This one is super beautiful, Music, hey what is up mao here for unbox everything and today im really excited to be unboxing and reviewing for you, the xiaomi pad 5 and the xiaomi smartpen. So these two products, the xiaomi pad 5. This has been the tablet that ive been using for the past two months and im gon na say already that its one of my favorite devices out of the whole year this 2021. I think that this is the choice of tablet. If you are looking for an android tablet, this is one of the best and really great price as well, but im gon na be unboxing it for you today and giving you my review and my thoughts on everything that ive been loving about it for the past Month and i hope by the end of this video youre gon na be able to decide if this is the next tablet for you, you know christmas is just around the corner. You might want to pick this up for yourself. So lets take a look at the box: real quick, real, simple, xiaomi pad 5 up front, just got minimal branding and nothing at the back. So lets open this up and let me show you what is inside all right. So here is the tablet itself – and i actually unboxed this a few months ago, but im just showing it to you the unboxing experience, but we got the tablet right here.

Its gon na have plastic wrapped around and everything, but this one is super beautiful. This is the pearl white color. It also comes in a black if black is the way that you want to go, but this one is the pearl white and i think this one looks really really nice really clean. Look at that. Its also got like a bit of a bluish kind of tint if it hits the right kind of lighting, but that is the tablet. Well, take a look at it in just a bit put it down to the side first, but then the other things that we got in the box over here here weve got the warranty and all the manuals and then under here weve just got one more really Small box – and that is in here – this is the usb type c charger, so weve got the cable type c and then weve got the fast charging brick. Now, let me just jump ahead and say one of the things i love about. This is how fast it charges up now i dont have any exact um charging time, but from what i noticed with it, its like charges, almost as fast as a smartphone, so thats really good, because other tablets, i would have to charge really really long, but this One really quickly, i can top it up right before leaving the house and get a significant amount of battery. That can last me the whole day and if youre wondering on a full charge, this can last up to two days more about the battery.

In just a bit but thats one of the points that i really love about it then next up one part that we cant forget, which is always essential for me, as an artist and a graphic designer is a stylus or a smart pen that comes uh. You know that attaches to your tablet and works with it, so this one you can purchase separately, but this is this xiaomi smartpen. Let me show you so in here: weve just got all of the manuals theres. Also, an extra nib in here for the pen – and this is the pen itself. This is what the pen looks like, so i actually really like it its like the size of a pencil so its not too thin, and i really like the way that it feels really comfortable its got this flat edge as well to rest, your fingers on, and It just feels really comfortable when im using this to draw sketch take down notes. I really love this pen as for how youre gon na carry this around theres a magnet over here on the side which just really easily attaches its not gon na fall off. Really strong magnet there just like that and thats also gon na, let it charge but lets turn this on and lets start up this tablet, and let me tell you more about it: we go the me logo so up front, youre, greeted just with the home screen And theres a lot to talk about uh.

Where should i start? Okay, let me start with the main feature that i love about this tablet. The main selling point for me, which is that screen, look how beautiful the screen is so just look. How smooth that scrolling is because this yep this is rocking a quad hd 120 hertz display rate, and i love that about this screen ever since you know devices started upgrading to 120, hertz never could go back, and this one just looks so buttery smooth. I love using it. The experience is really really great that smoothness, when youre scrolling, doesnt stutter theres no lags perfect screen and thats what you want when youre looking at a giant tablet like this, this one is also an 11 inch screen and i just think thats. The perfect size for consuming media, watching your netflix series watching youtube, watching unbox everything scrolling through social media and also uh reading books. Ebooks, is something also that i like doing here and, of course, sketching and taking down notes with the pen. So the size for me is perfect again. I love this screen. Its got dolby true display, which has over um 1 billion colors, so the colors are really punchy, really great, really nice to look at and again. This is a really great productivity machine because its got this low blue light feature, which means that its going to reduce eye strain, so you can use it throughout the whole day and your eyes arent going to get that strange.

So you can use it throughout the day for your productivity, your entertainment and your eyes are going to be really comfortable while looking at it yeah throughout the day, and going with that, looking at your screen throughout the day would mean you know, youre really using this Throughout the day for productivity for entertainment and theres, a lot that goes into you know the the power of this tablet. Thats gon na get you throughout the day. So one of those is the processor which is rocking a qualcomm snapdragon tm 860., so its really powerful to help you with all your tasks and all the multitasking and everything that youre going to need to be productive. On this, you dont need to worry about it. Stuttering or lagging, and of course the other part that i love about it, which i mentioned earlier, is the battery life. So this has a large 8 700 milliamp battery and thats gon na last. You up to two days of usage, so thats really great, because most other tablets would only last me a few hours, and then i always have to charge it overnight. While this has been such a lifesaver in terms of the battery that i can use it throughout. The day and not even have to charge it at night and the next day i still got battery to use it, and sometimes i only have to charge it. Maybe once every week, if im using it minimally throughout the days, it still lasts, meaning the standby time is also really long, no battery drain, while its sleeping and on standby mode.

