Now. Both of these phones have phase detection dual pixel face: detection autofocus, which works really quick, very similar sensors because they have the same pixel size of 1.4 micrometers. So in this review here, i'm going to compare the rear cameras side by side – I was crop in to 200. Crop also compare the camera quality so taking videos that will be 1080p video and 4k video now natively. The camera app on the Xiaomi does not support 4k video. Yet so I had to use open camera for that with electronic image. Stabilization enabled and then, of course, the front facing cameras as well. I'Ll compare them now, let's, look at video on the front facing cameras here, so we got a 5 megapixel sensor on the Samsung 13 on the Xiaomi and I've noticed that the Xiaomi tends to overexpose a lot with video in this bright sunlight. Of course. At the moment and I've set the Samsung to 1080p, so it's fair, even though it can do 1440p video on the front facing camera. Here you see both of them. I mean the quality is decent it's, just that overexposing. That tends to happen quite a bit on the show me, so they have a little bit optimization to do. I feel – and you can see here even when I'm in the shade, now that the Samsung is capturing this a little bit better. I feel so this time around we're indoors low light 1080p front facing cameras so which one do you think is doing the better job here well, I can clearly see that it tends to be a lot more grain and noise on the written note 5 here.

So this is now in 1080p video, so both of these cameras have the same dual pixel autofocus and I do have stabilization enabled on both of them. So it's electronic image, stabilization on the redmi, note, 5 and then optical and electronic on the samsung. Take a look at the focus here: you'll see that the chamois tends to really over saturate these flowers. The focus is working on both of them about the same, which is really good because they both got, of course that quick focus. You see my hand here so very fast on both of them. There walk along again and you can see the stabilization and I find that the Samsung is also capturing. These shadows, a lot better see how much brighter that is so in order to shoot in 4k. On the show me, I've used open camera, so that's a third party camera app because the stock app does not let you shoot in 4k for some reason at least not yet. I think they have to add that, and hopefully they will so. I do have the electronic image. Stabilization enables with open camera, and you can see it's doing a really good job of taking shapes out of the footage, making it very smooth and steady, which is great, and the focus should be just as good as the Samsung, because they're using very similar technology. In fact, it's the same tech that they're using now you will hear that these sounds the audio I feel is differently a lot better on the Samsung, because it has that higher bitrate I'm just going to walk towards council building right here, and you can see just How stable that electronic image stabilization is versus the optical image stabilization.

Sorry, overall, I feel the Xiaomi is doing quite good here in the 4k test, considering that this is about a 229 or 220 US mobile phone versus a 2 year old flagship it's in our 4k video indoors low light, I can see a lot of noise on The RHIB me note 5 here so the clear winner to me in this kind of situation is clearly the Samsung Galaxy s7, okay guys. So what do I think about the end result there? I think the Xiaomi did really well the redmi note 5 they're, considering that it's not a flagship phone. This is a budget mobile phone, but because of the dual pixel phase: detection autofocus on there that it's, just as fast as my samsung galaxy s7. As you saw there now the video quality. I would say that in 1080p, they're they're, looking similar, but I give the winner would definitely be the Samsung Galaxy s7 there, because it has a higher bitrate the audio quality, as well as one big factor there that it just sounds a lot better on the Samsung, Because there is a big difference in the audio bitrate it's, almost double on the Samsung that they use now 4k video, with the electronic image stabilization enabled on the xiaomi. It did drop a few frames, but it was very smooth and steady and not bad at all. Considering that it doesn't have any optical image stabilization there, but the winner is, i feel again the samsung now in terms of photo quality, daylight it's, very close until you zoom in with a hundred 200s in crop and even then it's still quite close isn't.

It so really good results here from the show me that really does impress me again considering the price of it so low light low light the Samsung's going to win. It did win there because it has the optical image stabilization. It can hold the shadow rate. A lot longer, and it also lets in more light whether it's, if 1.7 aperture, instead of the F 1.9, that you have on the Xiaomi, so it's just slightly wider and that's. Why the results? There are a little bit bitter, but I feel the show me does. Okay, when you have a look at them side by side, some of those photos that you thinking, hey that's, actually not too bad at all, considering so really impressive, with the focus on both of them. And finally, shell me has fixed the focus, hunting issues that have played literally all of their phones. Mid range high range top of the end top of the line, ones from them, and even their budget phones have all had that problem. Even the Xiaomi me mix the mimics to had those problems and finally it's fixed with that dual pixel face station autofocus, which is great to see now the front facing cameras. I feel they show me over expose my face didn't it. If you have a look at some of the shots there, my face is just too white: it tends to overexpose quite a bit. The photos are far too bright and I did disable that beautifying feature turned it off.

That can sometimes brighten up your face as well. Don'T know why it does that it's part of how it works, and I feel you and the other Samsung one so overall, it did do really well the budget phone against the flagship, but it still won't take that crown because it still has a really good camera. I feel the sense on galaxy s7, even though it's 2 years old, now thanks a lot for watching this comparison here now, if you'd love to win one of these, the not the Samsung Galaxy s7, but the redmi note 5, then chicka check out the link down There, in the description of this video, you can go on the draw to win one of them and that'll be drawn in approximately two weeks time now, and thank you so much for watching this comparison here. I hope you liked it. If you did, please give a thumbs up there and also think about subscribing, and I hope to see you back with my full review of Charlie's redmi.