So you don't have to wait for my final review I'm overall using the device. It feels very quick, very snappy. Everything seems to pop up really quick. I haven't experienced any lag yet I'll just show you the antutu 6.0 for scores. I thought they were exceptionally well for the price range of this device. This is a low end budget price range, but you're getting premium high end performance. I mean look at that school that's. Almost eighty thousand now I'm not really a super benchmark person, but I, when I compare that to my note 5 that gets about eighty three thousand and my tests that I did according to this, the note gets about. Eighty four thousand, I mean my note. 5 is about sixty percent more expensive than this unit here, so I think that's pretty phenomenal the kind of power we're getting out of these Snapdragon 650. So I can see why show me decided just to dump mediatek with the helios x10. I mean it wasn't a bad chip, it's, not a bad octa core, but they've gone now for the hexa core. So if I compare that to my note, 5 you'll see that it actually wins when it comes to some of the CPU mathematics and the RAM score. Where it loses out as the GPU, so the and reno 510 isn't as powerful as the GPU that's. In my galaxy note, 5 thats a Mallee GPU 720. I think it is, but you know that is not bad for the price range.

If i compare that to some other, for example the mate 8, so we'll look here, you can see that together, mate 8 is definitely a hell of a lot faster and everything. But then the interesting enough. The GPU scores there, but benchmarks can vary, of course, and if there's a couple of details, if you wanted to have a look at those I'm, not sure that's going to come out camera because it's in a darker gray color there, but there they find it details For those people that love to check out benchmarks and just compare that to your current phone – and I did actually run a couple other benchmarks that I'll show you Geekbench 3dmark, so I'll show you those. This is our the ice. Storm 1.2 score, unlimited, not a bad score at all, slingshot and Geekbench 3. Quite a good school there. The multi core score is probably not as high, because it's only got six calls and not the eight, like other phones have. But overall I mean the performance within the UI at the moment with the me UI seven, it seems very quick now, if you wanted to check this out within your browser to go through some of the final details. There here's the end of the URL that you need to type in so it's a five one. Four, six, eight six zero there on the end and you can go through the finer details and have a look at those scores there.

So it's just a quick video for those people that were pretty much screaming out for benchmarks that I know we're going to be screaming, I'll see how fast is the 650 well pretty. Damn quick, and the main thing too, is that everything within the phone seems very fluid very fast. Now I have a lot more up and coming. I will have a 1080p video test, some camera tests on it, that I will upload and also my full review, which will probably be out within a week or so so do check back on the channel. For that.