. A fresh new 11 inch tablet boasts in a 120 hertz display some snapdragon 860 grunt and full stylus support. So is the xiaomi pad 5 any good well lets whip it on out of the box. Take you on a full on tour of that hardware and software and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do plug subscribe and doing that notifications bell, cheers all righty so what the lights lurk inside. Besides, of course, the xiaomi pad 5. got the usual manual gubbins and got a proper chubby charger got a usb cable, even says usb. Just in case you got a bit confused and thats. It thats, absolutely everything in the box, nice and straightforward. So perhaps unsurprisingly, the xiaomi pad 5 does look very much like a tablet. It is an 11 inch whopper, so certainly a bit of a sizeable one, despite the fact that thats reasonably sort of narrow bezels surrounding that display, i can just about wrap my hand around the back end of it, but its not exactly super comfortable. The zombie pad 5s frame is entirely constructed from aluminium weighs about 500 grams. In total, its about the same as the standard apple ipad certainly feels solidly built, theres, no obvious flex or weak points on this thing and its a reasonably slender effort too, not much in the way of frills or flare to speak of its a very plain design. Around back and as you can see there its already quite clearly picking up a lot of finger grease as well, so definitely keep a cleaning cloth handy if you want to keep it looking pristine – and this right here is the cosmic gray model, not sure exactly whats Cosmic about it, but it looks quite neat: you can also grab the xiaomi pad 5 in pearl white okay, so the xiaomi pad 5 is all set up, and what youve got on here is a bit of android 11 action complete with all the google services support And everything as well weve also got xiaomis miui launches slatted, on top, which just changes up the general look and vibe.

So youve still got you know: good old android store whats like that apps tree and, of course the notifications bar, but then youve also got additional miui bits like the control center, which has been completely lifted from apple. If you dive on into the settings menu, youll, see plenty of extra bonus bits in here as well, so, for instance, the game turbo mode, which is great news for mobile and gaming fans. More on that in a bit because miui is quite a heavy launcher and xiaomi doesnt exactly offer much reassurance when it comes to future updates for both the android os and also the security patches as well. So he even knows if the xiaomi pad 5 is going to get updated to android 12 android 13 or indeed beyond. As for storage, where youve got a choice with the xiaomi mi pad 5, you can either have 128 or 256 gigs of onboard storage uh, but use wisely, though, because theres no micro, sd memory card support to expand that now that screen, as i mentioned before, an 11 inches is certainly plenty spacious for kicking back with a bit of netflix but youtube whatever you fancy doing its an ips panel, but still so reasonably punchy those colors, certainly arent, dull or saturated or anything. You do a full customization over the output as usual. Here in the display settings, though, as you can see, theyre set to vivid by default, although you can scale it back ever so slightly uh, if you like, got to admit youll, have to have better eyes than mine to see what the difference between vivid and saturated Is, though, pretty neutral color temperature by default? But again you can play around with that.

If you like, the tablets 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution keeps visuals, nice and crisp. So definitely good, for you know editing four tours kicking back with the film, although of course you do get some pretty thick letter boxing when youre watching a movie thats shot in 21 by nine, a problem which you get with all tablets, including the ipad, but movie Lovers are certainly in for a treat, because the xiaomi pad 5 has full support for dolby vision, hdr, so nice, natural, looking visuals, very lifelike nice strong contrast and youve got a refresh rate topping off at 120 hertz as well, which is great news again. If youre into your gaming likes vainglory and stuff like that, that supports that 120 frames per second and your movies tv shows and whatnot will also sound as good as they look. Thanks to the quad speaker, output, pumping out that dolby tuned audio, you got full support for dolby atmos content as well, and you can choose between various presets, including music and video. Otherwise, you can do a good bit of fine tuning of your own ive, been absolutely hammering this thing with a good bit of netflix streaming, disney, plus a gaming, of course on call of duty, mobile and so forth. Let me trickle down a few percent and yeah on that top volume. The xiaomi pad 5 speakers. Certainly, pack, a hell of a punch should be absolutely perfect, for you know watching a bit of youtube or whatever uh, while youre busy in a you know a really noisy kitchen whipping up a chip butty or whatever, and of course, a lot of modern tablets support A stylus in case you want to get all sketchy and creative.

