The artist pro 16 tps pen display is special because it has multi touch. They have created one feature for this. That is brilliant, and i hope this is something that everybody steals in the future theres a button along the side that makes it really easy to toggle on and off those touch features, but theres, three modes, not just two. The first mode is that the touch is on which works. The way youd expect it to the second mode. Is the touch is off, but that third mode is touch is on, but it gives priority to the pen. Oh, this is good. Its been four years since wacom released their cintiq pro 16, which was their first of their next generation, drawing tablets and in 2017 these were light years ahead of everything else out there. There was a 4k display on it. There was multi touch. You had a laminated display, so there wasnt this big gap between your pen tip and the screen below and since then, wacom hasnt really done that much theres been some budget displays that have been focusing on tech that they could put in laptops or android tablets and All of that is good, but four years thats, given a lot of their competitors time to catch up. Some of you are probably thinking wait. Brad is this a review for the xp pen artist, pro 16 tp wait it is it oh yeah. I guess i guess it is.

I bring this up because it has taken four long years for wacoms competitors to catch up, but here i have it right here on my desk, i have the xp pen, artist, 16, tp and feature for feature. This thing matches up with that cintiq pro, but what its trying to do is come in at a lower price point, and it does that. But the real question here is how many trade offs are you gon na have to make along the way. So thats is what were gon na be checking out today before i get too far do wan na shout out on my website. If you want to see me rank these types of tablets or all the drawing tech that i review thats over there on lets. Pry open this box. First of all, you can tell that xp pen has taken some extra steps to make. This feel special. The box looks good, you take off the top and it has this cool artwork. You peel off the sticker, which i did very carefully, because i wanted this box to look good and the way the box opens up. It feels special. It feels premium. You pull out the tablet its got, this metallic matte finished back again. It feels premiums the buttons along the top and the sides theyre clickable they feel premium. This is something xp pen has been doing a lot with many of their products over the last couple years is really trying to nail that premium feel the pen holder.

I talked about this in my last xp pen review its very nice. The way it slides open the way it holds extra nibs premium. It gives you several cables, theres theres three here one is an all in one cable, which is a usbc to hdmi cable. At the end of that, you have the hdmi port and the usb type, a cable, because both go into that enclosure, its its kind of wide it barely fit in my mac. So that might be something to check out on your laptop or computer. If this is how youre going to connect it, youll want to make sure you have some space between those two ports, the other way to connect. It is to use one of the other cables. There is a usbc, 2 usbc cable. So if youre, using a newer mac or a newer pc that has a connector like that, you can go that route and that third cable is a power cable. You dont actually need it. I plugged mine in because what that allows you to do is it allows you to make the screen brighter by drawing more power from an outlet which one i like and two for recording the screen just looks better in the other box. You have some instructions, a cleaning cloth and yes, yes, a drawing glove im going to change things around. I want to talk about the drawing challenge im going to be doing first and while im showing some of that footage.

I get to talk about the specs and my impressions of this device. Ladies and gentlemen, its still sword timber so were going back to that well today, for our drawing challenge, also shout out to everybody who sent me a sword, timber image that i could use in this video links down below. If you want to check out any of those amazing, illustrators and, of course, im always looking for challenges, and things like that, so hit me up in the comments or on twitter or instagram. If you have any ideas for these videos last winter, i found this giant icicle that i tried to swing around as a sword. My wife snapped this picture about 30 seconds before it broke in half. That was a pretty delicate sword, so thats my inspiration today. Now, while i start to sketch this out and rough out my concept here, i do want to talk about the pen and how it performs a little bit. First things. First, this is a one button pen. Many of these pens have two buttons. So if thats something you rely on be aware of that, the next thing is its not weighted in any way. So it was constantly rolling on me when it was on my desk. Sometimes pens have a divot along the side or the button protrudes in such a way that its not going to roll that much that wasnt the case here, theres also an eraser around the back, which is something you dont get in a lot of xp pens, so That was a nice addition.

