Your first purchase with minimum 100 ringgit spent visit good use by krg in the link below picking up an android tablet is really limited these days, as not many tech brands make them anymore, so either go for the really cheap and unknown brands such as teclos audio Cube or blackvue or you would go for the branded ones like lenovo, huawei or samsung, but lets put it this way these brands, they dont, really have good tablets for the price of below 1500 ringgit. Thankfully, this brand has finally come back to the tablet game and it is xiaomi, so this is the xiaomi pac 5, which ive been using for a week already. This is my personal purchase and i feel so compelled to buy this unit because its been a while since ive seen such a good tablet for such an affordable price. This is the base storage model, which has six gigabytes of ram and 120 gigabytes of storage, which costs 1299 ringgit otherwise, 300 us dollars. If you were to convert it into us dollars and im here, to share my thoughts on why this is the tablet that you guys should definitely buy if picking up an android tablet is your priority now lets start off by talking about the design? The mep5 is an extremely premium tablet, despite its really cheap price tag. Now, as you can see over here, this is a really nice aluminum frame with chamfers all around and its pretty similar to the one thats used on the galaxy tab s7 and the ipad air.

So if you look at it theres actually a speaker grooves around it is a quad speaker system, as you can see, but my favorite is actually the back of the tablet now this is the white color version that i picked up. I personally do not like the cosmic black version, because i know it is going to get a lot of fingerprints, so i chose this color so that it doesnt get a lot of fingerprints. Of course, most of you would have put it inside a case, but you know i like to use this tablet, just as it is without the case, but of course, this design isnt perfect, because xiaomi obviously wants to make this tablet shape. So they have to compromise a little bit of things in terms of the design. Now, first of all would be this camera bomb right over here. So one would actually think that this is a dual camera system, but it is, in fact, a single camera system, but because of this mode that is probably thats taken from the me 11 series. They simply just want to save calls by slapping on an existing design that could probably save them calls, but it still looks nice, which i dont really care about it now. Another thing that xiaomi has cut corners on the design is the screen here, as you can see, theres actually quite a sharp edge right over here. The screen pops up, because this is a cheaper manufacturing process.

So the screen doesnt stay below the frame, like some other premium tablets that you have seen. So the problem about this design is that when you first pick it up, you will definitely find that the edges of the tablet feels very, very sharp and it isnt comfortable to hold at all. But after a week of using, i got used to it and it just doesnt feel as sharp anymore. So its really not a problem. But if you do really find that an issue i would suggest getting putting on a case so that it doesnt feel that uncomfortable to hold when you hold it in landscape, the button placements of the mini pepfar is pretty decent. I can easily reach the volume rocker with my index finger and the power button as well. But one thing im disappointed is that the midpad 5s power button doesnt have a fingerprint reader built in, which is the only convenient security feature that you can depend on is to use the facial recognition feature which isnt totally secure. But you know what its convenient enough in order not to have you enter your passcode or whatever, when signing into your tablet now another feature that i hope that is available on the mi bed 5, but it is not, and that is the headphone jack lets put It this way tablets are not meant to be waterproof, so you know what removing the headphone jack doesnt make sense at all.

You know, even though it has a pretty large battery inside but im sure it can definitely find a place on the frame around here and xiaomi could definitely make that happen. I wouldnt say thats a cost saving measure the most attractive part of the xiaomi pab5 is undoubtedly the specs, just like any other xiaomi products out there. This tablet is powered by your snapdragon 860 soc, which is a very fast flagship cubesat, and it is technically an overclocked version of the snapdragon 855 plus. So you can expect really fast performance on this and play games really really smoothly on these things. It is mated to six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of storage and, unfortunately, theres no storage expansion, which is actually quite a shame. If you ask me, but we all know that xiaomis flagship products – dont really have expansion storage all the time, because in the previous times they do mention that microsd cards do happen to slow down their products. So they do not want to include that in their flagship products, which is totally understandable but theres, one more thing that it lacks it. Doesnt have the latest wireless standards, because this thing still only has wi fi five. It doesnt have wi fi six, which is actually surprising because most snapdragon 860 devices already have wi fi six enabled. But this thing doesnt have wi fi six, but i guess thats not a deal breaker for most of you because most of you probably dont, use a wi fi six router at home.

The xiaomi pac 5 has a pretty decent display, and this is an 11 inch. Ips panel, with a 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution, a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, it supports adobe vision, hdr, it has 500 needs of brightness, which is actually pretty good for indoors and even if used at outdoors, you still can see it pretty. Clearly, though, its not the best – and it has a lot of reflections out there but for indoors, it is a really excellent display. Now this display doesnt have an adaptive refresh rate, so its either youre using it at 120 hertz all the time or you set it back to 60hz for saving power. Now, in terms of its touch sampling rate, i would say that it is not too bad its. Not the most sensitive touchscreen that ive ever used, but you can definitely notice the lag as you put your hand on it and you scroll it around. You can definitely feel a little bit of lag, but i would have to say that its not too bad for it unless youre thinking to use this for gaming, which i wouldnt advise you to do it, the hdr performance of the display is really decent. As you play netflix content, you can really notice that the blacks are really deep and the contrast is really good. Even the dynamic range is pretty accurate, but the only thing is that the viewing angle of this tablet – isnt really good.

