At the same time, the K 30 was released by Xiaomi. So does their latest read meet notebook, this one's 13 inches and it has an 89 screen to body ratio. It has a 10th gene comic Lake chip in it. So I opened it to get the core i7 because I wanted to see if the thermals are going to be good on the core i7, then you know that I 5 will also be perfectly fine. There it's got the NVIDIA MX 250, which is a dedicated low end GPU. There has 8 gigabytes of ddr4 Ram and 512 kilobytes of storage. The screen, I believe, is mat coated as well, and I will also just take a look at the design in general run. A couple of tests, so, as you can see, my box does look a little bit better, but it should be ok. This is double boxed, so at the top here we have the power supplies there's, no type c. On this I mean it's a bit of a real shame. Actually that has no full spec type C port on this or even no type c ports, because we see that on the budget, laptops or reviews, so we've got the charger and the box right up here. We'Ll, take a quick look at this. This, as you can see, right here, is DC in the plug, and it is rated to 12 volts 65 watts it's the maximum output and right here is our power, cable and they've included trading, changing where I bought this from a power adapter there for me, which Is good and there is some padding and there so you can see that's gon na be at least well 4 takes it, even though it is a little bit beat up.

I know it's, not double boxed. Ok, so it's just right in there get that out and we'll take a look at the design, nice small size, and it does feel quite light. Alright, so the official weight is 1.2 3 kilos bed here, I'm counting 1.2, for, as you can see, and our total travel weight is then 1.6 kilos, which is not bad at all. On the right side, here, we've got the DC in there for charging, of course, and a status LED and one of two type, a USB 3.1 ports. So it is slim on ports. This particular laptop here it's, probably to keep the price down, and I really wish it. Of course it didn't hesitate. Slot would have been handy now if you're wondering about the thickness it's 18 millimeters that's, not all the rubber feet on the bottom. If you include those that brings it up to 21.5 on the Left, USB 3.1 and then HDMI 1.4 a ouch. Unfortunately now this should be HDMI to her as well. So you can get 4k in 60 Hertz, so this is just gon na be 4k 30 Hertz. Max we do luckily have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack here that does support microphones and the lid blade. The whole build is made out of a brushed. Alloy does feel nice now it's a very light alloy very easy to scratch. So you've got to be careful with this one here you can see it says, read me designed by Xiaomi now.

Will it open with just one hand, I'll take a look, but first wanted to point out that there looks to be a microphone here at the front as well, so there's, this little recess cutout. We can place your finger and look at that. Yes, we can open it up or just one hand. So here is our keyboard. The layout looks pretty decent and the feedback from those keys is OK, a little bit shallow. The travel of the case now the frame around the outside, also made out of alloy here, is actually higher than the keys themselves, when pressed right in so that'll help to stop typos there. Now the power key don't, particularly like this location, because that's, where the Delete key, should be – I really like it when manufacturers space it out and let's move it over here. I think that would have been a little bit better, but overall it does look, good got half height up and down keys there, arrow keys and then page up and down. Is there print screen button? There is there as well and no backlighting with this particular keyboard. Unfortunately, so on screen 1080p, it is met coated and look at these bezels. Very, very slim, so I've just been getting an approximate measurement here about five point: five millimeters. So it does look really nice and slim, but have you seen it? Have you spotted it? What'S missing webcam, okay, there's, no webcam here now a lot of people actually like this, because you use your mobile phones for you, Skype calls and things you don't use a webcam and a laptop anymore for privacy reasons whatever, and this right here is the furthest that This screen will go back, as I said, the hinge does feel low, so you can open it up with one hand, so it's not super tight, but it does have a good feel to it and if you're wondering if the screen is that flex, no that's quite Solid as well there so overall, very good, build quality with this, but let's have a look at the bottom of it and the internals.

So you can see here: we've got some Torx screws, that's screwing the rear plate in place it's using 85 stalks there and we've got these five rubber feet now this one, if it's anything like the other laptops from Xiaomi, will have to be removed to get access To that screw, so we've got a big intake vent right here, and this grille is one of two Hartman's tuned speakers. I'Ll, give you a sample of them in this hands on and there we have the internal. So we've got two copper transfer heat pipes right here. The fan has a lot of blades in it, but it's just a single fan. However, it is a large one, as you can see so. Thermals will be thoroughly checked and fan noise and my full review SSDs right here now. This is only a set of three m2 2280 SSD, but you can upgrade and put an nvme one in here. If your course want faster speeds, better performance right there, the battery this is 40 watt hours only so while they claim, I think, it's up to something like 13 hours, which just seems ridiculous to me, I'm sure it's gon na be about half of that again. That'Ll be in the full review, so it is quite packed in here. There'S no upgradeable wireless card, there's no sickand, SSD bay here will be great if they had room for another m2 SSD we've got to remember this. Has the GPU and the CPU under here as well and they're, really pushed for space with a 13 inch chassis with this one, so I'm powering up here for the first time to get into the BIOS hit the delete or f2 key.

