continue. So it will be very timely to do a tablet. Comparison: hey guys, its rita girl, mary and welcome back to our channel for todays video. We will be comparing the xiaomi mi pad 5 and, of course, the ipad, 9th generation or the ipad 10.2 inch. We all know that when it comes to tablets, apple is very popular when it comes to that, probably because in variety of choices kaiongi offers. But then we all know that xiaomi just launched as welder xiaomi mi pad 5 recently and its an affordable one and very comparable on canyon pricing, actually very comparable, but very near the ipad 9.. So whos happened by the way i just realized. I kept saying xiaomi mi pad 5.. We no more have the me branding so its xiaomi pad 5., the xiaomi pad 5 guys retails at 17, 990 pesos, paris at 6, gig gram, number 128, gig variant, 256, gig variant that retails for 19 990 pesos. Now, on the other hand, parana mandidos, ipad, 9th generation, entry level storage, which is at 64 gig it retails for 19, 990 pesos and then for the 256 gig variant, it retails for thirty, six thousand nine hundred ninety pesos lets start with the design. Very obviously, man from our camera right now guys market to moto lag appealing and that will be the xiaomi pad 5.. It has the most beautiful design tablet. It also has this matte texture to it, which is why near premium telegraphy now for the ipad, 9th generation.

Major boring and canyon design and its still the same from the previous ipads, so technically hindi talakashaning improved in short young. But if we were to talk about quality, young apples, ipad, 9th generation guys it provides a better one. Theyll mention aluminum back and aluminum free. The xiaomi pad 5 is also thinner guys at 6.9 millimeter thick instead of 7.5 millimeter when it comes to its accessories and to be specific and the way to charge. The xiaomi smartpen is via magnets and through bluetooth, nut and chica connect and each charge now for the ipad, 9th generation compatible than an apple pencil, but not the second generation, but the first one and the way to charge it is through its lightning port, which is Actually, a very awkward way to charge your smartpen and take note the first generation apple pencil retails for 5, 890 pesos, so yes, its on the pricier side other than that meron dental keyboard, depending on the for the ipad 9th generation meronsham smart folio with keyboard naped. Nothing bill in apple store for the xiaomi pad 5 again, some sort of uh folio named keyboard, but im guessing what the philippines, but in case namahan, akusha, salazada or shoppi ill, be linking it down below design wise id go for the xiaomi pad five. When it comes to its speakers, merong quad speakers and xiaomi pad 5 – and it is powered by dolby vision, atmos, the volume rockers is on the right, but is the ipad 9th generation.

The power button is both located on the upper right corner, usb type c and xiaomi pad 5 and then lightning demand. Young partner is an ipad, 9th generation. When it comes to this, i had a go for the xiaomi pad 5.. It has a better audio output. It has four speakers compared to the two bottom firing speakers that we have from the ipad. 2013. Pro is for those people who really care about details. Young improvement over last years. Iphone are significant, although of course indicia machado, obvious, expect unanimous laptops and, of course, tablets and yup. Todays video is all about the xiaomi pad fight, hey guys, its your tub and mary and welcome back to our channel when it comes to its biometrics. Im xiaomi pad five guys i put the like nothing unlocked through face unlock, so alaskan touch id now for the ipad, 9th generation, pertinent and xiaomi unlocked through its touch id, which is, i know, a very old way of unlocking the device and actually atomizing the last Device from apple name wrong touch id, but lets think of it. This way, when we are using tablets, outdoors must convenient at modeling unlock on ipad 9th generation because of its home button. Ipad 9.. Now for the xiaomi pad 5 unlock indoors, the mobile is at responsive and canyon. Face unlock when it comes to a more secured way must secure the young men. It has 11 inches of display compared to the 10.

