Thank you so much for being here today and thank you so much for watching me today. Uh many of you may remember me for uploading, drawing tutorials and other speedpainting stuff and Im very happy that you followed me for so long time now I am a VTuber and I would really love to bring VTube content on my youtube. So for today we will start with a beautiful review of my favorite graphic tablet. Ever it was provided by XP Pen. So, yes, thank you to the xp pen team for giving me their XP Pen Artist 24 Pro, which is actually the biggest biggest biggest graphic tablet. I ever tried so far so lets start with the unboxing and lets check whats inside the box and then Ill be telling you my personal opinion and also we will be drawing together. So this is going to be a very funny video. I hope you will enjoy it so lets start with the unboxing time. First of all, please take a moment to appreciate how big the box – I was really really amazed when i firstly saw this its like. I never had such a huge tablet. I mean i tried a 22 inches tablet, also from xp pen, and it was really huge and when i saw this i was like. Oh so 22 is not the hugest. Oh my gosh. This is so big, so huge and – and I will have a lot of fun drawing on this, and this is what happened.

Actually, yes, i am, i am. I am currently trying the tablet and i can say its amazing, but firstly, let me show whats inside so we have a lot a lot of cables. Ah silly me, i just opened the box of the cables upside down. Why am i so silly? But anyway, anyway, there is a lot of cables inside and dont. You worry, Rozen is going to show you how to use them its, not difficult at all. You have to use only three cables and i will show you how to set them. So, firstly, you put hdmi and usb cable and power cable, you plug them to your graphic tablet, and then you plug to your computer, the usb and hdmi its easy peasy lemon squeezy. Secondly, of course you need to put the power in the in the in the plug. Okay, you got to power your tablet. If you want it to work, uh, oh its important important, never forget, otherwise, it wont work and you will be like its not working. Why? I told you to put the power its a really important moment. We need to put off the protection. Of course, this is not the final protection i mean under this. There is still the screen protection. Please dont remove just remove this protection um, which says: remove yeah its pretty easy, its easy peasy lemon squeezy this as well. There is written. Remove these you got ta. Remove these. Please follow the instruction okay, okay, lets, remove the first one and lets keep the second one and tada the most sparkling tablet.

Everii love this. So much look, look, look its cute, I assure you. This is the biggest tablet ever i mean at least for me. It is its the biggest i ever tried and its so so good. Well, I mean I told you a lot of time. This is the biggest tablet i ever tried, but its because this is something which is really amazing me its really surprising me, and i need to share that with you. Yes, totally totally its the drawing time lets, do it together. Okay, okay lets start so now, im going to show you how i draw uh, basically its more like the painting process, because I have this sketch idea and now were going to paint it together, and i am so excited because this is going to be me with A cake uh: how is that called strawberry roll? I mean probably yes and look how big it is and look how small I look next to it, and it should be a lot of food for a lot of time. I mean yes, yes, yes, basically, basically, im going to eat a lot of strawberry, a strawberry roll, a roll cake. I dont know if it is named rollcake if it is not Im going to call that roll cake by myself. This is going to be a new word invented by me, so please, please take a moment to admire how fast i am at drawing. I am sure there is nobody faster than me at drawing time.

Nobody possible, not possible, i think its not possible totally, not possible. Yes, this is my real life speedness. Thank you. Thank you for the compliments, of course, its a timelapse. Yes, yes, its, not a joke its its just me drawing this fast. Okay, the most important thing that i wanted to say is that I will do a draw this in your style challenge with this drawing and it will be together with the XP Pen instagram. So basically from all the entries of my draw this in your style challenge. Xp Pen is going to pick some winners to get amazing prizes. Yes, please please check the instagram pages of me and of xp pen. You try. You can find all the info and info box and be prepared. Okay, be prepared to redraw me to reserve me with the strawberry little cake and to win, make sure make sure you join okay. Can you roll the r, as i do, strawberry roll cake? I hope you will enjoy the challenge. Oh, you can find me drawing every day on monday, wednesday, friday on my tweet channel. Please please make sure you check me. I would really love to see you and every day i will draw with my xp pen tablet. So you can ask me all the questions you want, and that would be more than happy to reply to you and to help you so make sure you come and watch me. Okay, i hope you enjoyed it.

The speed painting and now i want to tell you my final consideration, so, firstly, it is very worth the price, as i show with you and as i told you before, i think the price is very good for the quality it offers, which is very great quality. So I really think that the price, its very, very good. So if you have a budget which is not that big, i mean uh its, not like thousands and thousands of dollars which may cost if you buy a competitor tablet of the same size or even smaller. And if you want to spend not more than one thousand dollars, then this is the best option for pro artists. In my opinion, i would totally suggest this to other pro artists, as i use this tablet for professional purposes. So i use this for my work as illustrator and as comic artist, so its very approved by me. So i really really like this and thank you so much again to the XP Pen for making this huge opportunity for me and for older people who really wants to buy a good quality tablet, but not that big uh thats a big budget. I mean its like. You dont want to spend thousands and thousands of dollars, but you still need some good product for your illustrations, for your comics, for your animations and for anything that you need to work on in your artistic journey. So i would suggest to all my fellow artists to get this one.

If you really want comfort – and you have a budget so and you can spend a little bit more – i mean uh its, not that cheap its the price, its still a important price. Yes, but its not that big price. Okay, so i think its very worth it also. You can have my discount code, you will find in the info box and i hope it will be useful for you to get discount if you want to buy one of these. Also, please remember about the contest i mentioned it before and make sure to check my instagram and xp pen, italy instagram, as were going to partner, to make a wonderful contestant. So i hope you will enjoy the draw this in your style challenge and i hope you enjoy everything. Thank you so much for watching me today. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it was useful for you make sure you follow me, okay or otherwise.