Then i will help you decide whether its worth buying these accessories so stay tuned. To the end of this video. For your information, i have used this midpad5 keyboard and the stylus for about 2 weeks now. If you havent watched my unboxing video of these accessories, you can check out the video with the link above or in this video description. You can see whats inside each box. Hey guys, if you dont know me and powder potterworth, make different videos on app review. Unboxings, photography and filming tips so be sure to subscribe, my channel to get more useful videos in the future. Okay, now without further ado lets get started. Okay, now lets go with the positive aspects of the keyboard first well. The first thing that is worth mentioning is how easy it is to set up this keyboard with the me pad 5.. As you can see, this mi keyboard is built with the 3 pins connector. These are used to connect the me pad 5 or the 5 pro just place. The me pad close to the pins they will attach to each other magnetically, also its pretty easy to attach the back of the me pad 5 to the keyboard. All you have to do is to place the back of the me pad to the side of the cower. Then it will attach to each other, unlike before the case actually came with a frame to hold the tablet, which was quite difficult when we wanted to detach the tablet from the case.

This difficulty also resulted in a frame damage in addition, because connecting the me pad with the keyboard is through the three pins, this keyboard is powered entirely from the me pad. Therefore, you dont have to worry that it will run out of battery just charge. Your me pad to 100. You can use the me pet five up to two to three days. Like i mentioned in my other video about the me pet five, this keyboard also supports smart cover. This means that whenever you close the tower of this keyboard, the me pad will be off. I mean it will be on standby, with the screen lock automatically. This is to save battery when the me pad 5 is unused. When you open the cover the me pad. 5 is automatically unlocked and ready for you to use thats, pretty cool right, also theres an option for you to turn on and off this feature, but personally i dont think you should do it. Another thing is that this keyboard was the case is very flexible, as you can turn it to any angle. You want, for example, if you dont want to use this keyboard. You can just turn the case with the keyboard size like this one to the back of the me pad. You then, can enjoy using the me pad 5 with a tablet experience and when you want to turn it to a laptop alike, so that you can work on your project, just move it back and place it with the right position where the three pins are.

The next point of this keyboard is its weight. This midpad 505 pro keyboard is lightweight and very portable. You dont need to take the case out if you dont want to use a keyboard, just keep it there to protect your me pad. As you can see. Nobody knows there is a keyboard hidden inside it looks just like a me pad 5 or the 5 pro with a normal case. Ok, now lets move on to the last point. I keep it last because its so special, the last point id like to share with you, is the special shortcuts built in in this keyboard. This makes the general usage of this keyboard even better and faster than ever before, to learn about its special features. You can just press and hold down the special key here. Then you will see the problem with all the shortcuts, like taking a screenshot with the keyboard, switching between different apps and so on and so forth. What is even special about this is that there are more shortcuts if you are on the internet browser, as you can see now, im on chrome. So when i press and hold down the special key, the more shortcuts i can use here. This is brilliant because i can work on my stuff on the internet browser even faster, without even taking my hands off the keyboard. Okay, now lets move on to what i dont really like about this keyboard. First of all, this keyboard supports only english, although you switch to other keyboard from the setting.

This keyboard still doesnt support at all. I have no idea why xiaomi decided to keep it that way. Why cant this keyboard just functions as the digital one built on this me pad? I have no idea why, honestly speaking, i dont have any problem at all in using english, as my daily task is all about english, but for you you have to think carefully. How much will you make use of this keyboard if it only supports english? The next point, which is worth mentioning as well, is the backlight days in a backlight integrated in this keyboard, personally, its not really difficult for me to use this keyboard at a dark area, because without a backlight i still can type on the keyboard by using the Traditional way of typing, with a letter f and j for both index fingers, but of which the backlight is included, because i really hate when its too dark on the keyboard. Sometimes, when i make mistakes on my writing, i will have to fumble around to find where the the lip key is theres a light in the cap locks key here. As you can see. Therefore, i prefer this beautiful light for all the keys as well. They will look gorgeous. I know the reason for not including the backlight is to save the battery. However, xiaomi should have made an option for users, since we all have different preferences. When we want to use it, we use it.

If we dont, we can turn it off to save more battery its that simple another issue about this keyboard is the set angle, as this keyboard is designed with the three pins connector attached to it, theres an angle set in order that it connects with the me Pad 5 or the 5 pro correctly, this set angle is somehow quite uncomfortable for our posture. Thus you have to find or prepare for a table and a comfy chair with the height adjustment, so that you are able to use this me pad 5 with the keyboard comfortably. The last issue im having with is the overall usage of the keyboard when it is connected to the me pad, as the keyboard is lightweight and the me pad is much heavier, you might get frequent connectivity problem if you dont place your me pad in the keyboard On a flat surface, since i travel a lot, i normally place the set on my site, but the issue is while typing on this keyboard. If i smack or type it hard, it gets disconnected easily to avoid this problem. You have to be cautious with your typing attitude. Okay, now lets move on to the stylus. I really like this mod pen a lot because its light and easy to use there are more that i like to share with you guys. The first thing i want to share with you is the responsiveness of this pen. This pen is really good for photo editing and video editing because its responsive, it makes my photo editing much simpler without the pen, its quite difficult to adjust the settings with the fingers.

Its also good for drawing, however theres an issue when you draw something on this map 5.. As you place your palm directly on the screen, your palm will just make unwanted pieces of dots on the canvas. So if you are an artist who depends very much on drawing, i highly recommend you buy a palm protection or use a piece of cloth to protect your palm against the screen. The next point, which is worth mentioning as well, is how fast it is to take note right from the lock screen when it comes to emergency moment. We sometimes even forget where the note is with this stylus. You dont need to spend time finding where your node app is. All you have to do is to hold the first button on the pen and place this tip on the screen. Then the node app is automatically launched and you can just start taking your notes. In addition to this feature, you can use the second button to take a screenshot on this me pad. All you have to do is to press and hold down the button and choose what part of the screen you want to take as a screenshot and hold down to get this feature and then drag it to anywhere or select any part of the screen for your Screenshot, what is even more special about this pen is the highlighted part when hovering the pen over the screen. As you can see, when i hover my pen over the screen, i know exactly what thing im gon na touch when i place the tip of the pen down on the screen.

This is really easy to navigate to different settings and more for me. I really like it as it can enhance my photo editing experience, because i can select the right setting. I want in order to edit the photo without wasting time, choosing the wrong settings or making the wrong adjustment. Lastly, is the battery life of this stylus? You dont have to worry about its battery as it charges magnetically with the me pad 5, meaning that when you done it just place it on charge and use it when you want to. Besides, the good points mentioned about this pen its high time to talk about what the negative aspect of this stylish is so far, ive got only one issue or concern its not really an issue, but more about a concern instead. Well, the magnet of this stylus to me pad 5 is not strong enough. As i have expected, as you can see, you can drop it accidentally without noticing it. Therefore, you have to be very cautious when carrying it along. I highly recommend you put it somewhere in your bag instead of placing it with the meatpad, if you travel so do you really need to buy these accessories, the keyboard and the pen? Well, if all the negative points mentioned in this video and not your concern, i think this me pet 5 or the 5 pro keyboard and the stylus are definitely for youtube. If you want to know how much all of these cost dont forget to check out my unboxing video, with the link above or in the video description, okay thats all for now, let me know what you guys think about this keyboard and the stylus in the comments Section below, if you liked the video dont forget to smash that like button and hit subscribe with the balance so that youre well notified when my new video is out.