So this is an entry level phone from them with not a full HD resolution, so it's still that two by one aspect ratio, but this one is 1440 by 720. So I don't even know what that's going to look like stretched out at five point: nine nine inches now this mobile here is the global version, is well I've got a factory sealed box here from gearbest, so it's going to cover your LTE band 20 and all The popular bands in Europe so that's one good thing here now: it's got a 16 megapixel front facing selfie cam with an LED light: 12 megapixel camera on the rear, with an auxilary, 5 megapixel sensor. So a little bit similar to the redmi note 5. Now so that's going to create, of course, let's get the fixed with the dual cameras there. So you can get the blue background and things like that. So what does this have on offer? It'S also got dual SIM support: micro SD card support, 3.5 mm and a headphone jack, but only at 3080 milliamp hour batteries, so that's a bit of a con man sand ass learn what looks to be like a union body build so let's check this one out. Alright, so there we have the phone there and first impressions feels rather light. You can see again it's just mentioning those specs there and okay. The camera bump that doesn't look as bad as the me 6x was that one Purdue 2 by 2 millimeters this one doesn't look to be too bad.

Okay, so we'll just have a look and see what else we get in here. It looks like we've got a case. Yes, we do so it's, one of those TPU style once clear case see there so nothing flash, but it is going to protect the buttons at least cutouts for everything there and right here you can see we just have. This is to use a guide, it's good, to note there too, that it will take to nano Sims, and you can still place your microSD card in this. You don't have to give up one of those cents for the SD card, so a white and gray micro. Usb cable here and then the charger and EU one – and this is nothing flash, so this will not have any quick charging. I will test and see if the phone is going to support it. So this is only rated to 5 volts, 2 amps and almost lifted out. There is a sim tool in the box just behind the cable. So when we have a look at the back, it does feel a lot cheaper than say their redmi note, 5 or even the redmi note 4, because it's backing that's made out of plastic. So it's a painted plastic and I mentioned that it be quite easy to scratch all damage and the fingerprint reader, hopefully that's the same hardware that they've used in the other readme phones and the camera module you'll notice that inside there we've only got a single LED.

Flash so it's not dual tone here. The top sense is 5 megapixels, the one below is 12 megapixels and it has an F 2.2 aperture. Now the buttons on the right hand, side. They have a good feeling to them, but it feels like they could actually just be painted plastic, so I don't think they are metal so so far a much cheaper build than the Rema note 5. So you can see those unusual antenna strips those lines that they've got here, so it just feels like a little bit of a cut in the plastic where they haven't actually painted that that's. Obviously to help boost the reception so long here, 3.5 million headphone jack. Then we got an IR transmitter good to have this on a budget phone and then a secondary microphone and here's that SIM tray, so 2, nano Sims micro, SD and the frame around the outside of it. It is made out of metal. So that is good. Hopefully it won't break then so easily, like those plastic ones, would so down the bottom. We have some more antenna lines. You can see you there we've got a microphone, loudspeaker and, of course, micro, USB port on here now. This should be at type C port. We are in 2018, I don't care if it's a hundred and fifty dollar budget phone, because other budget phones in this price range, a lot of them now are using type C and so should show me so check the weight of it.

So it comes in at 172 grams, a little heavier than I thought it would be. It'S checkout might read me note 5, and you see that one is a hundred and eighty three grams okay, so it is 8.3 millimeters, thick that's without the camera bump there, so that bump brings it up to nine point four. So it's, not the slimmest phone. Considering it's only go to three thousand and eighty minute our battery in here so I'll just get that protector off the screen, that's only for transit, of course. So next to my redmi note 5, you can see a big difference with the screen, even with the panel off it has a bit of a gray. Look to it, so I don't even know whether that's actually going to be fully laminated. Hopefully it is but the main key difference here is the glass so it's, not 2.5 d, which is pretty common. Now literally, every single device will have that so it's just finished off with a straight edge and then has a plastic border around the outside. So it's definitely not as nice, because we've got the 2.5 D glass, of course on the rim. You know 5 and that just looks a lot better here. Overall, the build quality is far superior, of course, on the rim. Note 5, what the mostly metal build to it. So this is all plastic and glass, and then we've got the middle around here. In fact, the only metal that's on that readme s2 is just the border around that lens of the camera module that's it.

