This is their latest release the redmi 5. Now I decided to skip the redmi 5 and go for the readme five plus version, which I have here, because it has a better screen on it and better specs. So the screen is 5.99 inches it's that now popular 2017 trend, which is an 18 by 9 aspect ratio screen with a resolution of 1080 by 2160. Now the speak of it is so similar to the redmi note 4, that I reviewed it has a snapdragon 6 to 5 it's, a shame that they did not go with a Snapdragon 630 that's a bit of a mistake because they have used that chipset. So many times now, but it is very efficient, especially when it is paired up with a 4000 and milliamp hour battery. It has a full unibody housing, fingerprint reader on the rear, so I'm gon na get this one unboxed here, we'll go through the design of it. Just check out out the first impressions, it should have meet you or I 900 years, well, that's based on Android, 7 and then, of course, at the end of this video. Here I will give you my first impressions of the redmi 5 plus, so it should be factory sealed it's in this super bubble, wrap that tends to protect the phone really well EU power adapter that they included the seller. And yes, this does still have the factory wrap on there. So they've used a red star box.

Now a little bit different. We normally see just a plain white box and if you read Chinese well there's all the band's, the specs of this I'm, not too sure this is gon na have LTE band 20. I don't think it will. Okay we'll see what we get in the box. It'Ll just be the usual: hopefully they haven't included a quick charge, style charger and not just a standard one. Ok, so it looks like we've got an instruction manual here. Oh no it's, actually a case that's, one of those soft rubber style ones. This one is in black and that in fact looks exactly the same material that style of it just like what I had with the note 3. So we have the phone, of course in black, and this looks to be an instruction manual. So this is all in Chinese, because this is the Chinese version. I have imported, and this also shows you the layout of that some tres are either 2 nano Sims or your microSD card and nano SIM the cable. This is micro, USB 2, which is a little disappointing. I feel that this late in the year 2017 that this should be a type C cable, so that's a another letdown there now more disappointing news here that the charger is not a quick charge. 31 it's the standard charger here so 5 volts 2 amps. They should have included one that supports Qualcomm, quick charge 3 and that would be rated then 2, 12 volts and, lastly, a SIM tray tool.

So it weighs in at 181 grams. The redmi 5 plus is 8.1 millimeters, thick that's without the camera bump with the bump there, then that comes up to eight point: nine millimeters, exactly so, starting with the top, where we have an IR transmitter: 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack and a secondary Michael on the top. The camera, which is 12 megapixels, with an F 2.2 aperture, dual tone, LED flash and a rare fingerprint reader. Now the housing itself does show the fingerprints and that's showing up already and I've, only just been touching it for a few minutes, and you can see the edges are curved now the material at the top. It feels to me like it could be plastic or they are using a different type of alloy, but you can see that there is a difference in that tone there of the black with the top there, the strip which to me, I am gon na, say it's Plastic but I'm not 100 sure it is, but it could be for the antenna of reception in there, so it's not a complete whole unibody, maybe by the looks of it now down the bottom. We have that micro, USB 2 port, which has said I would have liked them to have at least used type C. I mean other budget manufacturers that are selling phones in this price range they're using type C, and then, of course, we had the loudspeaker and the microphone and again this strip there at the bottom on the right side, metal buttons.

Now they do feel good. They do not rattle around they're not loose or anything like that, and you can see that we do have a plastic trim that holds the Green into the rear body and the glass it is 2.5 days does have curved edges, the symmetry is metal reinforced. It does have this outer plastic surround and you can see there. We can fit either 2 nano Sims or a micro SD card and nano sim up the top of your ambient light sensor. Proximity sensor earpiece and then a front facing five megapixel camera with F 2.2 aperture, just like the rear camera. Very quick look at the phone in the case just before I power it on so you can see the case will protect the camera it's just high enough. So the lens should not be touching when you put it down on a table, and it also protects the buttons there on the right side and gives the phone, of course a lot more grip to it. It doesn't feel as slippery in this, but not a bad case. At all. I mean it's relatively cheap it's, not a premium case, certainly not there and I roll the build off. The phone in hand feels nice because of those curved edges and for the price the quality is quite decent. The only thing that bothers me, a little bit is the top strips there. I would have liked them to have maybe made that old unibody and not show that kind of difference there with the top, but other than that I think it's.

Fine, oh yeah and types you put on the bottom. We should have really had a types important, so the first boot took a little while approximately 25 seconds or so and first thing you notice is okay, those bezels left and right they're, not really that slim at or – and I thought that was kind of the idea Of the 18 by 9 aspect ratio to narrow things down, so you can get longer, screens, slimmer, bezels on the side. And, yes, we do lose Hardware, navigation keys, which is another cotton there, because I prefer Hardware, navigation, keys over software. But, of course, now, with 18 by 9 screens, everyone seems to use the software keys with that to gain and make use of that extra screen. Real estate we've got there, so the bezels it's actually just measure these, because they look a little bit long term. A little bit big about 2.5 millimeters as the size of those bezels there, and you can see some color shifting a little there with the screen on an angle there IPS but that's to be expected so Asian languages only or English, because this is the Chinese version. You have to wait for the global release or the global ROM and then flash that later on, so I'll quickly go through this set up now you can see, I can add a fingerprint here, but look at the screen just for a second again it's a got Quite a cool white calibration to it I'm, not too sure I like the out of the box calibration here and you can see right on the edge there.

