Now this is just an unboxing it’s, not a full working review, it’s just to show what you get with so much buying online. These days uh you don’t, get to see the product or handle the product until you actually receive it. So this is to see what’s inside what it looks like what accessories are included the packaging sizes etc. So, as you can see, we’ve got the mini 7 box. Here it’s all nicely sealed: the box is actually about um, 26, 26.5 centimeters by about 16 and a half centimeters, and then you’ve got a depth of three and a half centimeters. So quite a compact bot uh, as mentioned it’s already sealed so we’ll open it up. Now another look inside all right: there we go that, should just open, yep flaps open up there. We go so there’s the tablet itself, so the box is pretty much the size of the actual tablet Music. You can see it’s in a sealed bag. That’S, the back of it that’s the seal, we’ll open this and there you have it the deco mini seven. So you’ve got the eight customizable shortcut keys there down the side or buttons. You’Ve then also got here. You can see the this is your actual active working area, and we also got this here. Please remove the protector before using. So there is a plastic film protector here which you would remove on the rear. We have this dimpled effect here very similar to the deco one.

There are four rubber pads, which are very handy to stop the pad from slipping on your desk, nice compact size. Now we’ll look at the uh box here, so specifications um, the actual pad is 26 centimeters by 16 centimeters by 9.3. The active working area is 17.5 centimeters by 11 centimeters Music, so there’s the pad let’s see what else we’ve got. So what have we got inside? So everything’s in one bag sealed clear back so, first of all, we have the actual pen. Now this looks like the standard. Xp pen i’ve also done an unboxing of the deco 1, which is on the channel, and this looks very much like the same sort of pen. There we go we’ve got the buttons there, which i know you can usually set up on the driver to assign controls to those buttons, such as eraser, etc. Very lightweight plastic pen. But if it’s like the deco one very good to use we’ve then got the cable uh. This is the cable version. There is a wireless version of the mini 7, but this is the cable one. So you’ve got the usbc and the usb a so um. This m will go into the drawing tablet and that one will go into your pc or laptop we’ve also got some spare pen loops in this little bag. So if you do um push hard on when using these drawing tablets, you can wear the nibs down. I’Ve been using a deco one and i’ve not had any problems with any nibs, but it’s good to know that the spare ones there, if you need them uh, then there’s looks like adapters here from c yeah usbc to usb, so that’s handy two adapters, and then This yeah, i know i think this is for helping remove the nibs of the actual pen and then we’ve also got thank you for supporting xp pen we’ve got a quick guide, a warranty policy and then another quick guide there in many languages, english, italian, german, spanish Et cetera, it’s, pretty handy and that’s it for the actual box, the actual tablet itself again on this box here it does say so.

The pen is battery free, which is great to have no worries about having to get batteries. Pressure, sensitivity, 8192, 8192 levels. Resolution 5080 lpi report rate 220, rps uh, a good report rate uh, reading height 10 millimeters. Now the reading height is where um. If you hover over the pad within those 10 millimeters um, the cursor can still move so it’s a bit like a bit like using it as a mouse. So the cursor may move if you’re within 10 millimeters or a centimeter of the pad, and then when you actually touch the pad that’s. When you will make a mark on screen supply, voltage, 5 volts and usb interface usbc, a compatibility can be used with windows. 7. 8, 10 mac operating system 10.10, android, 6.0 and higher as well. So it can be connected to android systems it’s manufactured in china and designed in california. So there we go that’s the um deco mini 7., so there it is one last look at it there again, Music. You can also see there the usbc connector, where you plug the lead in there, and then your usb ends go into your laptop or pc.