My name is anna and the xp pen sent me this tablet and asked me to make a review on it. It came to me in this brown box with a usbc cable elegantly attached with the duct tape, the actual box turned out to be pretty cute. While i open the box, let me say a couple words about the tablet: the xp pen, artist 12 is a display tablet. It means that its just a screen which you can poke with a special pen and make some masterpieces during this process. It absolutely needs to be connected to a computer and on that computer you should also have some special drawing programs like photoshop or krita inside the box. There is a tablet releasing the display from its plastic prism. The stand doesnt come with this tablet, so im using the one i already have now removing the protective film the most satisfying moment. As you can see, it reflects everything and as soon as i remove it, we see another layer of anti glare protective film. This one. We keep on the display it diffuses all the strong reflections really nice, its not magical so super strong light like the sun from the window, will still make it harder to draw, but it does a job pretty well. I especially love that xp pen made this tablet in four colors and they all look very beautiful. If you are into those amazing aesthetically pleasing workspace setups, this tablet will fit perfectly.

The work area of the tablet is 263 millimeters to 148 millimeters, and it has hd display resolution now lets open the pen do not drop it from height yeah thats, the funny joke. Your expectations of me are truly too high. Xp pen, the pen feels really light. So light, in fact that it feels like there is nothing inside its also not very thick, and i really love that nice holding experience but its all about the personal preferences here. This pen doesnt require any charging its battery free. It works purely on magic of the physics it has 8192 pressure levels and 60 degrees tilt angle and the new chip inside, which is the most important change. Xpipen presented the new technology x3 chip, which is inside of this pen in particularly theyve, improved the bands sensibility. The activation point, which means that the band starts reacting and drawing from the very light touch it is supposed to make it feel more like the real pen, if you dont like to push hard on the pen, this is a great option for you. Also, this technology is supposed to make the lines more accurate, prevent the glitches it feels like xp pen are very proud of this x3 chip and im super happy that they are improving their products and trying new technologies. Its really cool lets. Look what else we have here smaller box with some goodies like warranty card quick guide, additional nibs, nib extractor cleaning cloth drawing glove.

We also have two cables included in the box: the usb extension, cable and three in one usbc connection. Cable. So lets talk a bit about the connection. You can act usbc to the tablet and other three connectors, you very elegantly plug into your laptop or, if you have a desktop computer, its gon na look like more something like this Music. You can also plug the red power usb cable to the outlet, but youll need an adapter for that it doesnt come in the box. You can also connect this tablet using usbc to usbc cable to your phone and that computer and its much easier connection, but you need to get it separately. It doesnt come in a box, and here is the tricky thing. Usbc cables have different versions, and this tablet requires your phone to have the usbc 3.1 usb port to support this tablet. I didnt know this detail, so ive asked xp pen to send me the cable and and its a good quality and its quite long as i see but turned out that. Unfortunately, all my gadgets are too old for this cable and as much as id like to test the phone connection with this tablet. I cant so check this detail if you want to use the tablet with your phone so now i just have this very long. Cable. Maybe ill be able to use it one day. Apparently, i need to get a new phone after plugging everything into everything.

I turn on the tablet and download and install drivers from the site. First thing: after installing the driver im calibrating the display and setting the shortcut buttons to my comfortable settings. I usually use just five buttons, because the lower buttons are harder to reach and also my brain capacity is too small for that amount of buttons. There are eight programmable press keys in total, and this is how ive set up my keys, because this tablet is so budget. It doesnt come with two essential things for me: the stand and the pen holder for a really comfortable work. I would highly recommend you to get them separately. I found these stands available on the xp pen site, but unfortunately i couldnt find any pen holders there. So i just made my own if you want to know how ill show you, in the very end of the video, so lets move to the testing Music to test the tablet properly ive been using it for a couple weeks, as my main tablet in my usual Workflow and ive made several artworks during this time, including this one. You see im humanizing this albino bat. This is actually a draw. This in your style challenge so feel free to draw this albino bad girl in your style and tag me ill be happy to see your results. More information will be under the video, so my idea here is, if i can switch from my previous tablet to the new one without any discomfort.