As far as line quality goes, i i was pretty happy with it. The pressure worked pretty well, it seemed like the pressure at the end of strokes. There was something theres, something just a little off there, though pressure at the beginning of a stroke, is really good, but at the end you could really see it. When you were doing like faster hatch lines, i was getting some really bad shoe stringing when i was doing that if you rely on those kind of fast hatch lines really well, i i dont know if this is the right tablet for you, xp pens, other products Do this better huions products do this way better? That was the only real big problem i had with the pen. Now my last review, i did mention how much wave i got to the lines with xp pens. Other product good news here is. I think this is using their older pentech and so that problem has been solved theres a little bit of wave. I can definitely find it, but its livable. You could totally get rid of that if you move your hand a little faster or turn on smoothing. So the pen i give a solid, b or b plus i have a lot more to say about this tablet, but before i do that, i want to thank todays sponsor squarespace. Having a website is great. Having your own domain makes that website even better. But what really makes squarespace the all in one platform for your online presence are all the marketing tools and analytics baked in grown.

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The other thing is that brightness this seems to go brighter than a lot of the other pen displays that ive used like this and and that is a plus as well. The color gambit is good, its nothing special. You know 92 adobe rgb, 124 srgb. This is pretty standard stuff. The stylus is a battery free, stylus, 8 192 levels of pressure sensitivity. I also mentioned earlier. This is a laminated display, its not super laminated, so its not like right up against it, like youd, find on a lot of your phones or like an ipad or something like that, but its good enough and it gets the job done. All right lets lets talk about this multi touch. They have created one feature for this. That is brilliant, and i hope this is something that everybody steals in the future theres a button along the side that makes it really easy to toggle on and off those touch features, but theres, three modes, not just two. The first mode is that the touch is on which works. The way youd expect it to the second mode is the touch is off, but that third mode is touch is on, but it gives priority to the pen. Oh, this is good. This is a problem with any touch display, except for the ipad, which is when youre drawing. Is it going to pick up your pen or is it going to pick up your palm most of the time it picks up your pen, but if 10 of the time it picks up your palm its annoying.

So, by creating a setting that gives priority to the pen, it makes it a much much better drawing experience. Now i do want to put a big asterisks on the touch experience if youre using this on windows. They work really well, if youre using this on a mac uh, not all of the same features. Are there i uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers and fiddled around with settings for quite a while before i stumbled upon this video from xp pen explaining the touch features for mac? Basically, you can, you can tap on the interface and you can do some of the basic things, but the thing you really want to do with a touch based display when youre drawing is you want to be able to pinch and zoom. You want to take two fingers and pan around your canvas. You cant do that on a mac, so i would pump the brace a little bit if youre a mac user. I dont think this is the best experience, but on windows on windows works really well all right. So what did i think this is a premium device right? Does it live up to that building? Does it live up to that price? You know yes, and no. The good here is that the screen does look good. The drawing experience is good. Enough. 4K looks great. The touch mode generally on windows works really well. I mentioned before on mac. It doesnt have all the features youd want it to have.

Personally, i missed the more matte display which gives you that drawing texture. I i really like that feel thats me. I also miss the shortcut buttons. There are no shortcut buttons on this display some people, like them, some people dont, so so both of those things which i would label as cons are really more. You know my preference, if, if you dont mind not having them, this will be fine. The price is listed at 900. Now i bought mine for significantly less a little over 700.. I think at 700. This is a very good price for what youre getting does it feel as premium as what wacom is doing in some ways it does in some ways it doesnt theres, some little design things the way the cords stick out from the top. It just looks silly. I know that doesnt affect the usability of this all, but i think its odd, the pen isnt weighted in any way, so it tends to roll whenever you set it somewhere, which was just kind of annoying and then the other thing is is theres only one button On that pen, for me, all of these things are nitpicks. I think this is a fantastic unit and im really looking forward to what they do in the future, now that they have this ability and, of course, that extra multi touch feature that gives prominence to the pen over your palm love that i think they have something Special here and i look forward to seeing what they do in the future.

What do you think, let me know down below in the comments. Thank you all for watching and ill talk to you.