So i love that about this tablet. Theres never been a point where i picked it up and was gon na use it and found that it was dead. It always had enough battery to get me through what i needed to do, and then i would just plug it in and the quick charge was super helpful id top up. My battery really quick and id be ready for the day again. So major selling points the battery and the performance and, of course we cant go on without talking about the cameras now tablets arent usually known for the cameras, but this ones got a pretty good camera and ive tested it out. Its got an 8 megapixel front camera over here. The selfie camera 8 megapixels and ive tried its really good for face timing for zoom for skype, whatever app you use for video calls uh the eight megapixel front. Camera is really good and then its got on the rear here, a 13 megapixel camera and thats, not only good for just you know, taking photos, because not a lot of people would take photos. You know using a tablet, but what its really good for as well is scanning documents taking a picture of a document and then signing over it taking down notes over that document. So its really great for all of your work needs and another thing about the selfie camera is that its really great for facial recognition to unlock your device, so its got face unlock and its really really quick.

So let me just show you how quick that is. So lets say just from here: im gon na unlock it. Oh look at that. Its already verified one more time so unlock and then swipe up and its already unlocked. So here you can see that it doesnt find a face and then, as soon as i put it here, theres a check – and i can swipe up super quick, so face unlock – is really great on this one. So as long as youre, not wearing your mask its going to recognize, you really really quick, and i love that about it. So even if it doesnt have a fingerprint scanner to unlock your device, the facial unlock is really great. Super quick and ive always been impressed with this never had a problem, but the other part that i love about. This is also the build quality. The build quality is super solid, so its got the aluminum edges. I think its aluminum, but yeah you can see. That is really really nice. The flat design is really good as well the thickness its really light, but i love the weight of it. The weight distribution is really good feels really great in the hand. It just feels super solid compared to most other tablets that have handled this. One feels really premium like youre getting your moneys worth, and i just i really love the way that it feels in the hand while im watching movies or reading books or taking down, notes and sketching so whether you bring it to work or to school.

Its definitely going to catch some eyes. I already had a lot of people. Ask me like what what tablet are you using and you know telling them? This is the xiaomi pad 5 and then they got interested in it. But id always recommend this to people and they they always take notice of it, especially with this color the pearl white, but it also comes in a black color called cosmic gray and that ones really cool as well. But now let me get into the quick test. I just want to show you how this stylus works, because this is one of my favorite parts of the tablet so thats. Some of the great features that i love about the xiaomi pad 5. But if youre a tech geek like me and are into all the numbers and the specifications here, they are right here. You can just pause that and read it all for yourself, but now i want to get into the part that ive been wanting to show you, which is the test with the stylus, because thats one of the parts that i really look for in every tablet that I try out because im an artist, a graphic designer – and i love taking notes, um handwritten notes so thats, something that ive always taken a look at how well the stylus works and, if youre, an artist youre going to want to see this part. So this is the stylus test that youre gon na see right now, all right, so the app that i usually use is art flow, so well open.

That up first lets try the writing test so lets write, unbox everything, sorry, my handwriting kind of sucks, but if you want to see how quick the response rate is really quick, so youre not gon na, have to worry about any lag um with this, and if You want to see the pressure as well so thats, the the pressure sensitivity lets, try to do it a little bigger, so we can see yep so thats using a pencil and if we go with something like a brush, that is the pressure sensitivity. So it works. Really well so lets do a quick doodle here, Music, so Music, and there we go. This is the quick art piece that i just made on the xiaomi pad 5 using the smart pen so really good. I am actually really happy with this um really great for artists. So again that was the art test on the xiaomi pad five really loving it. Let me know what you thought of my art in the comments below, but i really am happy with everything about the xiaomi pad5, its a great quality tablet, all in one. I really love it and i do recommend it to you if you are looking for a tablet, especially to pick up a new one for christmas. This is the one that i recommend and its the best price for this kind of quality of a tablet. Youre. Definitely getting your moneys worth and more so, if you want to know the price of this one, it comes in two configurations for the six gigabytes of ram with 128 gigabytes of storage, its going to cost 17 990 pesos.

But if you want to upgrade to the higher model, which is six gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes of storage, thats going to go for 19 990 pesos, and that is an amazing price for a tablet of this quality and this performance. So i hope that this video kind of helped you decide if this xiaomi pad 5 is the tablet for you. I know it is for me and if you decide to pick it up ill, make it easy for you by putting the links in the description where you can check it out, find more information and order it for yourself. So if you want to do that, click, the links in the description, you can buy it right away, but that has been my quick review and unboxing of the xiaomi pad 5 hope you enjoyed it.