So lets start hey guys its neymar and welcome to another tuesday tech episode. There are a bunch of drawing display tablets on the market, huey and xp, pen, artisal, wacom and so on and so forth. They have all amazing products, but the price range is different. This is xp pen 22 inch, so its amazing. This is the box of the products, as you can see its a big uh tablet with 21.5 inch diagonal of the display its here in front of me. If you can see it, and this one is meant for people on a budget, but who wants to have a good quality product with a good screen, good color production and so on and so forth. So this is a review of the tablet. So let me for show you what comes in the box? Okay, so obviously in the box we have the display tablet itself. Its 21.5 inch diagonal anti glare screen, which is meant to prevent some harsh reflections from the windows, slam ceilings and so on and so forth, and its doing the job really really good. I really like it. Then we have a cleaning cloth which is really cool addition. If you want to clean your display from time to time, you need to do it, then we have a mustang and thats a two finger glove as you can see right here, and this glove is meant for when youre drawing on the tablet. For your hand, to really nicely glide over the surface, without leaving some sweat on the tablet itself, so this is a must have thing and its really great quality.

I dont have any issue with this im using it for a while and its pretty pretty good. Then obviously we have some cables included in the box even more because the tablet is currently attached to the power supply. So i have this one for another outlet. This is not for my type of outlets and also we have usbc to usbc type. Cable lets focus my camera. Please focus okay usbc to usbc. If you want to connect to macbook pro or other computers that have just usbc to usbc connection, thats, great and also another cable right here is hdmi full hdmi to hdmi on my computer and thats. Basically, it also there is a battery free pen included. Obviously, without this you cannot draw on a tablet. It has two customizable buttons and, as i already said, its battery free, so you dont need to worry about charging it. You just need to use it and it has 8192 levels of pressure, sensitivity and 60 degrees of tilt function. So you can use it that if you want and the pancake impact in this like a cigar case its inside, so you can carry it here and another side of this is where the pins the spare pins are. So, if you need you can use them too. The tablet itself comes with the stand already built in, so you can customize the angle of the tablet. However, you want with just this thing right here at the top, so you can put it really really straight up if you want and use it like that, but this is not comfortable for drawing.

So i like some lower angle like this. There are five different buttons at the upper right part of the tablet. One is for powering on and off the tablet and other ones are for going into the menu and changing the settings here. The display resolution is 1920×1080, so its full hd resolution its not 2k or 4k, which would be much better, obviously, but for this price range this is really really good. The contrast is 800 over the one and the viewing angle is 178 degrees. In order to use the tablet, you need to download the drivers and the software from the xband website, and then you have all the options here to control the pen to customize all the settings and so on and so forth. Right now, let me show you how this works in photoshop, with the pen pressure sensitivity, so so the pen pressure sensitivity is amazing, its really nice and smooth. As you can see, if you press harder, you will apply more pressure and thicker line. If you press lighter, you will have thinner lines and so on and so forth. This is really nice and smooth no problems at all. Also the straight lines you can see: theyre really nice, even if i go really really slow diagonal. This is really really nice. No issues at all also, if i delete this and go with other settings with this type of pressure sensitivity, you will see that if i barely touch the screen, i barely apply the ink.

If i press harder and harder, i will apply more and more in here. So this thing is amazing for dodging and burning its something that i really really love. So no issues at all with the screen with the pen press sensitivity is amazing, and this is not a laminated display. At least i didnt found anywhere on a website that this is a laminated display, but its behaving like its a laminated display, so laminated means that the distance between the tip of the pen and the screen itself is almost zero. So its really really tiny. But here is really really nicely done and i really love love that okay, you now see the delay thats a normal thing, but the distance between the pen and the screen is really nicely done. Another thing that i really like is the precision of the pen in the corners of the tablet, so sometimes on some tablets. This is really bad, but on this one this is done really really good. So i love that the pen is precise, no matter if you are writing on the corners or in the middle of the tablet. The display is really good. The color production is really good too its not the best on the market, but considering this price range, it is really really good. The color gamut adobe rgb is covered more than 90 percent and srgb is more than 120 overall. This is amazing tablet for the money. Currently, the price is 499 news dollars, but on xp pen website there is some kind of discount.

I dont know how long it would be, but is 100 less so its ‘9 us dollars. You can find the links down there in the description, so overall i dont have any kind of negatives to say about the tablet. I love how the pen works, how everything works really nice and smooth, and i love the brightness of the display and so on and so forth. So maybe maybe if i will be picking here, the negative thing would be that this is not a 4k display. But again for this price range, i cannot say that i cant complain about that.