Video unboxing and first impressions will be at the information card at the upper right corner of the video. Now lets go ahead and start this video once again in the box, it includes a 3.5 millimeter adapter manuals and the xiaomi pad 5 itself booting up the device. We are currently running at miui 12.5.4, which is running on android 11.. We also have google services pre installed on this thing. Out of the box, i will be leaving a tutorial video on how to install google play store here on the upper right corner of the video anyways. The pad 5 can be chosen in three colors, black, green and finally white, which is the color that i have here. Its storage variant starts at 618 gb and tops up at 6256 gb running the swifty and mighty ufs 3.1 storage. I suggest you guys to take the 6256 gb variant if youre, using it for professional use, but for online classes or any simple day to day task. The 6128gb should do the trick, for you do take note that it doesnt have a card slot, so you wont be able to expand your storage. The display here is an ips lcd panel with 120hz refresh rate 240hz touch sampling rate, 1 billion, colors, hdr10 rated and finally dolby vision pack in here day to day use using this xiaomi pad 5 and my poco f3. As my daily driver phone, i dont notice their difference of their display, so no complaints there when it comes to battery the xiaomi pad 5 offers a whopping, 8 720 milliamp hour battery.

It can run you a whole day of usage with no problems at all. After a full stretch of use, junction impact for quite a while with mobile agents for half an hour and a bit of media streaming action, i still got 10 percent gas left in the tank by the time i was all tucked up with teddy. As for recharging, it supports up to 33 watts. Charging speed 8 to 100 requires 2 hours and 18 minutes of charging from what i tested when using bluetooth its decent enough with the bluetooth 5.0 technology packed in it. The speaker of this device is a quad speaker setup, which is two firing speakers at both ends of the device with dolby atmos performance. Wise of the xiaomi pad 5 is what youd expect on a snapdragon 860 chipset. Its on total score is scored at 595 000, which is higher than the average antutu score of the snapdragon 860, which is at 560 000 score here on the geekbench 5, we have a score of 516 on single core, then 2379 on multiscore, which is slightly lower Than the average score of the poka x3 pro gaming lets talk about gaming here on the xiaomi pad 5. on mobile legends. It performs quite good when all are turned on to their max settings, but after playing one game, i need to turn off outlines to stop the stuttering here on junction impact. It performs much better and smoother than the poco xp pro, with all graphics, crank up to its max settings.

I think its because of the miui here on the xiaomi pad 5 is much more lighter than the poco by miui on the poco x3 pro, even if its on snapdragon 860, its a real beast. When it comes to gaming, junction impact all max will drop sometimes to 50 fps, but most of the times it stays between 55 to 60 fps on call of duty mobile. I dont have any problems running on the max graphics and on pubg mobile, with ultra hd and ultra frame rate. I didnt encounter any major frame drop by any means with gaming performance. Out of the way lets talk about the camera on its rear, boasts a 13 megapixel camera, and here on the front is a 8 megapixel camera. Its 13 megapixel camera shots in indoors condition with slightly mediocre lighting, is that it produces an okay image for its category and pricing here are other sample shots from the xiaomi pad 5, using its rear camera for the 8 megapixel camera. Its ok too, since most of the time or all of the time, youre going to be using it for any video call or virtual meetings now for the multitasking here, its okay, but not all apps, can support split screen. Also, you can make the split screen like this, which is quite a bummer, especially this device is purposely built for multi tasking use. You can install this application, as you can see so that you can make your xiaomi pad 5 into desktop mode which will make this tablet a true multitasking beast for now.

But i hope that xiaomi will put more effort on making this as a laptop alternative device. In the future, since, as of now, there are many features lacking in here and making it as a pre installed app would be much more convenient, so it wont be a hassle to install and set up this application. Now, its quad speaker setup here can be seen. Two speakers on each side now lets test its speaker setup huh me: Music, Music, uh, Music. My thank you, Applause, Applause Applause, my you guys will be in charge of it, but personally for me, its quite good for a quad speaker setup at this price final verdict. Here on the xiaomi pad 5 is that as an overall package, it is a really good tablet for its price, especially it has a pen and external keyboard sold separately from the device which can give you more features. The ips lcd display here isnt a cheap display in any way the build quality of this is really premium and solid, with its aluminum back panel and side frame. But the front screen is a regular glass protection, no gorilla glass protection here, but out of the few days that i used this, there were no scratches here on the screen. Quad speaker setup is decent for its price battery is a big guess here on the xiaomi pad 5, with it draining slowly and pairing it up with the 33 watt charging speed onto camera performance.

Please dont expect it to be on par with any smartphones at this price, since this is purposely built for multitasking use and not for photography and finally, its chipset. The snapdragon 860 here on the xiaomi pad 5 is really powerful and monstrous, and it really means business downsides here on the xiaomi pad 5. Is the lack of memory card support no headphone jack built in, but once again they come with a 3.5 millimeter dongle in the box. The multitasking here is bad, since its software is new, but expect it to get better over time, as xiaomi will surely provide more updates here on the xiaomi pad 5 and finally, its packaging. It doesnt have a clear case, bundled in here and no pre installed screen protector here overall, as an package, i can highly recommend you to get a hands on on one of these scenes.