, at the first sight, its just a mid range tablet. But what if i tell you that, following the next few tips and tricks are gon na turn it into a pc power horse for real lets? Inspect Applause – Music – hey welcome nice! To see you here on the channel im, michael and as usual, we are expecting some cool, fresh tech and sometimes tips and tricks about devices and diving straight to its upside down. Todays episode about xiaomi path, 5, a tablet which i have reviewed for you a few months ago and ever since, using a regular basis and so far it has been exceptional. I, like it so much mostly because its the first miui based device that wouldnt annoy me because of some weird software decisions. Quite the opposite me. Why is really fluid about tablet performance and has this phenomenal desktop mode which im going to talk about by the end of the episode actually in in this tips and tricks, video im going to show you step by step, how you can build a configuration, which is Almost equivalent to a pc with the remark, its mostly useful when it comes to multimedia tasks, entertainment and partially office work, so lets not waste any time and dive into it with accessory number one that i would like to recommend that would be buying yourself, something which Would provide a bunch of connectivity ports, so this here is a basic hub that connects via usb type c and gives you extra full size, usb ports, a reader, even the possibility to connect lan or hdmi most mac users are kind of used to buying such kind Of extenders, due to the limited amount of ports and macbooks and with tablets its no different than that good news, number one xiaomi pad 5 supports otg mode.

So such kind of hubs are gon na work without any problem. Im gon na link the exact model of my minix hub in the video description. Good news number two android has generic drivers for most types of hardware, so theres a great chance most of your favorite peripherals to be recognized and to be working. Fine mice, keyboards flash drives ive tried bunch of them and had zero issues. Such a small portable hub can be invaluable, while youre traveling or in case you prefer to not carry a whole lot of electronics during meetings tip number two and thats going to be the most budget friendly one buy yourself such a type c to 3.5 millimeter port Adapter, no because you never know when its gon na come handy, its true most of the wireless earbuds, these days support bluetooth and they can easily get connected without any additional wires. But its a fact. Batteries die from time to time, usually not in the moment that you would prefer them to die, and these can be quite invaluable, also using a wired headphones that could be quite romantic. Most of these adapters cost only a few dollars so hurry up and get yourself one for the record. I keep one of these in my wallet as well. Tip number three is actually in here. Yes, this is a case, but not your regular case, its the original xiaomi keyboard case designed especially for xiaomi path, 5., and i need to underline that ive spent pretty much the same budget on other aftermarket solutions.

None of them have been really good. Actually, most of them have been pretty disappointing either due to the size or the quality of the keyboards. This is just right, very slim and very functional, almost as good as the keyboard on a laptop. Sadly, there is no backlight but, on the other hand, its being powered by the pogo connector and becomes active almost immediately after buying this accessory. I almost always choose xiaomi pad 5 over a laptop, its, so slim and lightweight, and gives me most of the features that i truly need on a daily basis. There is one big challenge, though: xiaomi have never released the item globally. I bought mine from aliexpress, so likely ordering it online would be a best shot. Looks like more and more local stores do offer this keyboard it doesnt, have any limitations just wont, offer any localized alphabets. Besides english, this is, in fact a whole protective case with strong magnet and you can easily open and use any of the proposed positions if you need to detach it from the tablet takes just a second, a must have accessory. If you ask me, okay, the last hardware recommendation happens to be my next tip, and this is the xiaomi smartpen ive already shown it to you in some of the previous episodes and if you like to sketch to draw to sign documents, this is the best thing You can order. Yes, there are some aftermarket alternatives. I cant say there are any goods, but probably you can try.

If the price of this one seems to be too steep thing is that this is the bridge between making notes the modern way and doing it. The old fashioned way with a pen and a notebook it is self charging and conveniently attaches to the top side of the tablets where we can find the wireless charging area looks very similar to the smartpen solutions from other vendors. I cant really say that it has some two serious advantages, but is clearly the best pan that you can get for xiaomi path. 5, therefore, well deserved spot in the top 5 recommendations. Now, time for the sixth tip, which kind of wraps up everything weve been doing so far, just imagine that this well pure tablet experience can turn into something which has a start menu, taskbar, quick links, experience which is very close to lets, say: windows 10 on android And yes, this is possible, in fact it has appeared for the first time with the meme mix series a while ago, and luckily for us, although not officially, there have been a few exports of this app and it works with the xiaomi path. Five and lets do it together. Just just look at the screen. We press right here, okay and it asks us whether we want to switch to desktop mode and uh. Just look at that. You know welcome to your personal computer on xiaomi path, five sure in the regular tablet mode. You can do a lot of software adjustments additionally to reduce the amount of animations for snappier experience in preserving battery life, adjust the display to run 120hz customize.

The experience via the many miui features, but theres, nothing that comes even close to the effectiveness of desktop mode. Together with this keyboard, it doesnt even require a restart just run. The app and youre immediately brought to it then heres the start menu. Where all of your apps are present. You can pin your favorite apps to the desktop. There are the major controls being grouped in the bottom right corner of the screen, just like a taskbar and a desktop where you can add multiple shortcuts. There only is one drawback: some apps, which are developed for smartphone only may not run in wide screen mode and may look a little awkward, but i guess, given all the good sights, we can forgive this sliding convenience. Hopefully you realize what we just did. We took a plain tablet added an awesome keyboard inclusive case got ourselves a very functional smartpen attached usb hub, so that we can link a lot more peripherals and did the softer magic of transforming. The boring tablet touch optimized home screen into a fully functional, desktop like os, based on android and being really well optimized towards desktop experience. Apparently, these ideas you can use independently and each one of them could turn into very serious productivity booster. Also, if you have some more ideas about how to optimize the experience or you have another tip about better utilizing, xiaomi path – 5 id love to hear about those in the comments below the video in case of questions related to these top 5 tips and tricks.

Give the same place and ill make sure to respond as soon as i can. Thank you so much for watching this episode hopefully helpful and hit the thumb up if thats the case. For my end, which is for a fantastic day, my name is michael and would love to see you around in the next episode.