Also, a suite of different cables for various connections, for both usb c and a usb a to hdmi, combo, cable, and it comes in a box which you can slide off the table. That was fun. So the overall dimensions of the device are 346.2 millimeters, wide 209 millimeters high and 12 millimeters deep. It has a 12 inch display that is fully laminated with a resolution of 1920×1080 and the color accuracy is 127 srgb, 94 adobe rgb and 90 ntsc theres. Also, eight programmable buttons down the left side of the device. The stylus uses xp pens, new x3 elite chip, which takes just three grams of initial force to activate, which essentially means that the display is very sensitive to even the slightest amount of pressure. Theres 0.6 millimeter retraction distance and the stylus can be tilted up to 60 degrees, and it supports up to 8192 levels of pressure. This pen display is also supported on windows, mac, linux, android and chrome os, so pretty versatile, depending on which platform youre using. So, as you can see, this display has a smart, yet somewhat stylized. Look to it. The body is mostly plastic interspersed with areas around the edge that sport, a rubber like material. The eight buttons on the left side also share this same rubbery material and they feel nice to press with a firm, reassuring click. These choices and materials also make the device incredibly light. Now there is a little bit of flex on the back.

So if you are planning on throwing this in your bag and heading out just make sure it doesnt get squashed or bent out of shape, because its not unheard of for very expensive devices made out of metal just slowly bend over time. So, to avoid this id recommend getting a protective sleeve or case, so the build quality is good, but the attention to detail is even better like looking closely where the different materials meet is virtually seamless and quite literally isnt rough around the edges. At all, this attention to detail is usually the first thing i notice when reviewing or using any products. So the fact that xp pen have done an excellent job here with something that immediately impressed me. The stylus, on the other hand, does feel a bit cheaper in terms of build quality, especially when compared to other styluses, and the secondary button does have a little bit of wiggle to it. However, once i actually started using the device, these things just werent, really an issue yeah sure if you pick up a more premium stylus that has a better build quality youre going to notice the difference. But, to be honest, five minutes of designing with this i was having so much fun. It became a complete non issue because the overall experience of using this stylus with this pen display is so on point on point: oh a nice pun. I like that. Well, keep that, in speaking of being on point lets talk about the performance, so its relatively well priced looks good and is overall well made, but none of that means anything if its a laggy jittering mess.

That makes you want to throw your computer out the window. Fortunately, its not in fact its quite the opposite. Yes, the stylus features a new x3 elite chip, but marketing terminology aside. What does that actually mean for you and me well? In short, it means the tracking is good, actually very good id, even go so far as to say great, not totally flawless, as there is a teeny, tiny delay, but its fast enough that it kept pace with me whilst working and i like to work pretty fast. So if youre planning on using this with the usb a and the hdmi cable together, just be aware that this stylus and display dont have a battery in them. So whilst it will still run youre going to notice a little bit of a lag a bit of delay with the tracking now it is still usable, but personally i would never use it this way. I would connect the included usb, a cable, the red one to a mains power adapter to get full performance or, if youre, using usbc, that cable type can deliver enough power as well as power. The display, as well so usb a to mains or usbc. Either of those options give you enough power to run this display at its best another nifty little feature that is perfect for me is the ability to hold the power button down for three seconds and boot into tablet mode. This essentially keeps the display off and lets you use the device as a typical graphics tablet.

Alternatively, if youre working on say a giant 30 inch professionally calibrated, monitor and you want to design with the advantages of using a stylus, but obviously dont need the pens display itself again. This is another good example where you can switch into tablet mode and get all of the benefits, but still use your giant display, and generally i work all over the place. So this flexibility suits me perfectly. My only real niggle throughout this entire review process was that the usb c to c connection didnt work right out of the box and because my macbook pro only has usbc ports, i needed to use a usba hdmi dongle as a workaround, ah good old, dongles, eh And whilst i did try a few different usbc cables, some of them wouldnt even fit because the ports are so tightly designed its pure luck as to whether your usbc cable will actually fit. So. My advice is, if you are planning on using usbc, to connect this up, just spend that extra 10 pounds or whatever it is on the cable just so the whole thing works right out the box now its worth mentioning at this point that my usbc issue has Magically resolved itself somehow not sure whether it was a driver update or a software update, but yeah usbc to usbc on my mac now works genuinely confused how this issue fixed itself but happy nonetheless, so just make sure youve got the latest drivers just to be on The safe side, its also worth mentioning that these issues relating to usb c, were only on my macbook pro and on my windows.

Desktop and laptop everything worked fine from the get go. I understand the inclusion of a usb c cable being optional, because the people who are using usb a and hdmi wont need it. However, they should have included a power adapter for these people so that they can get the most performance out of this device right out of the box without needing to source a third party power adapter. Fortunately, a usb a and mains power adapter is pretty cheap to buy and ive got plenty kicking around, but definitely something to be aware of so final thoughts. Is it any good? Well, yes, in my opinion, this is a very well designed and high performing pen display and its very reasonably priced and whilst its not got the premium construction of its 800 pound bigger brother and has a slightly cheaper feeling, stylus its around a quarter of the price And packs a similar, if not the same real world performance enough, that i couldnt really tell the difference anyway. For example, i used this pen display to create my entry for bennys spooky edit war, which took over 20 hours to make working from the studio from home and even from a coffee shop, and the artist 12 was a pleasure to use the entire time. So is it worth it or not? Well ill! Leave that for you to decide, but for me personally it was a great and very flexible experience.