We just want to. You know annotate documents or what have you and the xiaomi pad 5 is no different, that you can get a bit of xiaomi smartpen action on the go, though this will cost you extra. Unfortunately, im not very creative myself. All of my artistic talent could probably fit into a spiders jock strap to be perfectly honest, but lets give this a go. This very much looks like your standard, traditional bluetooth, stylus, complete with dual button support and to get these two pairing up and also to charge the status. All you need to do is bang it on the bottom, as you can see, theres a magnetic connection between the two and then you can get them paired up in the bluetooth menu and theres, even a nifty little tutorial. If you dont know how to use it, and thankfully that magnetic connection seems pretty decent as well so uh, you know, youll have to give it a proper full on nudge for it to go, flying off. Thats, a nice, responsive, stylus as well so good, for, as i say, your sketching uh abilities, which i have absolutely none of. I did warn you and by pressing down that second button on xiaomis stylish, you can also take a screenshot of a set section. You can even get a uh squiggly shape, one on the go and ive always hated. How tablets always have cameras bolted to them like their bloody smartphones as well, because lets face it.

Weve all been to a gig or a show where some in front of us has held up their ipad, the entire time recording the whole bloody thing. So you cant see diddly but of course, these days with all of us zooming and microsoft teaming until we basically want to put a shock on our mouse and end it all. I can kind of sort of see the point of putting cameras on tablets now and you do have an eight megapixel selfie shooter here on the xiaomi pad. Five should be absolutely fine for all of that shenanigans and theres. Also, a 13 megapixel camera around back as well, but i still dont really see the point in whatsoever, but its there. If you need it, no problems when it comes to performance, because its a qualcomm snapdragon, 860 chipset, backed by six gigs of ram running the show here. That means that, of course, all the apps will run absolutely fine and yes, gamers will be able to get stuck into their favorite titles, including the likes of gentian impact on the sort of medium detail settings with a nice fluid frame rate. And, of course, if you do have any games that support 120 frames per second well youll be able to enjoy those super smooth visuals here on the pad 5 as well, when gaming on gunship impact, i certainly didnt notice any issues with the xiaomi pad 5 heating Up either so you should be able to get gaming all afternoon.

Long, no worries whatsoever and, of course, a nice wide spacious panel and the touchscreen controls in perfectly responsive as well. So no issues and when youre getting your game on youve also got a game. Turbo menu, which you can pull out at any point which allows you to boost the performance if you need to that, just calls any apps running in the background making sure that they are not hogging your resources. You can also record the action. You can change your voice if youre doing a bit of commentary and fear not benchmarking fans. I havent forgotten you guys either. This is the kind of score you can expect, geekbench to spaff out on your xiaomi pad 5. and no worries on the battery tech either. Youve got an 8720 milliamps are crammed into the xiaomi pad 5. ive been using this thing for about three hours on and off now streaming a bit of uh netflix and disney plus playing a bit gentian impact testing out all the various features and that battery has Only gone down not even quite a quarter yet so as long as you dont absolutely hammer the thing you should be able to get all day play on a single charge, but when it does come time to juice it back up again. Well, it only supports 22.5 watt charge and not exactly super nippy, so its going to take a while to fill it back up again and there you have it.

That, in a nutshell, is the fresh new xiaomi pad 5 android tablet, with a good bit of miui slatted on top, certainly one for any media lovers out there, with its full support for dolby vision, dolby atmos and some respectable specs across the board, and hopefully the Uk pricing for the xiaomi pad 5 will be very respectable indeed, although sadly dont know it at the time. I shot this video because ive shot it a couple of weeks ahead of the official launch.