9 and 10.1 inches in screen size from the very first me pad up until the me pad 4, which was announced back in 2018. Its now been three years since the last mee pad, but xiaomi is finally back with this: the xiaomi pad 5, which is their largest tab to date at 11, inches in terms of screen size and boasts a wqhd plus resolution 120 hertz refresh rate quad stereo speakers With dolby atmos a snapdragon 860 chipset, a massive 8720 milliamp hour battery and more at a starting price of just 349 euros, which is less than half the asking price of other tablets with similar specifications. Of course, we get that 22.5 watt charging brick in the box and thats about it other than the charging cable. That we saw here is the pad 5 itself, but well get to that in a sec. For now, weve got to turn our eyes to the xiaomi smartpen, which cost 99 euros a bit much if youre asking me, but it is quite an interesting piece of kits and youre definitely going to want one for your xiaomi pad five in the box of it. We get an extra piece, an extra pen tip over there and thats. Definitely gon na prove useful when this other one gets worn out. If it actually does – and here is the pen itself – nice matte black hard plastic – it is 152 millimeters in height and 12.2 grams. It has a primary and a secondary button and has a tpe, replaceable soft pen tip and now that thats out the way, its time to unwrap the star of the show, the xiaomi pad 5.

, the xiaomi pad 5 comes in two different color variants. I have the pearl white version. You can also pick it up in cosmic grey, which looks pretty awesome too. This one has a pretty much a gradient finish that goes from a white into a pinkish look theres an 8 720 milliamp hour battery under the hood 22.5 watt wire charging, a 7 nanometer snapdragon 860 cpu, six gigs of lpddr4x ram and 128 or 256 gigs of Ufs, 3.1 storage. Unfortunately, there is no cellular options available for the global markets, though we do have wi, fi and bluetooth 5.. The display is made of glass and the back is made of plastic. Unfortunately, but this is a pretty cheap tablet, so well forgive them in that area. Fortunately, though, we do have an aluminum frame, it is just 6.85 millimeters thick and 511 grams in weight. At the back, we are treated to a 24 millimeter 13 megapixel omnivision ov13b10 sensor. It has an aperture of f, 2.2 and xiaomi have decided to keep the same design of the xiaomi 11 and me 11 series, but i think a flush design where theres no protrusion coming outside of the back plates would have looked a lot cleaner. The 13 megapixel main shot looks actually pretty decent two times: digital zoom, doesnt, look, half bad five times looks better than some smartphones ive. Seen ten times is the max digital zoom. We can do here, but theres still a fair, decent amount of detail.

No portrait options. This time around, though portrait mode still looks pretty great, when a subject is nice and close, we do have 4k at 30 frames per second, when recording here no 60fps option, even though the chipset is indeed capable of it. It still looks nice and clear. We also have 1080p, unfortunately, once again no 60fps option, though 1080p and 4k. Like i mentioned, look nice, clear and crispy definitely wouldnt be able to tell this is actually coming from a tablet that backcam setup doesnt look the best, but it takes fantastic photos. We have a volume rock on the right hand, side a magnet holder and charger for the xiaomi smartpen, which is nice and nifty, something that weve seen from other companies. We have a first and second microphone on that side as well. At the top we have a power button, and next to that we have a third microphone other than that we have the first and second quad stereo speaker setup, the other two at the bottom. We have our fourth mic over there and we also have a usb 2.0 type c port. On the left hand, side we have three pogo pins for an optional magnetic keyboard and, of course, at the top of the display sits the selfie camera. The 27 millimeter selfie cam is indeed an 8 megapixel omni vision, ov 8856 sensor with an aperture of f 2.0. The selfie snap doesnt look quite as good as the rear photos we took earlier, though it still picks up a fair amount of detail and, unfortunately, once again, no portrait mode option, though guys this is a tablet, so youll have to forgive them for the optics.

This device is not necessarily made to take photos and videos, whats up guys, technic here, recording a 1080p at 30fps video on the brand new xiaomi pad 5., though this device is not necessarily made to take photos and video, since it is a tablet, you can rest Assured, knowing that it takes more than decent enough video footage using the selfie cam so that you can video call your friends and family, even though this tablet is not necessarily made to take selfies and back cam pictures, but like that guy just mentioned the photos actually Come out surprisingly well on a tablet which should be decent for video calls. We do have 2d face unlock, unfortunately, no fingerprint unlock, which is a bit of a bummer, and we do have an 11 inch ips lcd screen. Unfortunately, it is not amoled to keep the price down. It has an 11 by 10 aspect ratio. It is, of course, wqhd plus and has a pixels per inch count of 274. It can reach a max brightness of 478 nits and, of course, we also have 120 hertz refresh rate and 240 hertz touch sampling rate. The colors are truly accurate and looks pretty darn good for an ips lcd screen actually more accurate than that of a saturated amoled panel, and it is fairly bright, i would say mainly for use indoors and the side. Borders are actually pretty symmetrical with top bottom left and right of course, we have that 120 hertz, refresh rate 240 hertz touch softening rates.

