Thanks to Xp-Pen for giving me the Artist 12 tablet! You can go check it out with the links below:
15% off code: ARTIST1285, Period of validity: 09/07/2018-10/31/2018, useful on Amazon stores below.(US, CA, AU&UK)
Website store:

I really liked this tablet! And I think this is perfect for those who are looking for low budget tablets or are beginners to these since this is only $250! Thanks for watching!

Song Used: Quincas Moreira – Canal 3

Welcome to Kabloosh! I'm Joseph Carroll, and I'm a weird 16-year-old youtube animator that draws stick figures just to be funny. Also, I've been animating ever since December 2015, starting off with an animated science project I did for my school, and now it became a crazy and fun hobby I have today. But in all seriousness, I do my best to stand out and bring some awesome content to you guys.

Oh, and I have a pet raccoon named Taneko.


Tablet – Gaomon PD1560
Microphone – Blue Yeti
Programs – Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro

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Twitter: @KablooshYT
Instagram: @kablooshofficial

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