So please note that xiaomi has dropped the me branding from its international releases. So this is not the me pad 5, but just the pad 5.. This tablet has been a couple years in the making, because the last xiaomi tablet – the me pad 4 came out, i believe in late 2018, so the xiaomi path, five actually released in china about a month ago, in two versions: theres like the standard pad five and The pad five pro the global version – this is the european model. Im testing only comes in one version. This is the standard pad five. Now, right now, you can see that i have the whole setup with the keyboard case and also the stylus, which xiaomi calls a xiaomi smartpen, but actually xiaomi is only releasing the tablet and the stylus in europe. The keyboard case is apparently not going on sale in europe. I have to buy this myself in hong kong because, at least for me, i feel like, if im getting a modern tablet. I have to pair it with a keyboard because just using a tablet, handheld doesnt really take advantage of all the processing power that a modern tablet offers. So, for the most part, i will review this product as one whole set, but you do have to keep in mind that xiaomi is intending for reviewers to only test these two. So anyway, lets go over the hardware really quick. We have an 11 inch ips lcd panel 2560 by 1600 resolution, refresh rate out of 120 hertz, and i personally think xiaomi has some of the best animations in the business.

So 120 hertz here just look fluid to my eyes: more fluid than 120 hertz on one ui, for example. So, even though this is an lcd panel, the display looks good. It gets up to 1 000 into brightness. Colors are accurate. It supports dci p3 and, as you can see here, videos look good thanks to that. Widescreen aspect, ratio and youre going to want to watch a lot of videos and movies on this tablet too, because theres, a quad speaker system tuned by harman, kardon and xiaomis, been making some of the best speakers in mobile devices. Lets do a quick test so well jump up to 50 100 Music. So, if i do have to complain about the screen is that it is very reflective, as you can see right now now. The path 5 is a relatively lightweight machine. It weighs 500 grams and measures 6.83 millimeters in thickness, so even with this keyboard case, which is a pretty slim, the whole package, its really lightweight and thin – and i can carry this around my backpack all day and not really feel it now. I know what some of you guys are thinking. This looks just like the ipad air xiaomis copying apple. Again, i will defend xiaomi in saying that theres really only a couple ways to make a tablet, either curved sides or flat sides. Now, while its probably not a coincidence that xiaomi decided to go with hard flat metal sides around the same time, that apple made this the design mo.

But at the same time, if you look at a galaxy tab, s7 from the front and the side, it also looks like an ipad 2.. So just keep that same energy. If youre going to go with xiaomi, you might as well go with samsung. Fortunately, the backside of the pad 5 actually has um its own characteristic. This camera module, if you follow xiaomi smartphones, will look very familiar. So this is a 13 megapixel camera theres only one lens – and this is a laser autofocus and im. Also, a fan of this gradient color back, looks pretty nice, its subtle enough that its not too garish now xiaomi style, is what xiaomi calls the smart pen attaches magnetically to the top of the stylus okay. This part, i will concede its probably copying apple and, in fact, im actually a little bit annoyed with this design. I prefer samsungs way of doing it in which the stylus attaches to the back of the machine, and then the flap actually covers the stylus, because it offers more protection apples way of doing it, and i guess xiaomis way of doing it. You can actually knock off the stylus really easily when youre taking the tablet in and out of a backpack. Now, interestingly, there is no fingerprint sensor in this machine you, so the only security you get is a pin code or password. There is face unlock using the front facing eight megapixel camera, but this is a flat 2d facing lock so its not too secure, so i wouldnt recommend using it just use a pin.

Overall, i am a fan of this industrial design, so you have a power button right here. Volume rocker right here and down here down below, are the three pogo pins which attach to the keyboard case now. Xiaomi is selling the pad 5 in europe, starting at 349 euro that comes out to around 450 us dollars, thats for the 6 gig ram 128 gig variant. If you want to double the storage to 56, then the price bumps up to ‘9 euros now in china. This tab is quite a bit cheaper. It sells for around, like 315 us dollars and in other regions in asia, like singapore, thailand, india, its probably going to be somewhere in between the european pricing of like 450 and china pricing of 315.. This stylus, i dont, know the official price in europe, but in china it sells for around 65 70 us dollars same with this keyboard around 65 70 us dollars. Equivalent of that, so i mean for me in hong kong. I can get this whole set for around. Like 500 us dollars, if youre in europe – and you want to use this whole set, youll have to import the keyboard that will probably bump your price up to around 600 dollars. Now ive been using the pad 5 like this. As my on the go work machine for the past week and a half – and i was saying my experiences have been mostly good, this is um a compliment because android tablets lets be honest, theyre, just not as polish as ipad os, for example, not all apps are Optimized for android tablets like if you open twitter on in landscape mode, it looks ridiculous.