Unfortunately, there is no auto or adaptive refresh rates, though, when in the refresh rate menu it does mention dynamic, refresh rates. So this could be a feature coming forward in a potential software update, maybe miui 13.. Of course we can adjust the brightness over here. We can also flick between reading mode. So you pretty much have a kindle on hand. We also have adaptive colors, which adjust the colors to ambient light conditions, which is awesome, and of course, we have dark mode, though it doesnt really seem necessary, since this is an ips lcd screen, not an amoled screen. So if anything, its going to use more battery and not necessarily less battery, of course, we have miui 12.5.2 for pad xiaomi calls it full pad, but it seems pretty much exactly the same as me: ui 12.5 weve, seen on smartphones, like we can customize categories within The app drawer, as well as lock, apps, which you can pretty much, do on all smartphones and tablets these days, multitasking is great, but it does work better when you rotate the screen sideways, which is where this tablet truly does shine. The multitasking is great, though i think it could do with a couple upgrades in a future software updates and yes, google is fully integrated with google discover on the left, hand, side and google assistant swiping in from the bottom left corner using the pen to swipe in From the bottom left corner, however, creates a screenshot, though it is a bit gimmicky, sometimes popping up with google assist as well.

The smart pen itself is easily paired with the pad 5 over here connecting through bluetooth, and we have 240 hertz sampling rate. Like i mentioned, and a 4096 level pressure sensitivity level, which is awesome in terms of flagship level, styluses, which weve seen on the likes of apple and galaxy tabs, it takes 18 minutes to charge the pen and it lasts for about eight hours with a one minute Charge you get 20 minutes of usage, but unfortunately it will not work at zero percent battery life. So it is just an active stylus, but it still does a great job like im showcasing right here. The other button that we have on the stylus can be used to create a screenshots, and you can cut strange shapes into your screenshot. If you into that looks pretty cool, i guess and of course you can also write and it will translate it into text which does a pretty decent job as well. I havent seen any haptics on this device, but we do have quad stereo speakers. So how does it stack up to some of the best sounding xiaomi smartphones around im? We do have game turbo, like weve, seen on many xiaomi devices rocking miui 12 and of course, you can throw in a floating window when playing a game as well as other useful features such as visual enhancements display enhancements, upping the brightness, as well as the saturation Im not too into that. I prefer to see what the devs actually have in hand when it comes to gaming, starting with our first gaming against an impact on the highest possible graphics.

Max frames per second were hitting between 26 and 50 frames per second, which is not so bad with such a heavy graphical enhanced game next game. He has bullet force and unlimited frames per second cap. The previous game had a 60 fps cap and the pad 5 is hitting between 95 and 121 frames per second, which is absolutely phenomenal on a tablet, with 120 hertz refresh rates. Moving on to real racing 3, though, the game does support up to 120 hertz or even exceeding that in terms of frames per second. Unfortunately, the pad 5 does not have 120 fps support for this game. Yet, but what about benchmarks? Well, that snapdragon 860 is the star of the show. We do also have lpddr4x ram and ufs 3.1 storage, of course, were going to be testing out that 8720 milliamp hour battery and see how it drains, in terms of milliamp hour per minute drainage from the start to the end, as well as how hot this tablet Gets and weve been running through antutu geekbench and now were about to jump into 3dmark wildlife of here to stress test the gpu in a one minute, gpu benchmark test and getting to that battery drain. Result it drained by five percent and got a rating of 24.2 milliamp hours per minute and only went up by four degrees in celsius, which is impressive, to say the least when it comes to antutu. It got a score of 568 328 points which puts it above samsungs recently introduced galaxy tab s7 fan edition, with almost less than half the points, but slightly behind the seven nanometer plus snapdragon, 865 and 865 plus chipsets.

Once again, it trails behind the snapdragon 865 plus and 865 chipset, but this time around with geekbench, it also trails behind the eight nanometer snapdragon 850 g chip, which actually got a higher single core score compared to the pad 5s 504 points, though the pad 5 did. Indeed, get a higher multi core score of 2 352 points when compared to the device, just above it and moving on to 3dmark wildlife. Where we test out just the gpu performance, it got a frames per second count of 20.6 and a score of 3435, putting its slap bang in the middle of all these other devices. The xiaomi pad 5 is an absolute stunner thanks to its pearl white. Gradient finish on its backplate and as much as i wish that backplate was gloss or aluminum its hard to complain when its priced so darn. Well, of course, that smart pin adds to that aesthetic by clamping down on the right edge of the tablet, and while it offers great build and usability, i feel that 99 bucks for a stylus is a bit too much to ask for when the xiaomi pad 5 Itself costs just 3 times that amount. The quad stereo speaker setup is certainly one of the pad 5 strong points and is capable of great lows: mids and highs. Thanks to dolby atmos, the camera setup on the rear is in line with xiaomis 11 series smartphones and while it makes sense and looks appealing, isnt very practical due to it creating a rocking effect when on a flat surface and takes up unnecessary space.

Since they have managed to make space for two lenses, but only included one, the included 13 megapixel camera, however, does take more than decent photos and videos. The front of the xiaomi pad 5 is where the tablet truly shines, thanks to the simplistic, miui software skin and, of course, that breathtaking 11 inch wqhd plus display, which is powered by a massive 8720 milliamp hour battery and powerful snapdragon 860 chipset. The 120hz display on the pad 5 is nice and fluid and makes gaming on this massive screen even more enjoyable.