If you watch my previous video, you know that my Chromebook has gone always going as I make this video and in its place I have bought the xiaomi pad 5.. Now this, hopefully Ive done my research. This time, unlike my two previous, my previous tablet, experience with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, which wasnt compatible it was it downloaded power, sync power, CyberLink power director. Unfortunately, it could not render in 4k uh. I assume that was because it was a 1080p or 720p screen. It could only render in 1080p. So this bad boy, if you like well render in 4K because its got a 4k camera so without further ado, its quite a sturdy box, quite heavy. Just to read you some of the specs uh six gigabyte, RAM 120 gigabyte, onboard memory, no SD card slot. Unfortunately, no problem uh. What else we got USD USD USB type c: cable, um, not sure about processor size or anything like that, but yeah all in all. Hopefully, its going to be a good purchase, Ive got this one very its my favorite store or catalog Im, not paid by them and sponsored by them, or anything like that. This is, I buy all my gadgets and very or Amazon, whichever is the cheapest or easiest. So here we go well get there in a mentally come on. Oh here we go right, so nothing inside there, just a cardboard box theres the lets read the specs.

I cant read upside down its a wqhd 120 hertz display Dolby Vision, supported immersive quad stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos supported its Qualcomm Snapdragon 860. uh 7nm, whatever that means high performance processor up to 2.96 gigahertz and its got a 8720 milliamp hour high capacity battery and A 22.5 watt inbox charger, okay sounds good, so lets just lift it lets get the tablet out, put it on the side. Now theres been this. This tablet came out in 2021. I believe so Im a little bit late to the party, so you get usual gubbins structure manuals, etc, etc, which did you ever read so lets go into one side and inside here take that out and inside here we have Music over there. Nothing underneath and well get it back in control of an error. Okay, so in here I should imagine, is a charger. Okay charger. Unlike some of the other products, I bought the black View from two phones I bought are both been European charges. There we go and then course obligatory, USBC, cable, oh another, one out there you go USBC cable, so its a USB type, A to USB type c. So there we go. That is the unboxing up to it. Theres no sim eject at all, because theres, no car slot or or Sim thats, quite quite Hefty, the cameras on the back talk about them later.