I don't know if that's coming out on camera, but the colors are shifting quite a bit there so I'm going to add my finger here. We'Ll see how this goes that normally on the other readme devices that I have reviewed. This goes really quick and their fingerprint readers work. Well, not like the doogee mix that I've reviewed recently. They had quite a bad fingerprint reader. It took me quite a few attempts to get out to works. Ok setup is complete there now and that screen looks a little bit better here now, not too bad, so I'm gon na lock it place my finger on there unlock Wow, okay. That is fast just as fast as the redmi note, 4, very good there. So no complaints with that unlock speed – this is an always on fingerprint reader that it has on the rear. So a few technical details here for those that like to know this kind of information, I just brought up that engineering menu. So you can see that the front camera and the rear camera ROV, so that's Omni vision, sensors they are using, and this particular one that I have that could change maybe later on they use other sensors. I was half expecting Samsung or Sony so a little disappointing. There, but I mean they don't, actually make too bad a sensors either so I'll test them out later on this video as well and there's also details there with the LCD panel.

So if you want to check that out, the fingerprint reader sensor on the rear is good, X and we're, using hynek's 4 gigabytes of RAM and a Hynix e MMC. So my readme 5 plus here is running Android a 7.1.2 and it is the security patch level from October. But there is a firmware update, that's just come out and it's me a 9.0 stable. I think the newest version is 9.1, so I'll probably have an update for that, and you also get approximately 53 half gigabytes of free available storage on this model. Of course, you can expand upon that with a microSD card, and this is the latest over the air update. I have it's 1.4 gigabytes, so quite a large download, optimizer system performance and fixes bugs so I'll get this downloaded and installed straight away. So this is probably the reason why the phone screen looks a little bit off it's, using that optimized contrast according to the available light, it would adjust it automatically and I'm not really fond of this in me, o a9, but of course, I'm going to set this Now, just to the standard now when I have to sit to the standard to me, the screen now looks a lot better, but we still are getting a little bit of that color shifting there but that's not really too much of an issue, because I tend to Look at my screen straight on anyway now, because I have the Chinese version you're going to get a lot of this on here, so be aware.

If you are going to be importing one that does not have a global ROM expect a lot of bloatware. Now most of the scrap on here you can uninstall it, which is at least something you can get rid of a good 95 of it, at least so, just the one loudspeaker on the bottom. It does not use the earpiece as a secondary loudspeaker, which I feel maybe they should have done that, but maybe they're saving that for the premium mobiles, but let's have a listen. Now to that bottom speaker, I find it sounds. Ok, it doesn't really have that much bass at all and the volume well. It could be a little bit louder to so so far in my initial hands on here testing. With the little time I've had with that, the UI seems fast, it seems smooth touch. Accuracy is also quite good and I haven't noticed any problems or hiccups or seen any UI stutters a Snapdragon 65 with 4 gigabytes of RAM and running me. Uo9, I feel, is smooth enough and fast enough for most people, quick, look at the camera so it's now and using that updated me UI 9 camera app, which has just a few little tweaks to it. So this is the manual camera mode and we've only got white balance in ISO that's. It no shutter controls nothing else on here, no exposure, which is a little bit of a shame here. So this is definitely not going to be.

I feel a camera powerhouse naught to be really expected as a budget mobile phone in this kind of price group. Now we've got all your standard modes there in settings, that is all pretty self explanatory, and when we have a look here under the settings of the camera, you'll see here that the video recording quality does go all the way up to 4k, which is great, and We can also select the focus mode to be continual auto focus or tap if it does have that very common focus. Breathing issue that a lot of the Xiaomi phones tend to have. But anyway, let's have a look at some samples taken on the redmi v plus. So i'll start out with shooting a video here, this isn't 4k, the maximum sitting you get, which is good to see in a budget mobile phone and the focus is set to the continual autofocus, which is the default mode. But i have noticed there's quite a bit of that focus. Breathing you can see just then now. This is something that's very common with xiaomi. They can't seem to solve this problem. They always have this focus breathing issue or most of their mid range and budget. Mobile phones just are not good to see a bit of an average day here, so not perfect conditions. Winter has finally arrived here in dinya let's check out. The focus. Okay seems to work alright, but I would stick to the tap to focus because that pulsing in and out is really kind of ruining the video isn't it so let's have a look at the front facing camera now now this is a sample of the front facing Camera so it's 5 megapixels, if 2.

2 aperture, I think it is or if 2.0 and the quality of it looks reasonably good, not bad for this type of mobile phone. You cannot change any of this seating, so settings completely disabled, not even there or present on this current firmware when trying to change the resolution. Anything like that, so you don't have those options idea. The camera to me on the front looks quite good. So there we go that's the unboxing and my first impressions of the mobile. Well, it seems okay, it just leaves a little bit to be desired. Really. I feel that they could have done a few different things here. They could have added a types he put on the bottom they could have put a front facing loudspeaker as well, would have been good and maybe use the Snapdragon 630. But apart from that, it really is a rid me. Note 4, just with a two by one aspect: ratio screen, so I mean there's various positives. Here too, with it I mean the performance seems good. Better life, I know, is gon na be really good, because the Snapdragon 65, with a four thousand milliamp hour battery, should be great. I mean we're looking at hopefully about 10 hours screen on time, if not a lot more than that, because I remember I got close to 14. I think it was continuous screen on time, whether it mean Note 4, so the build is good. The camera on the rear is a little disappointing.

The video quality because of the focus problem it seems to I had that focus breathing issue which is very common on the Xiaomi mobile phones. It seems they can never get that right and fix that, for once fingerprint reader unlocks super quick and fast look at the Jill sermon got the four gigabytes of RAM now price point at the moment. This is selling for around about 230 u.s.. At the time of this video here, which means it's more expensive than the redmi note 4, which I feel it should probably go for, unless, of course you must have an 18 by 9 aspect, ratio screen something it looks a little bit more modern, but we still Has, as you can see, bezels left and right there, our present – and it is a shame to that – we kind of lose this real estate at the bottom here. So no more hardware, navigation keys, it's, all just software there.