: this is a beautifully designed laptop. It is also ultra thin and lightweight with powerful performance. It is only 15.9 millimeter feet, so it is very light. It is also dedicated. It adopts the top level processing technologies. For example, we use the 6 series, aerospace grade, aluminum the cnc unibody manufacturing process and the 170 ceramic sand blasting process. This time the laptop comes in two color variants, gray and silva let’s take a look Music. It boasts the latest intel core processor, the 35, the 35 w processor with i5 and y7 i7. It is also boosted by nvidia geforce mx450, this great graphic card. It is also boosted by the advanced cooling system. It is also upgraded to wi fi six. It also sports 100 watts fast charging for a laptop like these. We also got the intel aval platform, evo platform certification – maybe you don’t know the evil platform, but the product manager told me that this certification is very strictly down. We have to pass 100 tests. This is the highest level certification in the laptop market, and i searched on jd.com. Only less than 20 laptops have evo certification and for 15 inch laptop. Only me laptop pro has the evil platform certification. Therefore, in the laptop market, evo certification means you can just buy this laptop with your eyes closed, and we also used master display for this laptop. We used the best display for the mid laptop. This is a 3.5 k display.

It is a retina display. It supports 261 ppi, the precision is even higher than the macbook and each display is calibrated upon shipment for a true color display for such a fine display. It is also protected by the corning gorilla glass. Therefore, it looks beautiful Music and also the four bezels are narrow and its screen to body ratio is 93 percent, and this is also the golden proportion for the laptop market, which is 16 to 10, and we also add light sensor to this laptop brightness of the Display can be adjusted according to the ambient light. Therefore, this is a one hearted design. Do you like this display? This is already the top notch display in the laptop market, but as we are moving into the high range market, we actually have higher ambition and we want this display to be an oled display Music. It feels like it is not a big deal, but for a large oled display. Therefore, in the tv market and in the laptop market you’re rarely seeing the oled display, i also searched on jd.com. I only found two or three results and all of them are over. What 10 000 chinese one very expensive, therefore, we determined to use the oled display for our high end laptop, and this is the latest the e4olap display brightness can reach up to 600 units. It also supports 100 percent p3 color gamut, 1.07 billion color, and the contrast ratio is up to one million to one Music.

Our display actually has one and the highest, and so what is this? It stands for veto electronics, standard association and in the industry. It is the most influential industry for industry standard setter and we actually were certified for vessel 500, which is the highest level for a laptop, and this display. Not only that also is certified by tube for hardware grade low blue light. Sometimes we sit in front of the laptop for five hours ten hours and staring at us spraying for that long time means you really need to protect our eyes and we also support dc light dimming function that is sun, the xiaomi laptop pro that we have for You, the best laptop we have ever produced. How does the display actually feel? Well, it supports two in one fingerprint and power button. It also has a lightning interface and full type c interfaces very high end, and perhaps you as what, if i have a different port, we have this for you a converter on, and it supports multiple types of the ports and it comes free of charge. It’S, complementary with the packaged phones and laptops. In that way, your laptop can collaborate seamlessly with your phone to bring you the ultimate experience, and that is a xiaomi laptop pro 15.. It comes with an e4 oled plus 3.5 k of the display and also has one of the most stunning manufacturing processes in the industry, and i also support the full color gamut.

What about the price? I actually went to jd.com to just to do my research about pure products, actually couldn’t find any product that supports e4 oled. Well, there were just one two three one, two two products of that kind refer to us. There is no laptop with oled and second very few e4. The laptop and the price is only 6499. You can take a photo and go back home and move over it’s a them laptop. Perhaps you think this is too big for you. Don’T worry. We also have a 14 inch for you. The difference on it from the 15 inch is just on the display size. It has a top grade lcd display and it supports a 2.5 k of resolution, plus a 120 hertz and with this lcd true color display, it also offers premium user experience. And what about the specs well compared to the me pro 15, the specs are absolutely identical because it uses lcd, true color that’s, why the product also comes with a very competitive price: five, two, nine nine choices for you on the left Music: these are the laptops That we bring to you want to see a demo look how bright the lcd display is very light as well. Manufacturing process is definitely state of the art. This is by far the most spectacular laptop we have ever made. That is our xiaomi laptop pro. Perhaps you want to know more about the amd ryzen edition that will be launched in may and it will come with 45 watt of standard price, a pressure age processor, just an advertiser just an advertisement for what you can expect in may.

These are all the products we bring to you today. We have the mix fold, our spectacular photobook phone. We have it the xiaomi laptop pro series, 14 and 15 inches and also the me home product, the line including the vacuum robot pro the aircon combined with the ventilator and also the smart humidifier pro.