I didn't actually say that much in regards to gaming, so this particular video I'm going to cover gaming, show you a few more popular titles here for a little bit longer and not so short edits on this one. So this is powered by a heli. Oh x.25. This particular version that I have here and it has a Mele T, 880 GPU, so let's have a look at a few games. So this first title is eternity warriors for C. The lobby does have some lag and that happens on pretty much every system. I have tested this game on every mobile. Every tablet wait, so zero, you have eyes will not seek died. So after that gaming test, there let's have a look and see how warm it is getting out, fulfil its heating up a little bit there, so the front of it 36 degrees, 37, perhaps almost almost 38 degrees and the rear of it that's a little bit cooler. Actually, probably because of the alloy back that it has distributing the heat a little bit more evenly there so that's the gaming performance here you can see it can play all the latest games here. Fine, there were probably perhaps a few little micro stutters here and there in some of those games. I would say that a modern combat and that scene there in the hospital there was a couple of tiny little bits, but that even happens on Snapdragon 820 devices, but it's all all super smooth, it's, all very playable.

Thank you so much for watching this video, and hopefully I will see you back in the channel later on.