Look at how wide the app is, and you have one tweet. It already takes up the whole screen now compare that to twitter on ipad os. It is a lot more optimized right. You actually have a two pane layout and you can see more than one tree on the screen. It also helps the ipad is using a taller aspect ratio three by two, whereas the xiaomi path, five, like like most android tablets, still use a wide screen aspect ratio. A widescreen aspect ratio is good for gaming and good for watching videos. But for me who like to read and write a lot um its not as nice, i prefer a taller aspect: ratio. Okay lets look at the software, so xiaomi path, 5 runs on miui 12.5.2 over android 11. and for the most part, this software is very very similar to the mi ui that weve seen on phones. The only changes that i cannotice is that you can open split, screen mode in landscape orientation, which you cant usually do on a smartphone. So this is about the only new addition other than stylus support other than that the software is basically exactly the same as mi ui on a smartphone. Now this is both good and bad. The good, like i already said i find xiaomis animations to be really good. Really fluid, and also i really like xiaomis multitasking system, including the ability to open an app in a floating window. This has been very useful for me on a smartphone and on a tablet, even more so because that means it allows me to multitask a little bit better.

I also like shortcut gestures like grabbing screenshots by swiping down with three fingers stuff like that now this keyboard case uh its okay. The key is actually very comfortable to type on im, a very fast touch, typer and im able to reach just about my maximum speed with this keyboard. No real complaints with the typing experience. However, there is no trackpad on this keyboard and ive, just gotten used to using a trackpad on the galaxy tab, s7 or the ipad series of tablets, and also theres. Only one angle that props up the laptop like this: that is it okay, now lets. Take a look at the xiaomi smartpen is a pretty good size, not too long. It charges magnetically via the tablet and theres, and there are two buttons here: clicky buttons and they allow you to change. Drawing tools in the middle of a sketch and also xiaomi has built in some shortcut gestures like, for example. If you hold the bottom button as you press in the keyboard, you can immediately jump straight into a note, as you can see, latency its really good. I dont know the exact millisecond, but the strokes seem to follow my hand movement very closely. In fact, i used a smart pen to do a couple sketches and i didnt really have many complaints. I mean im, not a professional artist, but you know i had a really good experience and keep in mind i own the apple pencil and sketch on the ipad pro every now and then so, at least from my experience they are very similar.

Now you can indeed pair a bluetooth, mouse or trackpad to the xiaomi path 5, and it will show a mouse cursor, and here it is, and yes this time i will agree. This looks just like the mouse cursor on the ipad pro when you run the mouse cursor over text inputs, it automatically changes into a vertical line and when you move it elsewhere, it becomes a circular button. Now, unfortunately, the mouse cursor its a very basic mouse cursor, meaning you can only use it to click into things that is it. The pad 5 does not support any other gestures on a trackpad or a mouse. For example, if i connected a trackpad, if i swipe on the trackpad, nothing happens on other tablets like the ipad pro or the samsung galaxy tab. S7. You know these gestures. You can do like, for example, you can swipe with three fingers on the trackpad to exit out of all your apps, so you can cycle through your apps with three finger swipes. You cannot do that with a pad five, even with a trackpad pair. All you can do is move the mouse cursor and click into things, so i definitely think there are some software quirks that xiaomi has to fix or improve to make the pad 5 more enjoyable to use to make it a more polished device. The good news is, i think, xiaomi will get there because you know xiaomi is like the number one phone brand number one android maker in the world now so theyre not gon na slack off on software.

They know software is important. Theyre gon na put time and effort into making the path five a little bit more enjoyable to use even right. Now i really like using the pathfile as an on go work machine because of how light it is – and this is awesome for instagram and basic smartphone apps like playing games on this is awesome. Of course, this 120 hertz screen is amazing to look at, and the speakers are one of the best speakers, ive heard in a tablet: yeah a small size tablet anyway, the larger ipad pro will have better speakers than this so thats about it. For this review of the xiaomi path, five, now even like 24 hours ago, i would say 349 euros, for this is a really good option for people in europe who want a entry level. Tablet, however, apple, threw a monkey wrench into those plants. Yesterday, when they announced a 10.9 inch ipad, that starts at 389 euros in in europe, so thats only a little bit more expensive than the pad 5, but that 10.9 inch ipad has better software a much wider, more optimized app ecosystem and just the fact that if Youre european, you probably will default to buying an ipad unless youre, like very pro google or anti apple thats, just a hurdle that xiaomi and android tablet makers have to work to overcome. They have to convince people that android tablets are good enough polished enough to get over the ipad right.

Now i can say the pad 5 gets there youre going to get a better software experience with ipad os. You can get apps that are better optimized for the ipad than the pad 5.. However, the path 5 beats that specific 10.9 inch ipad in several areas. I believe the that ipad starts at a base: storage of 64 gigs of storage. This one starts at 128. This screen is also much better than that 10.9 inch ipad with the thick bezels and the circular home button, so yeah thats about it. For this video on the xiaomi pad 5., i have a lot more content coming up. This is a really really busy month. I am going to get the iphone 13 series and the vivo x70 pro plus very soon so expect video on those probably sometime next week, so yeah thats about it.