This is a beautiful gift that has been given to me by re, illusion and xp pen. So thank you for that. If you’re curious to see how this thing is, you are in the right place because today i’m going to review it for you, so we’re going to start from the unboxing phase, so you’re going to see me taking it out from the box and then i’m gon Na give you a couple of uh insight on how this thing works and i’m. Also gon na give you a couple of considerations about what i really like and not like about this device. So if you’re ready stay with me, because we’re gon na go straight into the unboxing phase, unboxing the xp pen is a satisfying thing to do for sure. You can tell they put a lot of effort in the packaging and it feels like you just purchased a premium device. The first thing we see is this 23.8 inch screen. I knew that i bought a big screen, but i didn’t know how big it was until i actually hold it. One important thing make sure you have enough space on your desk. The artist 24 pro comes with an adjustable stand attached to it and, together with that, we can see an usbc to a usbc, cable, an hdmi cable power, cord, a pen holder, a cleaning cloth and a drawing glove. The artist 24 pro comes with two pens. The first one is this one that you see over here and the second one is included in this tube.

Now this tube has multiple functions. The first one is to protect the secondary pen. The cap can also be used as a pen holder in case. You want to keep it on your desk and on the bottom side, there’s a collection of nib replacements. In case your original nibs are wearing off setting up the artist pro was surprisingly easy. All you need to do is to place it on your desk, connect it to your computer, download the driver and then calibrate your pen and you’re good to go in one month and a half that i’ve been using it every day. I’Ve never had any software problem whatsoever, so i think xp pen did a really good job with the drivers, and this is not something you should take for granted, but how does it feel to actually use it? The first thing that you notice is that the quality of the monitor is incredible: the colors are bright and vibrant, and the 2k resolution is actually really good for you to draw on to be fair. Comparing this monitor with my macbook pro monitor, didn’t feel that different and even if you’re, working really close to the monitor you don’t see any pixelation. Another cool thing about this device is the stand. Now it comes with different regulations, so you can incline the monitor. However, you like, and it just never moves it’s there stable. You can also lean your whole body on top of it and it just never moves so you can feel free to draw.

However, you want – and you can be sure that this device is not going to break on you really good job. On the stand now, let’s talk about possibly the most important thing about the xp pen, which is the pen itself. The pen is excellent, good precision, good sensitivity, good grip – if there is one thing that you can’t see from the pictures that is worth pointing out, is the weight of the pen. If you are familiar with this kind of devices, you know how important the right weight of your pen is. If it’s too light it feels cheap and if it’s too heavy after a while, you get tired and the weight of this pen is just right now. This is a big compliment coming from someone that has been using an ipod pro and an apple pencil for the past two years. Another thing that i really like about this device is that it comes with 20 different customizable buttons and two diodes. Now each individual buttons can be customized for your application for the application that you’re using. That means that you can customize and program those buttons for photoshop, and then you switch into illustrator, for instance, and those buttons the functions of those buttons can change. The two diodes are really nice as well. They can be used to zoom in or zoom out or rotate your canvas, and that makes the drawing experience much nicer and pleasant Music. The artist pro also comes with a wide range of input ports.

It comes with two usb one usbc and one hdmi socket just in case. You want to keep your workspace, nice and tidy and organized you can connect your keyboard or your mouse directly into the monitor. I mentioned a lot of things that i like about this device. However, there’s a couple of things that i think could be better could be improved and now we’re going to talk about that. The first thing that i notice is that the parallax, so the distance between your physical nib and the cursor in the monitor, is actually pretty noticeable. Now that usually is not a problem, but if you’re trying to be precise – and you want to do something – pixel perfect – that could be tiring to the eyes. The second thing that i notice is the mat that covers the monitor. Now the monitor is covered with the mat that is supposed to give a little bit of grain and simulate the paper. But that implies a lot of reflections. At the beginning, i used to place my device next to a window, but that was actually impossible to work with, because the only thing that i could see was the outside of my window. So this is not actually a big problem. The only thing that you need to be careful with is to place your device in a nice place inside your room, which is not exposed directly to the sunlight or artificial light. So, after all these considerations, the question is: do i recommend this product? The answer is absolutely yes, so over the past one month and a half, i actually had a lot of fun playing with it, and the price is actually really good, considering all the functions and the feature that this thing has to offer.

This was my review on the xp pen 24 pro. So thank you again to re illusion and xp pen for this beautiful gift, and thank you guys for sticking with me until the end of this video.