So it is just powering on now for the first time. So me ua9, is on here and here are all the languages you get, so you can see we're pretty much got every single language that is on Android, which is great so just gone through the typical setup added my Google account and now I can of course Add my fingerprint here so just going to do that very quickly and it's 10 times here and looks to be just exactly the same as other redmi devices that fingerprint reader, so that should work perfectly fine. So here we are in the rom I'll just quickly show you the stock apps we're going to have on here. So they've even got some Microsoft bloatware on there now there's been a global version. Of course we do have the Play Store. That'S there that's working perfectly fine and a lot of google apps on here. So a few bloatware apps and things that obviously most of them, we should be able to uninstall some of the stuff if you don't want it. So this Microsoft's crap on there that you probably ought to get rid of this yeah. You can uninstall most of that, so at least that's a one positive debt, so that screen, as I mentioned, there's no way near as good as the redmi note. 5S basic. Like a 1080p screen, almost of course it's that two by one aspect – ratio – and it just looks so much better and you get slightly smaller bezels too, on this one, the bezels are a bit larger.

You notice, along the bottom now we've got the on screen keys here, which I don't particularly like I mean they've, got room here to have capacitive touch buttons here, so you can have your home back and Menu key. I would have preferred the for them to do that, but of course, the heavens done that here maybe it's just cost, saving and that's the reason for that. So we'll check out the version we've got on here. I'Ve gone straight past it just in about phone. Ok, so we're running Android 8.1, which is great so it's a more recent version, which is what we want and I'll check for any patches. If they're coming out so it's me, UI, 9.5, stable and we'll check out the camera sensor, information so here's the camera information. You can see so the back main sensor is a Sony IMX. 4. 8. 6. It also mentions nd there for some reason and the axillary sensor, that is a Samsung and the front 16 megapixel is also a another Samsung sensor there and you can see that the keyboard it's using is the G board, so Google's keyboard and not charmese own keyboard. Here, which you often get at least with the Chinese roms that I'm more accustomed to so because it is running mui 9.5. Then we do have this right here, which is full screen display. So if you don't, like the on screen navigation buttons, then simply use the full screen gestures.

This is what i have been using on. My show me me: macstew is what i've been using on the redmi note 5 and even the 6 x I'm quite used to it now and it's very, very easy to get used to so you just swipe up that takes you home and if you swipe up And hold that gets you to your recent apps and then from the sides that's. If you swipe from the side, then then you go back, but of course you don't do it from the recent apps screen, because then it won't actually work properly. So if I load up Chrome and then just swipe from the side there, you can see that is to go back. It also works from the other side too, so you can use either side. So here you can see FM radio it's hardware, FM radio, of course, which is good to have on here, just need a plug in a headset, and this is something that not even the me 6x I've recently reviewed has. So here is the read me s twos and to to score almost eighty thousand. That is actually really quite good for a Snapdragon 625 device and you can see there is even bittering. My me max for some reason. The Memex has a much lower CPU score here and the RAM score for some reason. Otherwise, the GPU and the UI are pretty much the same, and if you compare that, of course to the snapdragon 616 me note 5.

This one is a lot faster here. So that's another reason why you should probably go for the redmi note 5, so you're just having a quick look now at the sensors here. So this is cpu z. We see we've got an examiner ometer on here, a gyroscope which is something you don't normally see on these phones, especially priced in this category. Now the reason why they've got it here, it's to aid the electronic image stabilization as you'll see later on for video, which was really good to have on here, and we also have just a couple of other sensors on here, so the typical ones, you get a Gravity sensor on there, you accelerometer and, of course the ambient light sensor treble check is not looking good here. You can see there. The seamless update support unsupported with a big red cross right there now recently, a lot of you have also asked for this information right here. If I could, please add it to my video, so here you go, this is the DRM info, so you can see. It'S got Y divine level 3 support there. Gps is looking good, no real complaints here. It does see a lot of satellites, but it only seems to lock on to about 60 of them, but at least the accuracy is good hovering around 3 meters. It also does have a hardware compass on board, so I've only got a single nail speaker down the bottom that's to be expected for this price range and it's the grille on the right day out of your sample of it.

Now so the speaker doesn't sound too bad there's, a tiny little bit of bass, that's, not quite as loud as their Ruby. Note. 5 speaker, however, so the fingerprint readers, just like all the other readme devices that it's always on and I don't mind the location or, but I think, it's fine and when you place your finger on there, it unlocks very quick. So it only literally takes about half a second, if not a lot less than that to unlock so no issues with that fingerprint reader, so chrome performance seems fine and that, as the couple of little starters, it's not SuperDuper smooth, but overall good. You see just what happened then there's a little bit of an animation stutter here and there that you're going to see, I don't think that's a fault of the chipset. I think the ROM just needs a little bit of optimization. So let's take a closer look at this display, so it is basic like a 720p panel but of course it's 1440 by 720p, so the 2 by 1 aspect ratio viewing angles well, they're, not so great. You notice a lot of dimming at the side there, but it's not too bad, it's, stiffly usable of course, and some real world images too it's, not bad it's, still an IPS panel. The thing is it just doesn't, look as good as the 2160 by 1440p display on say the redmi note 5 or the me 6x, so the front facing camera is where shall we stick things up a bit here with this model, especially for the price range of This, the entry level category that this is n it's got a front facing LED flash 16 megapixel sensor with an F 2.