It means the tablet is great, because all those specifications and fancy technologies is a great thing. But for me it all comes down to the simple everyday, drawing experience if i can draw on it and i dont get any on the edge moments during this process, especially when im stressed its a good tablet and here that transition from my old tablet to xp Pen display went without me even noticing. It took me a couple days, though, to get used to the new pan weight and thickness. But this is because, as a digital artist, you usually work with the same stylus for several like years and you absolutely getting used to it like to the tiniest smallest detail. It becomes just like part of your hand, but after a couple days, ive stopped noticing any difference. As for their particular experience, what i especially loved in the tablet is the display. I absolutely love the screen quality xp pen displays have. This is the second xp pen tablet i review and again im very pleased with the color representation and how sharp and clear all their details look. I also love the design of the tablet. It looks and feels like a great quality product its quite flat and feels like solid. The plastic is nice, it doesnt feel cheap at all, and the buttons are really nice. First of all, im like super happy that there are buttons there that they exist on this tablet and there are many of them they feel really soft, but have that satisfying clicky clickiness? I absolutely love using shortcut buttons on the tablet.

They save so much time. That is why it is like a great plus. There are plenty of them here. As for the pen, i love that its not super thick, its much closer to the usual pen, its also actually very responsive, ive tweaked the sensitivity curve, though just a little to fit. My usual pressure behavior more or something like this. Fortunately, everything is customizable. The only thing thats been a disadvantage for me here is the absence of the pen holder, its a totally sad moment. For me. I know i might be the only one complaining about it, but it dramatically increases the chance of accidentally putting my pan into a cup of tea like a brush, because its a reflex already. I need to poke my pen into something to make it stand when im not drawing, and if i just put a pan on the table, i can easily just lose it somewhere in my mess, which i call my working table. But overall i had a really great experience. Drawing on this tablet: Music. You can participate and draw this in your style challenge by recreating this albany bad girl in your style, to have some fun and also get a chance to win one of the xp pen tablets. Pen display artist 12 second generation from this review, deco, fun, large size or deco mini 7. Good luck, Music! So is it a good product? Yes, i love the tablet. Its great. The price is really nice and it feels like a high quality thing.

If you are looking at this tablet, as your first display tablet, i would highly recommend you to get a stand for it. Its gon na save your neck because otherwise youll have to like look down a lot, not healthy and also dont. Raise the stand too high or its gon na hurt your hand im, starting to think that the drawing might be a very traumatizing process and artist is a very risky profession but other than that youll be fine, except for your spine and i think youre gon na Love it. The tablets in general ive spent quite some time with it and im extremely happy. Ive been testing it for two weeks. Non stop ive been doing commissions on it, ive been doing other artworks on it, as youve seen ive been doing like tutorials poses references and stuff everythings been great, so hope this review will be helpful. Thank you. So much for watching and ill see you next time. Bye, Music, bonus – and here is how i have created my little universal pen holder, because i couldnt find any proper pen holder in the local stores or the internet with a fast delivery and cheap price. I went to a local craft store, bought a brick of a polymer clay for four dollars. It is soft and it allows you to make any form. You, like ive, divided the block into two parts, big one for body and another smaller one for details made a bowl from a big piece and then turned it into the donut, using a pan with the same size as drawing pan for the tablet.

Because i didnt want to get polymer clay on the actual pan. Ive also made two little ears and attached them to the donut Music. I wanted to make it look like a little strawberry, so ive vandalized my fake plant and put the leaves on the head of the strawberry donut cat, then made and attached the little tail added. Some strawberry seeds pattern with a pencil now to make the strawberry cat hard and usable. I need to bake it. Ive removed the plastic leaves so they wouldnt melt and sand the cat in the oven in 30 minutes. It was ready, ive left it to cool and glued the fake leaves to the cat hat. Then i drew a face with a permanent marker, as i totally forgot to buy any acrylic paint for this project to add some details to the ears and to draw seeds. Ive used the nail polish again yeah, no acrylic paint it worked out just fine to be honest, not perfect, thats for sure, but for a project with no actual plan. Well, i think it looks great – and here you have your universal cheap pen holder. If you dont want to spend too much time on it, you can just make it look like a donut and thats. All the cat moment is very adjustable, and could i just use the pen holder from any other tablets i have yes.