I don't know which one exactly it is now there is an option you can see when you first get into this menu right down the bottom here now. That is then to select English, which I will do will put this into English. You can see a ram here is 2002 666 megahertz, so I'm just powering it up here and have a look at the screen. There'S no light leakage or bleeding that I am seeing. So it is a good panel on that regard. Now I've already measured the brightness and it is quite disappointing in terms of maximum brightness it's, a matte anti glare screen, but it only tops out at just about 210 nets, which isn't really good at all. All right so let's just jump into a few things about this particular laptop here. So we've got the comet light, which is basically like a KB Lake. You chip, it's 15 watts. It has four cores eight three, its maximum turbos, four point: nine with the core i7, and they could in fact configure this up to 25 watt TDP. But it looks like we are gon na need a little bit of under vaulting, because the cooling so far in my testing and it's only gon na get worse really when I start to game is not really doing its job. Look at this 98 degrees. Now I do apologize if you hear any drilling in the background. I'Ve got these guys that are just working away for the last month and every time we go to record, they start to drill.

But I just want to get this video out so everyone's, aware of this and 98 degrees that's too hot I mean I haven't even pushed the GPU yet so I have run just a couple of benchmarks. So first up is the internal storage, so SATA 3. We knew this and we know that it's not going to be nowhere near as fast as nvme PCIe SSD s, which is a shame there here's our gig bench for score, so it's not a bad score, but it could have been better. Why? Because of a little bit of thermal throttling was happening and I did let the laptop cool itself down, but because we also have dual channel RAM and no jewel channel Rams. Should I say on this here because if I just bring up device manager task manager here, you will see it's single channel I've confirmed this with HW info as well. If it was dual channel expect better multitasking performance, there slight boost so there's two down with fine speakers. They do actually sound pretty good. Now these are not as good as the me no bug Pro. I know from experience, but they're, actually not bad here's. A sample of them Music, Music. Okay, so let me just first go over the positives that I do like about the Rumi book 13. I love this size the way this is really what this is about. You get this because you want something: it's got a bit of power, but it's not too heavy easy to carry around it's about the size of an a4 sheet of paper.

But of course, quite a bit thicker and heavier 1.2 4 kilos. That I'm getting is not a bad weight at all. It brings up to 1.6 with the power supply. Now we don't have a screen. It has very slim bezels, it gives it a very modern look to it, and the keyboard is nice to type on. Touchpad is also very good, supports Windows, 10 gestures and, using it so far, I'm not having any typos, and I don't have any problems with a touchpad. That is a good area now it's a full metal build and we are lacking a few ports on here idea. They would like to see an SD card. Reader would like to see type C, Thunderbolt, 3, perhaps, and full spec well in HD. Why is anyone putting 4 as well? That should be HDMI too. So really, I feel that why show me does this? Is they want? You to buy them me notebook Pro. If you want the rest of that there's. Some things on here that I don't quite understand, I think they could have. Surely they could have gone for nvme SSD for faster speeds there you can swap and put one and then yourself if you want to and then well. Ok, thermals not good at all 98 degrees, 96 degrees, and I haven't even started to push it hard gaming. At the same time, so it's gon na throttle it's gon na throttle really really bad, and I know the fanboys on there xiaomi fanboys.

That think that she are making do absolutely nothing wrong. I think the cooling setup just is not good enough for this. Okay, now you can blame my thermal pad paste job on this. You can say no it's got a bad paste job. You need to repay stit. We shouldn't have to do that out of the box. I think that's just poor design in with that, so I would get the core i5 version, not the core i7, because that's got lower turbos there now better. I for need to check more gaming scores more benchmarks. Better gaming performance and see how that throttles as well the GPU they'll all be up and coming in the full review. The speakers do sound good to me, but overall after this first look, my first impressions, I got ta, say it's really mixed here. I just love the size of it. I love the build keyboard as mentioned, but this green brightness, okay right now, with my brights GU light side, I think most people going to have be happy with the screen brightness because it is an anti glare screen and mat, but for those of you out there, Like myself, I think it really does need to be a good 100 nits brighter than what it is and the rams only single channels. Well, that should be jeweled channel there's a lot of shoulds here with this particular model. So i'll see you back with the full review in about a week's time.