2 aperture and it's quickly show you that flash this you can turn that on many more off or automatic, and you also have a portrait mode. As well, which of course, is just using software to stitch it in a blurred background, so looking very quickly at the app here for the camera, so it's the me away, nine point: five apps of God's video mode and a quickly going into the settings because there Are a couple of interesting things in here, so we don't have 4k with the stock app exactly like the Ruby note. 5. It just goes up to full HD, only image stabilization, which is a really quite good, it's, using EAS and it's, using that gyro and there to make sure that's a little bit better. But what I'll just show you is, if you use open camera, so I'll just get out of that go back home! This one allows you at least to record in 4k and I'll, give you some samples there of that very shortly. So this you can see if you go into the settings here now and into video settings, and all you need to do – is set the resolution then to 4k and make sure you enable this right here. Video stabilization that is going to you, then use the gyro to help take the shakes and tremors out of the image. So this is a sample now from the front facing camera, and I can see like the Remi note, 5 and the music 6 that it is over exposing a bit.

There seems to be something recent that's been happening on me away 9.5 and they seem to have tweaked up that exposure just a little bit too much. So this is using the stock camera. Application 1080p is the maximum that it will. Let you shoot in and we'll have a look here at the focus at mr. bird poo face and it seems okay. I have seen a little bit of focus hunting, which is a typical Xiaomi problem, but take a look at the stabilization. It'S start doing quite a good job and a lot of budget mobile phones, while entry level ones at this price point will not actually have this kind of stabilization. So this is now a 4k sample using an application you can find in google play called open camera and you see if you hold it nice and still and don't move like I'm doing now, with the electronic image stabilization enabled you get a very steady shot and This is fantastic, considering that this is about a hundred and fifty US dollar. Fine with this level of video quality, you're able to achieve and I'll just walk a kid, and you can see just how well this works with that gyro that it's got and the electronic image stabilization, but a wind noise here, of course, it's actually quite windy. Okay, so there we go it's a very stay, all kind of releases and it's boring there's. Nothing amazing to this, but you have to think about the price point of this phones it's about 150 US.

What does it bring to the table? Actually, quite a lot when you think about it, so we've got micro, SD card support, which literally all phones in that price range will have. But you can run to nano Sims and the micro SD cards. You don't have to give up one of those sims, which is great. I wish we had that on the Redmi Note 5. Even so, the battery capacity is not super amazing, it's 380 million hours, but that should at least give us about 6 to 7 hours of screen on time. Of course, I'm gon na have to test it out, but it will be a 2 day. I mobile phone I've had plenty of experience with the Snapdragon 65. After all, this is show me what like 9th 8th 10th mobile phone, what the chipset. They must have so much stock of it that's. Why they're, using it so much but ok, back onto what it offers dual cameras on the rear is nothing new for a lot of media tech, 150 phones, but this actually takes proper dual camera photos with the blue background. It stitches it in way better than those ones that often they fake it. A lot of them have faked your cameras, so it's a real dual camera on there on the Brio that does work and the front facing camera a lot better than you normally get. I gained on 150 mobile phone. You get the depth effects, you get the front facing selfie flash there and i have noticed that the focus isn't, perhaps that brilliant on the rear camera there's a bit of focus hunting at times.

But you get electronic image stabilization on video, which is really good to have, and it does a good job and you also get 4k video on 150 phone. Oh, I know yes again. Another lot of phones have that. So this phone is a bit cheap feeling compared to the likes of the redmi note 5. When you feel this one in hand, it's got the metal it's a lot more solid feeling has a 2.5 D class. It just feels a lot better in hand, and this, of course, for me, the biggest con would have to be the display. It'S 720p, basically, okay, to buy one aspect ratio so it's 1440 by 720, and you do notice that that when you get this out of the box, the screen looks fine. You probably seen from my images, it's, okay but it's, just a huge step down from a 1080p panel that just seems to be a lot more sharper brighter better viewing angles. So that really is, is the big one there for me. So, overall, I feel that if the price drops even further and you're on a really strict budget, then yes probably a phone to pick up because you're getting a lot more than say those mediatek phones that I have been mentioning. So thanks a lot for watching this unboxing here and hands on with the readme s2. Please check out my review of this one, the redmi note 5, and i highly recommend going for this mob, of course, over this one here.

So my review of that is up here and also check out my latest videos and if you like, chummy phones, please do subscribe to the channel, because I will be featuring a lot more of their phones. The me max 3, when that comes out and the me 7 one that's finally available – will definitely be on the channel, try and get them as fast as possible.