So imagine if you are actually watching movies with someone and someone looks from the side. They will definitely notice a little bit of greyish tin when you play hdr content, but i believe thats actually normal for a screen like this, which i wouldnt complain at all, because it is already an affordable tablet and it supports adobe vision, hdr, which is actually pretty Awesome, the quad speaker system of the xiaomi pav 5 is so impressive that it shames all android tablets of the same price range, and even so, when you compare to apples cheapest ipad and the ipad air 4 generation, the quad speaker system is for base dynamic range Details the sound is so rich and when combined with the great display, you definitely feel that this is the best media consumption tablet that you have bought for below 1500 ringgit Music Music. Apart from being a really great media consumption device, the xiaomi pad 5 is also a pretty decent gaming device, even though the touch sampling rate of the display isnt the best, but it can handle graphics. Intensive games such as hong kong impact 3 genji impact and asphalt 9 with no issues, and it has pretty smooth frame rates, and this tablet doesnt get hot at all. When you game for extended periods and the only part that you will feel getting warm, is the left side right here, which doesnt get terribly warm and once you snap on the case, you probably wouldnt even feel that the device is hard to handle the cameras of The xiaomi pad 5 is pretty possible by tablet standards.

The main camera takes 30 megapixel shots thats, actually pretty decent. If you use it for very casual shots in good lighting and the front. Camera takes 8 megapixel shots and i find it to be pretty decent. Even in video calls as well, so if you are thinking to use this forward, for instance, you want to scan documents or you want to quickly take a picture and send it over an email. And all this i would say that the cameras of this tablet is something that would really work for you, and especially if you are using a tablet for video conference calls. I should say that this camera is way better than any other laptop webcams out there. I havent been a really heavy user on the xiaomi pad 5 for the past week, and this is how the battery level looks like after having it charged for the past three days. It is currently at 21, with over 15 hours to go. If i dont charge it – and i have to say that this standby time is really impressive for tablet standards thats, because it has a really huge 87 20 million hour battery right inside. But one thing that i am disappointed is that xiaomi didnt include its 120 watt fast charging on this thing, because this huge battery would have really benefited from that really fast charging, because the provided 22.5 watt break charges. This thing really slowly and it takes almost two hours to charge this device up.

If you already run low on battery well technically, it can support up to 30 watts if you happen to have the 120 watt brick, but it also doesnt support usb pd charging, which is actually quite a disappointment, because you will have to use xiaomis proprietary charger in Order to get up that kind of fast charging speeds. Now we have talked a lot about the good things of the hardware and performance of the xiaomi path, five and now its time for the best stuff and which is the software now its not entirely bad. This thing comes preloaded with android 11, with xiaomis miui optimized for a tablet screen, which is actually pretty smooth, theres no box, no s whatever, which im pretty happy theres, also no bloatware print installed as well, which is something that im really glad of, but just like Any other proprietary tablet android uis, this ui, just isnt optimized enough, look at it theres, so much wasted space around here. Even widgets dont really support well on this launcher. As you can see, this microsoft outlook widget just doesnt it just doesnt fit well on the screen and theres so much wasted space here. So as an alternative, ive actually installed microsoft launcher, which is actually a pretty decent launcher that you can actually try to scale the ui to fit more icons and fit more widgets but heres. Another problem when you flip the tablet into landscape orientation. Look at this widget! It has become in such a weird position and it looks so weird and even look at this.

The entire widget looks uh elongated. It just doesnt look natural at all, but when you turn it back to portrait, it looks normal again, so yeah android tablets. They are just not meant to be used in landscape. The entire ui optimization is just so bad that sometimes it really frustrates you and thats, not just the end of the story, because some common apps such as facebook, isnt even optimized for the tablet ui. You can see that all the pictures and icons look so big and you dont really necessarily need to look at such big pictures when you scroll around a facebook feed and when you turn over to landscape. You can see that this is actually a phone user interface and, for instance, if you tap on the marketplace icon over here, youre gon na flip the entire tablet to landscape, and that can be pretty frustrating. Of course, there are some apps that are pretty well optimized for the android tablet, ui experience now, for example, lazada the shopping app. You know like your shop every day now this, even though it looks like a typical phone ui right now it looks pretty big and everything, but once you turn over to landscape, it goes into this split screen mode. It actually shows up on the other side, and this is what i call a pretty optimized tablet ui, and i find this a very convenient feature if you are using apps like lazada, to do shopping now.

Of course, there are other productivity apps such as microsoft, for instance. Let me just show you guys if i go over to microsoft word as you can see its pretty optimized for a tablet ui already even microsoft outlook is pretty optimized as well so yeah. Overall, i would have to say that the android tablet ui experience kind of brings this really great tablet right here, and i really hope google would continue to improve tablet uis and maybe ask the developers to really optimize for tablet uis, because you know what there are A lot of great android tablets out there and the xiaomi p5 is definitely one of them. So, overall, i have to say that the xiaomi path, 5 is a very, very impressive piece of hardware. It costs 1, ‘9 ringgit and, of course, if you want more storage, the 256 gigabyte model, you got to shout for another extra 200 ringgit for it, which i think its a pretty reasonable premium to pay for overall thumbs up for xiaomi for doing this, and i Hope to see more competition from the market to match the value of this tablet, all right, so thats pretty much for todays video and thats a pretty quick review on the xiaomi pac 5.