Someone asked me if I could test with my Galaxy Note 5, which is this one right up here on the top and see how fast it would take to load Ashfield 8 and just a small portion of gameplay just to get an idea of the speed between Both of the devices as of course, as the redmi note, 3 pro it's got the snapdragon 650. This has designer 740 20 in it. I think it is 4 gigabytes of RAM and 3 gigabytes of RAM, and this note 5 is a premium device, of course, and a hell of a lot more expensive than the more budget low end offering from show me here now: it's, not really a fair test, Because of the hardware differences but it's just just to see how it performs let's just do this test and I'm not going to eat it. Anything it's just going to be the continuous running video here. So, as I thought, yeah the note 5 loads up, a lot quicker does have faster storage, it's, an octa core versus a hexa core, so I'll try and jump straight into a game. Now I did clear the memory on both devices and I have both of the screen set to actually 50 brightness off auto. Just to give you a look at the screens as well and I'm running this video in 60 frames per second 1080p. Recording it. Sorry, ok, that doesn't have I got a pop up ad.

There we'll see how this goes all right, pretty sure. I time that about exactly the same really get will take a millisecond okay, so miles ahead there. The note 5 and we're still loading for some reason. There we go, you now just do swap the placement in case the camera is making the screens look a little different. You can see, of course, Issa superior screen being the note 5. Very nice, 1440p screen versus a not bad 1080p screen on the redmi. Note. 3. Okay, so I'm, going to exit out of the game, pretty obvious on which one was going to be the winner and how long it takes to go back into the menu note five again clearly winning and just go back all right. Just to show you the brightness levels so it's on 50 and 50, auto brightest brightness is to say, but on there now, if I greased that to 100, you see that the note5 screen is quite bright, and here we have the redmi note 3 screen. Also, quite brides I'm just going to change where they aren't put them side by side now here, so you can see how the screens look there. So that was just a quick comparison as a request. That'S fulfilling one request there in the comments – and you can see yet clearly I'm not going to do too many comparisons like that, because I don't find it entirely fair. Someone asked me as well to compare the cameras of the two okay they're, both 16 megapixel cameras, but I mean there's no show there's.

The show me has no show against the note 5s camera, which is far superior, takes a much better picture. It has ISO, of course, and this one doesn't and low light performance. If you see my review of the show me redmi note, 3 is not very good at all and it's hell of a lot better. On the note. 3. 5.