The main reason for that is because my last drawing tablet has actually been broken for like months. That was actually on tablet and ive been trying to get it fixed for months, but ive been having a lot of problems with the store i brought it from so it doesnt seem like theyre, actually going to be able to fix it for me, but xp pen Reached out to me and asked me if i wanted to review their newest tablet, which is the artist pro 16 tp, so im really excited, because i actually really needed a new drawing tablet. So thank you so much xp pen for sending me this. So yes, they just assume this tablet for free. This is a completely honest review, though, and ive actually done. An xp pen tablet review before probably a couple of years ago now – and i was very happy with that, so i was super excited that they wanted to do another video with me. So i dont know a whole lot about this new tablet, but i do know that it is a 4k drawing template and it is currently their newest tablet. I can see the box. This has multi touch as well. I did not know that see you can see on the back. The back says some of the things that it has. That is really cool. I mean. Maybe this is not a new thing, but ive never had that on a drawing tablet.

Before i have on my ipad, but not on a drawing tablet, the thing i also like about xp pen is that the drawing tablets are quite affordable, in my opinion, compared to other brands of drawing tablets, but theyre still really great quality like youre still getting a Really good quality tablet for the price youre paying all right lets open this up. Oh my god, this box is like so fancy, oh thats, so cute all right. So here is the tablet. It is quite a nice size too. This is actually smaller than the last string tablet i had, but to be honest, the last one was quite big, so i actually kind of prefer to have a smaller one. Its quite a good thickness too weve got this cute little like first one in here, weve got warranty card and all that in here. Oh it comes with one of these gloves too. Ive never used these before. But if you do prefer to use these, it does come with one and it comes with a little cloth as well. Weve got the quick guide here, so it seems pretty basic, though yeah it seems pretty easy to plug in which is always nice yeah. We got the cables here different plugs here for different um. You know countries and stuff, oh pin box whoa that is so cool. It comes with a like a metal box for your pin. That is so cool ive, never seen that before it clicks closed and it clicks open, wow and then weve got lots of, pin nibs too so yeah.

Oh, this is so exciting. Its been so long, so ive had a new drawing tablet or any drawing tablet. In general, to be honest, since mines broken, so this is so cool all right. Im gon na get this plugged in and set up and then were gon na, have a look at how drawing goes on this ill. Do a little speed paint for you guys im a little rusty im drawing on drawing tablets. Ive just been drawing on my ipad for the past few months, so i have to get used to the different feeling, but i think its going to be pretty good. Okay. So i think ive got it collaborated. Now it took me a little bit to get it collaborated properly. It kind of keep going off and on. I think, ive got it now um. It was pretty easy to plug in theres just two cables uh. Well, one of them is kind of a dual cable, so one cable this one here um this one plugs into the wall – lets see electricity, cable and then this one actually has a usb and a hdmi cable at the end. So its got two different cables attached to it and just plugs into your computer. Then you just download the driver for your tablet um from the xp website, which is very easy. You just type in xp pen drivers and then choose your tablet that you have and yeah. So another thing um that i also kind of didnt realize, is that this desi doesnt come with a stand.

I kind of just assumed it did come with one because most tablets do this. One doesnt im not too mad about that, because its pretty cheap just to order those online but honestly, at the same time, ill probably end up just the way i usually sit at my desk. I sit with my legs up and then ill, probably just lean this on my legs thats. What i usually do with my ipad so ill probably end up doing that with this. To be honest, so you can choose different modes that you want. You know you can choose to have both finger touch and pen touch um im, probably going to stick with just pen touch. It just makes it a bit easier. I think a touch can be useful, but often can make it so when youre trying to draw and youre leaning your hand on the screen, um it kind of messes it all up, so i prefer just to have the pen touch, but that is an option to Use your finger on this one, so im kind of just still messing around with it a bit just trying to make sure its all good, but it seems to be doing quite well ill, basically ill play around with it for a while. Let you guys know how it goes and then ill do a little speed paint for you guys. So here is just some footage of me doing some sketching with the tablet.

I definitely really liked the feel of this tablet. It felt very smooth and satisfying to draw with some drawing tablets. Have that kind of matte feel to it. I think its to kind of feel a bit more like paper, but honestly, i dont, i kind of prefer the more um soft and smooth feel. I just feel like it just feels so nice, and it was just really fun to sketch, with this and color with it as well, and im really looking forward to trying out some animation. With this, i havent been able to animate anything in such a long time. Um and despite me not drawing on a drawing tablet for quite a few months, it still was very easy for me to get back into it with this tablet. It didnt take me too long to get used to the feel of it. You know also, you can change the command on the button on the pin. You can change it to whatever you want to. Originally it was um a right click, but i change it to a control z. So if i want to erase something quickly on my art, i can just press the button on the pen to do it quickly. So thats really helpful. This one does not have buttons on the sides of it that you can turn into different keys, which my old tablet had. So i was like. I keep almost pressing the off button on the side of the tablet.

Thankfully, i didnt do that honestly, when my old tablet did have buttons. I only ever used one button for the control z. I never used any other one, so thats not really a big deal to me. Also, you might be able to tell i did end up finding a stand to my tablet. The same day um. I talked a bit more about that later in the video, but yeah just enjoy some sketching. Nothing too fancy just kind of was playing around with it, but youll definitely see more of my art in the future from this tablet, because im definitely going to enjoy using this, because its really fun to draw with Music do Music all right guys so ive been Using this tablet for about a day now – and i must say i am so happy with this – like im – really impressed it just feels super nice and satisfying. I dont really know how to explain it, but it just feels drawing on it feels very smooth and satisfying its, not a matte screen, so it does have a slight glare, but its not too bad its like you know not too reflective, so ive just been having Fun, just you know, drawing whatever or not just because it feels feels so nice. I just i love the feeling of it. I dont really know how to explain it apart from satisfying and smooth its also different, getting used to the 4k, because all the other tablets and my monitors are just in 1080p, so its really nice having this like super hd 4k screen, it just looks so good And crisp you know – and i just im really happy with it – im really excited to animate.

With this i havent animated something in such a long time. Ive been really wanting to animate a new outro, because ive had the same one for years. So hopefully, in a few weeks, maybe ill have a new outro meet up. That will be pretty cool, but yeah im really happy with this. Oh, and also, i found a stand for it um. This is just like a laptop stand. I got it from kmart for ten dollars yeah, i found it last night and it works perfectly honestly. I dont really know if these were a thing, but this is what it looks like. So i guess any kind of laptop stand like this seems to work. Fine. This one is honestly perfect and its adjustable as well so yeah you can just use these kind of stands if you didnt understand for your tablet, um because, like i said, this tablet does not come with a stand, but yeah honestly, i dont mind that, because its Pretty easy to buy a stand and its kind of nice being able to just move it. However, you want without having a big bulky, stand attached to it, because a lot of the the last table i had was very bulky and had a big sand. That was actually screwed into it, so i couldnt really move it much um. Also, this is a really nice size. I feel like as well um. It doesnt take up too much disk space, and you know i can easily just move it out of the way.

If i wanted to so yeah honestly im kind of in love with this so yeah, thank you so much xpeven for sending this tablet to me. I am genuinely very grateful and really in love with the tablet, so thank you so much. I would definitely recommend this tablet to you guys if youre wanting something um for art or animation, i feel like it just has such a nice feel to it, and i feel, like im, gon na have a lot of fun drawing with this.