2 interest display named ipad 9. and, as you can see, much thinner than on bezel snap and detox xiaomi pad file, but heres the catch guys. Although parahasana ips lcd young display nang ipad, nito, xiaomi pad 5 and, of course, young pixel density, nela basila when it comes to its aspect, ratio and xiaomi pad 5a marine 16 by 10 aspect, 3 show, which is actually the golden aspect ratio, meaning mas maganda. When it comes to media consumption, aside from that, it also has a 120 hertz of refresh rate. On the other hand, young ipad, 9th generation oman guys, has a four by three aspect: ratio, so meijo old school parental. When it comes to that standard, 60, hertz, refresh rate long denominator, white, color, gamma and based on our comparison, theyre just sluggish, then on conte young experience was a display in an ipad. The ninth generation compared to the xiaomi pad five, probably because of their difference when it comes to their refresh rate, advantage knee ipad, 9th generation guy smart, true tote, meaning it will change the white balance depending on the ambient light. Now, ironically, guys, i forgot to mention my headphone jack at an ipad, 9th generation, its weird that young apple young, meron, headphone jack, unlike the xiaomi pad 5 na voila, so well, have to resort and get, of course, a dongle in case that you guys have earphones 3.5 millimeter jack. Now it comes to battery longevity specifications again. The xiaomi pad 5 has 8720 milliamp hour, while on apple ipad 9.

Guys has 8557 milliamp hour again, do take note to 120 years refresh rate and meron tyson xiaomi pad 5, but its weird namaste battery life, ipad, 9th generation other than that ability then and xiaomi pad 5 93 watt of fast charging difference when it comes to the Battery life, so when it comes to that, i would say thailand but charging wise and you guys are always on the go. I suggest go for the xiaomi pad 5 since improved and charging capability now attend ipad 9th generation cameras technically im, not disappointed um xiaomi pad 5 when it comes to its rear camera photos when it comes to selfie camera 8 megapixels. On my entire xiaomi again, i 12 megapixels hi guys example: video footage from the um ipad, 9 ultra wide camera. So even the audio guys that you are hearing right now is from the ipad 9. how you are exciting. At example, video footage from the xiaomi pad 5, and even the audio that you guys are hearing, is coming from the xiaomi pad 5. guys um. But if that is not the purpose or main reason, i would suggest rather get the xiaomi pad 5. when it comes to the performance guys, an ipad, 9th generation im around 83 bionic chip and again a 3 gig of ram. Again, this is the same chipset. That is used so iphone 11 series. So technically it is using a flagship, chipset but of course flagship chipset way back 2019.

now for the xiaomi pad 5 miranda, mansion, qualcomm, snapdragon, 860, again with 6 gig of ram in all honesty, baseline and chipsets and, of course, optimization. Indeed, ms slower initial, when it comes to multitasking, we all know them and that the software and hardware integration that apple provides or engineered is really good. Ill. Be very honest with you guys when it comes to performance, since they both provided me high level of performance. But i would say when it comes to three months, must handle well tony apples, ipad, ninth generation now etona guys, of course, operating system, natalya or young user interface network and actually factory when it comes to buying your next tablet, again guys its on ipad 9. It runs on the latest um pipette os 15, while on the other hand it on xiaomi pad 5 is running on miui 12, based on android 11. ipad. Os 15 is great guys. We now have widgets split screen and, of course, since its from the brand apple guys expecting software support now for the xiaomi pad 5, again miui 12.5 99, but the difference is, of course this is more on the tablet oriented side. So, overall, you, i know me pad five comedy: android youll, definitely feel at home here and problem, except, of course, for its bloatware. So who won obviously guys im xiaomi pad five cassette. It really looks more modern masmagandarenyonkanyang displays specifications on paper and even on real life. Better speakers quality, but then, when it comes to software, which i think can be a deal breaker to some mero must longer software support an ipad 9 from apple.

But again it is outdated when it comes to its design, display and the rear camera performance. Depending on. When it comes to its quality noticeable, i think xiaomi did a very good job when it comes to their new xiaomi pad 5, and actually it gave me an overall value for money when it comes to its display, great performance and yunkan young. Modern. Look, on the other hand, its on ipad, 9, magenta mantra, guys pero, i think its more on the brand that we are paying and, of course the software updates were getting when it comes to tablet that i can truly recommend definitely its the xiaomi pad 5.. So now applejack dont get every one year or every two years, so yeah thats.