Oh hold it happen. This is the xp pen deco fun, so the company has sent me a few tablets which i will give away so do check out the video description below to find out the giveaway details. Unfortunately, this giveaway contest will be open to only those based in singapore, because these are very expensive to ship from singapore to overseas okay tiffany, you can open the box now open this one cannot open upside down already uh tiffany show me what’s that pen what’s the Color of the pen black give me what else is what else is here: black what’s, this black, this uh pen nips. So, as the name of the tablet suggests deco fun, this tablet is really for casual users experience. This is for work, draw game and study by the way the tablet comes in three sizes, so this is the extra small. The extra small has an active area of 4.8 by 3 inches, and this is the next size small. This is 6.3 by 4 inches and the one that tiffany has on the floor, that is about 10 by 6 inches, so that’s, the large one let’s take a look at the tablet. It looks good it’s, a very clean and simple design. The big quality is quite solid. There are no physical shortcut buttons on the tablet on the back. There are four rubber feet, and this is quite big. Build quality definitely seems to be quite solid, so the prices for this tab let’s start from 26.

99. This is 35.99 that’s, the extra small small and this large one is 44.99 all right. Let’S connect the cable to the tablet. Okay, and this side here will go to the computer, not this one, but this one so i’ve just installed the driver by the way. The tablet it’s available in four different colors and this tablet supports windows, mac, os, linux and chrome os and also android. There aren’t many things you can change with the driver because there are no physical shortcut buttons so for the mapping here i shall just leave as default. The only adjustments you can make would be for the pen. The pen supports tilt sensitivity and slightly over 8 000 levels of pressure sensitivity. However, teal sensitivity is not supported on the extra small tablet it’s only for the small and large tablet. Okay tiffany draw on the tablet. Do you think this is not a touchscreener tiffany? Do you have any draw on the tablet, tiffany don’t poke at the screen? Tiffany? What are you drawing? What are you drawing tv change color? She doesn’t know how to change color. She thinks it’s a touch screen, so she just wants to touch all the buttons on the laptop okay, daddy, draw tiffany the texture on the tablet, it’s quite nice, for drawing there is this slight movement, so the pen tip goes in and out, but it’s not like A big issue, pressure sensitivity seem to work well, the lines they taper very nicely.

Initial activation force is very light, so tiffany is now using a tube brush to draw yep sensitivity works quite well, hey tiffany, so tiffany is the tablet good or bad good good. So that’s it for this review of the xp pen that gofund tablet um. It works fine, oh yeah. The tablet comes with 18 months of warranty and you can find it on xp pens website. I do recommend getting the light size, though, because this is 10 by 6 inches. This is a way more comfortable size to work with compared to the extra small or the small size which are significantly cheaper, but i do recommend a larger size and uh drawing and writing performance it’s it’s, quite good right. So thanks for watching this video see you in the next. Thank you all right now.