptop or a tablet like an ipad or something in a bag and put this in with, and you Can just draw wherever you want. Also, the casing is just really cool im not going over this. This is just really cool its. I think i think its made to be portable. Look at that. It looks so fancy. Look at this all right, um, okay, so im gon na try it out on my computer, all right so uh. The deco pro mw. Pen tablet is a wireless bluetooth tablet. You are given the option to use it through a usb connection or through a cable. Its seven millimeters, really slim and built to be lightweight, it has hr2 keys. You can bind for convenience as well as dual dials. I have my dials set to zooming in and out, but you can change it depending on what you want. It comes with a funky casing for the stylus and surprisingly light, given the bulk of it. It also has extra nibs in case yours wear down and you need to change it. The tablet comes to the manual instructing you in how to calibrate and bind your device. You can select hotkeys, you can um just calibrate the tablet, depending on like the size of the area in the drawing area: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, hello, again, im back um, so thoughts on the tablet.

Uh, first off the stylus is really light like i can barely feel it in my hands, which isnt really like i mean its not positive or negative, its like a neutral thing, its just a really its really light its easy to grip, though, though, the shape kind Of makes it like it feels weird uh, but thats, probably because im not used to it uh, but yeah. The the the shape of the stylus is is funky its cool um. It could i mean honestly the the fact that it tapers off in one end could make it easier to hold but thats, depending on how you grip it uh the tablet itself, its pretty good. The sensitivity is pretty good um like the they call this like the it like it. Picking up this it picking up the connection to the stylus is also pretty good. Nothing, nothing went wrong there. This is a personal thing. I do not like the texture of the tablet. It makes this sound. Will i draw but thats a personal thing. So if you dont mind that, then i mean go ahead. Uh the shortcut keys, make it really easy to use, and the do in the dial too makes it really easy to use. So i dont have to you know, reach over reach over specific uh keys in the program. I can just do it through the hotkeys and uh its its solid, its a good tablet, especially for its price um, its its pretty good.

I i had no problems using it and its id say id say its worth: it yeah its worth it its also pretty. You know pretty easy to carry around. So if you like drawing outside you, can do that as well. All that all that good stuff, but yeah, so if youre looking for a tablet, if youre looking for a pen tablet – and you dont mind that it has a bit of a rough, a bit of a rough texture then feel free to get this tablet. Its also good because its bluetooth, so you dont, have to connect it to wires because the wires near my table is a mess so thats one less cable to add, but yeah its solid like 8 out of 10.