S7. It features a 120hz screen, a fast processor, android 11, as well as an active stylus, and a keyboard cover its starting price of just ‘9. Euros is very competitive, but is it a good competitor to samsung and apple im, nj from mynexcavity.com and thats? What you will learn in this review? Let me get one thing out of the way. First, this is a review of the xiaomi pad 5, but theres also a xiaomi pad 5 pro that one is available in china only at the moment and cannot be bought globally. I might mention it along with this review, though, the basic design of the xiaomi pad 5 resembles the ipad pro a bit and especially the samsung galaxy tab s7, and i think it looks very stylish. We get a metal frame, a glass front and the back of the tablet is plastic. It does look great and looks like a premium device, and the build quality is fine, but in the comparison to other premium tablets, i noticed that the transition from the frame to the back are not as perfect theres a small gap between the metal frame and the Plastic back theres, no headphone jack, no microsd card slot, but we do get a usbc port, which also supports lots of usbc accessories on the bottom theres, the connector for the keyboard cover and on the top you can charge the stylus on the shorter sides. We get. Two speakers, each so four in total for its price.

I think the sound quality is fantastic. I enjoyed watching movies with it while its not on the same level as some pricier premium tablets. It does get very close. The xiaomi pad 5 pro has 8 speakers and might even get close to an ipad pro. The 13 megapixel main camera on the back takes good photos and videos and is supported by an led flash on the front. We get an 8 megapixel webcam, which is not as good but good enough for video shots and occasional selfies. The position on one of the shorter sides is not ideal for video chats. Of course, you can use that webcam to unlock the tablet using facial recognition. However, theres no additional sensor for that, so its much less secure than apple face id, for instance, and when turning it on xiaomi, even warns you that its not that secure, theres, no fingerprint scanner, but you do get one with the pro. The xiaomi pad 5 features. A qualcomm snapdragon 860 processor, while the pro has a bit faster, 870 chipset. We get 6 gigabyte of ram and the pro 5g version has 8 gigabyte. You can get it with 128 gigabyte and 256 gigabyte of internal storage benchmarks, like geekbench, 5 and 3d mark show that its just a little bit slower than the samsung galaxy tab s7 and much faster than all mid range android tablets. You certainly do get a lot of performance for your money here with that being said, its also important to point out that the similar priced apple ipad 9 is much faster, since that snapdragon 860 is very powerful.

You will be able to play pretty much every game with high graphic settings on here with pubg mobile. For instance, you can set the graphics to ultra hd and it looks great and runs fine. Fortnite is supported as well, and here you can set the graphics to epic and the 3d resolution to 100, and it is certainly playable, but i did notice a bit of stuttering to get a better experience. I suggest setting the 3d resolution to 75 percent. The samsung s7 can handle fortnite a bit better and with that one, you can select epic graphics and play it with 60 frames per second, which is not possible on the xiaomi. All simpler games run great, of course, and that goes for common apps and a good amount of multitasking too. The xiaomi pad 5 has an 11 inch ips display with a very high resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels everything looks very sharp and clear. I also love that the screen is fully laminated and very bright. The contrast and saturation are great and its a very pleasing screen to look at since it has a wideband level of l1. You can watch netflix with ig resolution, which wasnt possible with previous xiaomi tablets. Just like samsungs and apples premium tablets, this display supports 120hz, which means that animations can look very smooth and thats a great feature for the stylus as well. Actually, the screens of the xiaomi pad 5 and galaxy tab s7 do look suspiciously similar, theyre equally great, and i wouldnt be surprised if xiaomi uses the same display in a direct comparison.

The apple pro screen is a little bit brighter than the other two and has a bit better viewing angles. The xiaomi pad 5 does support an active stylus, but youve got to buy that one separately. Its made of plastic has two buttons on its side and the tip supports 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity. You charge it by placing it to an inductive section on top of the tablet, and yes that looks just like on the ipad pro. I tried many pens over the years and im positively surprised by xiaomi here most competitors arent as good as apple and samsung when it comes to active pen support and to be honest, xiaomi doesnt either, but they do get very very close. The xiaomi stylus is very precise. Palm rejection works great and i enjoyed writing down handwritten notes with it, but i did notice that the pen does not react as instant as it does on the 120hz tablets from apple and samsung. The writing does lag behind the pen. A little bit when drawing fast, even though we get a 120 hertz screen here too its not a big problem, but something you can see in a direct comparison. So while the xiaomi pen is not outstanding, i think its a very good stylus. It gets very close to the competition and, if you want it specifically for that as well, i can recommend it. The xiaomi pad 5 is shipping with android 11 and a customized interface, since this is the first xiaomi tablet to ship globally.

I have no idea how good they will be. Regarding updates. The international phones usually do get a good amount of updates, but since this is the first, i have no idea how they will handle it. As i said, this interface is customized and its customized quite heavily. To me, it kind of looks like a mix between standard android and ipad os. There are many parts of cui that look very similar to ipad os on the top of the list is the xiaomi notes, app, which looks like apple nodes, basically exactly like apple notes, but without the fantastic pen features that apple has so floating windows are a great Multitasking feature and many android tablets have something similar, but it does look very close to apples slide over apps. Overall, the ui and software are fine, but i did notice some minor bugs, for instance, when using the split screen view. Sometimes one of the two apps is a bit darker as if its not active im sure that could be easy to fix. I bought my tablet from an import shop from china, and here the shop did install the google play store and the play services keep in mind that when importing it, you often have to install those yourself thats, not an issue at all. If you are getting the standard global version inside of europe, of course, another accessory that xiaomi is selling for the pad 5. Is the keyboard cover its connected magnetically and folded up? It protects the front and the back, but the sides are free, its a plastic cover, of course, and it doesnt feel super high end, but the build quality is fine.

When you want to work with the keyboard, you can use the tablet at one angle alone, thats a bit of a downside and theres also no touch pad, unlike with many other keyboard covers these days. The keyboard itself is a very good one, though here the keys do have a real, proper travel a space far enough from each other, and i was comfortable typing long articles with it sure im used to table keyboards, but thats also why i can say that its A decent one in my standard battery test, the xiaomi pad 5 got a fantastic runtime of 9 hours. Thats really good. For this im, always looping an hd youtube video at maximum screen brightness. So should you get the xiaomi pad 5? Yes, i think its a fantastic tablet, not perfect, but the value is really good. We get a pretty 120hz screen, nice speakers and good performance. The active stylus and keyboard cover are two good accessories as well. Some premium features like a fingerprint scanner or outstanding, build quality are missing, but i think thats not too much of a downside. The biggest question i have is how good xiaomi will be with updates in the past. Apple has been fantastic with those, and samsung is great as well, so will the pad 5 get 1 update, 2 or even 3 time will tell, but i wish i knew the answer already. Anyways lets check out the alternatives. If youre looking for a premium android tablet, you should check out the samsung galaxy tab s7.

Here the s pen is included and thats why you should compare prices carefully. Many features of the two tablets are almost the same, but the samsung one has a fingerprint scanner. A full metal body, lots of additional software features like samsung dex and will probably get more updates. The apple ipad 9 is an interesting competitor. If you want as much performance for your money as possible, its a little bit cheaper and much much faster while it does have a fingerprint scanner and a great stylus, everything else is a bit weaker. The 60hz screen is not laminated, the design looks old and the sound comes from one side only, but its much faster, alright thats been my review of the xiaomi pad 5. If you have any questions, please write them down below im nj from manxtabler.com.