Here that I got I bought this one. This has, of course, 5g support and its called the pad 5 pro 5g. Is it more than just a faster chipset and 2 gigabytes more ram? Well, as you see in this comparison, it offers quite a lot more than you would think the pad 5 pro version, but is it the one you should go for so our screens on these models are exactly the same. Its an 11 inch IPS fully laminated and the resolution is 2560 by 1600, both of them the wrong performance. Ui is really exactly the same. I cant tell too much of a difference, although we do have a course snapdragon 870 on the pro models versus the 860.. There is a difference and ill get into that with synthetic benchmarks soon. So right at the front here is an 8 megapixel camera on both versions. They have the middle frame around the outside and the big key difference is this right here, so the rear camera on the pro 5g model here, 50 megapixels thats, not the big difference. The big one for me is the focus on this camera so much better than the global pad 5 version, which tends to focus hunt in video. This one does not, so it is plastic on the rear. This is all exactly the same, and the black version here does pick up a lot of fingerprints compared to the white one. So if possible, i would get the white version.

It just looks so much better and of course, the pro model here 5g model has the sim tray there. Now it just takes a single nano: sim theres, a rubber gasket around it for a little bit of dust and splash protection, and you might actually get lucky with this one and be able to pick up 5g in your own country, depending on the frequency band. Support of your carrier, it does not, unfortunately, have lte band 20 for me, which i do need, but i might be able to get onto 5g, but it has been a little bit patchy for me. Pogo port pin connector for that keyboard. Of course, type cover style keyboard and it just has the single position with this one. Now ive used it quite a bit now this is a very nice keyboard and i dont really have any complaints about it at all. It works with both pro and, of course, non pro models. The tablet simply just slots in like that. The back here is magnetic and thats the fixed angle. We then do have with this now theres a big difference in the rom, so on the left here, thats the pad five weve got, then the pad five pro 5g and weve got a chinese rom. So in english and chinese, this has all your android. All your european languages on there with that one or your asian languages, its pretty much covered that what youd get with android 11.

both run miui 12.5, both android 11, the speed of the roms just general kind of multitasking. Until you do really heavy multitasking, they both feel exactly the same between these its just when i have say, for example, a game running in the background, the pro version with the two gigabytes, more ram and the more powerful process. It does then start to feel a little bit faster, so rom wise when you get them youre, going to have a little bit of actually quite a lot of chinese bloatware on the pro version that you need to uninstall and clean up. So you do need a bit of time for that and theres a few bloaty apps on the pad 5, but theyve toned down on it, its actually getting quite a bit better. This is one of the big differences between both of these models here that, although on the pad 5 pro here, we do have a wide vine level, 1 cert, with the pro models, and also with the global. When you actually end up loading up netflix, everything is in standard definition with the chinese model, but the global netflix is full hd, at least, which is good and youll, see that right now, when i go over to netflix here, you can see here standard definition, playback Versus full hd, hdr 10 support, dolby vision, support and then the chinese model doesnt support either of those thats, a big difference there and quite a crucial one to a lot of people that watch netflix amazon.

Prime video, on both of these models here runs in standard definition. Only internal storage speeds. Well, there is a noticeable difference here. We are looking at gigabytes versus 256, not entirely fair, because it increased storage to capacity means it would actually always be faster. Normally that is so, you can see a huge difference in the random reads and rights there between the pro model, but of course you can get the pad 5 with the 256 gigabytes of storage, both for ufs 3.1 spec. So if you did get the 256 gigabyte, one expect speeds that would be similar to this one, perhaps actually a little bit lower due to the slightly slower chipset. Another huge one is that the pad pro version and the pro 5g have gps. Okay with the snapdragon 870, but with the 860, we do not get hardware gps support. We have the compass theyve, both got gyros in them. So if you need the gps, this is the one to get, and it does work really well and two two scores here. So, as expected, a big difference between the 870 versus the 860.. So if you are a gamer youre going to game a lot, theres no point in me showing any games because they do feel and look a little bit better well, overall, with the more average better. Smoother frame rate on the pad 5 pro and the pad 5 pro 5g, you can see the difference here with our geekbench 5 scores quite a bit in terms of the cpu performance theyre pulling ahead in the 870, with quite a nice lead there and our charge Time so clearly, a big difference were looking at 67 watts charges in 55 minutes versus 22.

5 watts, the included charger, and that one took 75 minutes note that, with these pro models here out of china, you do not get the charger its not included in the box. You have to buy it separately, then, the battery life, not quite as expected, so this one has a smaller capacity battery, but its not by much its 8 400 milliamp hours versus 8720 milliamp hours, really nothing, but this one pulled ahead: okay, same exact brightness at 200; Net same exact, looped test doing the same thing and i managed to get 14 hours, 17 minutes versus 12 hours right here and thats at 120 hertz. The odd thing is, if you put the pad 5 onto 60 hertz, it will then be able to achieve the 14 hours. So it just goes to show you that the snapdragon 870 does seem to be a more efficient chipset. Now there is a huge difference when it comes to the wireless speeds: wi fi 6 support on the pad 5 pro and pro 5g versions, and then the pad 5 is just wi, fi, 5 spec, so thats wi fi ac versus a x. That is why this is able to get gigabit speeds connected up to my router, very, very good, lower score here, away from the router. Its got impressive range reception and overall speeds. The pad 5 pro can also pair up and use two networks at once. So 2.4. Gigahertz and thats wi fi in and then wi fi 6 at the same time, to really help improve the performance and remember, depending on your carrying area.

You see this at the top here. Weve got mobile data with this, but again its the chinese bands. So if you wanted the fastest wi fi, this one absolutely kills the speeds of the pad 5.. Another trick that the pad 5 pro has is this: a fingerprint reader look simply place my finger on the power button and it unlocks, and the global pad 5 version does not have this feature. It has face unlocking like this model 2 of course, and it works all right, but i do like having that added fingerprint scanner, and this is where were supposed to have a big difference. So with the pad 5 weve got four speakers two at the top two. At the bottom and then with the pad five pro 5g version here we have eight speakers in total, so what ill do is ill play? The pad five first followed by the pro model, see if you can hear a difference all right. I dont think theres that much of a difference to warrant getting one over the other for the speakers right here, but it is an added little perk if you did go for the pro 5g model to have marginally better bass out of the speakers and mids, and Then, of course, pricing a big difference: the global model, the pad 5 – will be selling for 299, the early bird price, and then it goes up to 349. I think it is for the 128 gigabyte version, so with this one we get 256 gigabytes and the price is 450 euros upwards for this spec here, okay, which is the pro 5g model, so we do have with the global model all of your android languages.

This chinese rom only has, of course, english and chinese. The big one for me and a lot of people is netflix support is on the global model. Full hd support, dolby vision, hdr thats. What we get with this one standard definition only no dolby vision, no hdr with the chinese rom version here; well, the chinese import model, so thats a big shame and both of them amazon, prime video, in standard definition, until they white list these devices and add them. As supported tablets, which i hope will happen later on in the year, so the pad 5 pro gets a lot of extra things, its more than just the chipset. So, yes, we get the faster chipset, 2 gigabytes, more ram, double the storage. You can also get 256 with this one. Gps support fingerprint reader, eight speakers, 50 megapixel camera with better auto focus so thats quite a bit and then, of course, the obvious 5g support, but do check with your carrier. If the chinese bands, some of them will be supported here in europe, will actually work out fine for you, so there we go a lot of differences there. Now, if youre interested in either of these models, there are links down in the description of this video.