That has a lot of features for a pretty low price. So what exactly are you getting here? Im angie for gsa, marina – and this is our review of the xiaomi pad 5. Music. First off the pad 5 is a wi fi only model xiaomi does have the pad 5 pro with 5g, but theyre not releasing it outside of china. Just yet the pad 5 is a very elegant tablet and its easy to like the aluminum frame has a brushed finish and is flat all around the device. There is a matte piece of plastic that covers the rest of the aluminum chassis on the back and internationally. It comes in pearl white, like what we have here or cosmic gray. The design choice that might annoy you the most is that the camera piece juts out a little on a tablet, especially one with pen support. You dont want any wobbling, so a flush camera would have been much better on the front. Youll find very thin bezels while it collects fingerprints like crazy. Its easy to clean as a whole. The pad 5 is lightweight and properly balanced its easy to hold and provide solid grip too, on the bottom, youll find the usb c port. The left side of the tablet has three small pogo pins, where you can attach the optional magnetic keyboard case and on the right. Youll find the volume keys. The power key is on the top. Here i should mention that theres no fingerprint reader and that face unlock doesnt have any security beyond the front camera.

Still you might want to use it since its more convenient than a pin or a password Music. The 11 inch ips lcd panel has a pixel density of 274 ppi, which is in line with the competition it supports 10 bit color, so youll get a possible 1 billion colors. There are three color modes available. The default one is vivid mode, its fairly accurate saved for slightly bluish whites. If you opt for a warm color temperature, its even better in the screen settings youll also find an adaptive colors option which adjusts colors based on ambient light. Much like apples, true tone. The display reaches a very good 478 minutes of max brightness and we had no issues even on very bright days. There are very deep blacks here and theres, a great contrast ratio. The lcd panel has a 120 hertz refresh rate and you can choose whether the screen should be at 60 hertz or 120 hertz theres, no adaptiveness. If you choose the high refresh rate, so itll stay at 120 hertz all the time unless youre watching a video, the pad 5 supports dolby vision and hdr 10 and comes with wide vine l1 drm its nice to know that out of the box, you can enjoy Max quality from all streaming services, the pad 5 supports xiaomi smartpen, which is sold separately its unusually expensive for a xiaomi product, but the pad 5 pre orders get it bundled the pen is minimalistic with a solid feel and a matte finish on it.

Youll find two keys with pre defined functionality. The bottom key allows for quick notes or a brush change, while the top one lets you take quick, screenshots or change the color of a brush. The screen supports 4090 pressure levels and reads the stylus, with a 240hz sampling rate, which makes writing and drawing feel more natural on the right side of the pad. 5 youll find a magnetic dock where the pen recharges one minute of charging, gives you 20 minutes of. Writing when the battery dies, the stylus doesnt work at all, so youll have to be a little patient theres an improved notes, app thats optimized for the smart pen, along with all of the features that youll find on the smartphone version. Now theres handwriting support and a couple of different brushes to choose from on the pad 5 youll find four symmetrical speakers with dolby atmos support. They had very good loudness on our tests and have an incredibly balanced output Music. You should keep dolby atmos turned on because it makes for a vastly better sound experience with it on youll, hear more bass and nicer midtones. One of the highlights of the xiaomi pad 5 is the snapdragon 860 chipset. The pad 5 offers fast and lag free performance, and it was noticeably better than the galaxy tab s7, which is nearly double the price. We are happy to report that the tablet aced our hour long stress, test too. The tablet comes with six gigabytes of ram and either 128 or 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.

1 based storage, theres, no expandable storage here, and you should also know that this device is wi fi only and theres no gps. Now, if you live in asia, you can go with the pro model, which has 5g support and gps, along with eight speakers instead of four and a higher end, dual camera setup on the back, the 8 720 milliamp hour battery got it 14 hours and 31 minutes On our web browsing test and 14 hours and two minutes on our video playback test, these are great numbers for a tablet. Our tablet is bundled with a 22.5 watt charger and it got the battery from zero to 27 in 30 minutes, while a full charge requires two hours. We also tried how fast the charging is with a 33 watt xiaomi charger of our own, as the chinese model is advertised to support that we were pleasantly surprised to get 30 faster charging. This way on the software side, you get android 11 out of the box with a tablet. Oriented miui 12.5 on top miui 13 should arrive by the end of the year, and this tablet should be among the first devices to get it. The interface has been stretched to fit tablet, needs and youll find tablet, appropriate notification and control centers. You can summon notifications from the top left, while the control center comes down from the top right when using the task. Switcher things are pretty much the same, except it can fit in more app cards than on a phone.

Really, everything is very familiar if you used miui recently, perhaps the biggest difference is how much you can customize the interface theres no themes up here. Nor can you take advantage of miui 12 super wallpapers and were not sure if this is a tablet thing or a regional limitation theres, a single 13 megapixel camera with a dual led flash on the back of the tablet. During the day photos were outstanding. They have a ton of detail, excellent foliage presentation and balance sharpness. The dynamic range is wide, contrast is excellent and colors are lively. These photos are more natural. Looking than a lot of high end cameras – and we really appreciate it in low light, images were okay, they had good color saturation and balanced noise reduction, but we recommend using night mode because in regular photo mode, images are underexposed with night mode switched on. The exposure was excellent, saturation contrast and dynamic range were praiseworthy too. The photos are softer than wed like, but they look good on the tablet screen and on social networks, so that should be fine for most use cases. Arguably the 8 megapixel front camera might be more important than the one on the back youre more likely to spend a lot of time on video calls with your friends than looking it around to take pictures of the scenery, so were happy to say that the selfies We took are good, subjects, are detailed, colors are true to life and the contrast is okay, its actually one of the better front shooters that weve seen from xiaomi the rear cam can capture videos at up to 4k at 30fps.

While the front camera is limited to full hd 4k videos had good detail and sharpness, and we liked the colors too. The dynamic range was above average and footage doesnt look overly processed in low light 4k videos. Werent bad footage is quite dark and the colors arent amazing, but theres enough detail and the clips themselves were pretty usable. The xiaomi pad 5 has a lot to offer and it strikes an amazing balance between features and price. This screen is superb. The speakers are excellent, and performance is great. The smartpen is a very convenient addition too, though, you should probably get it bundled rather than on its own, because its a little expensive otherwise well, not without its competition. The xiaomi pad 5 is one of the best android tablets that youre going to find under 400 euros and we easily recommend it. I love that android tablets are getting better and better and i hope that with this, the market becomes more competitive because really, i think that is high time that someone gave ipads a run for their money. Yeah thats a pretty tall order, but at the very least we, as consumers are gon na benefit from the increased competition. Thank you for watching everyone stay safe and ill.