Ipads are good, thats been the general consensus, even among the most hardened android fanboys out there, of course, samsungs been trying its hand at making certain great tablets, but now we have the xiaomi pad 5. Now this is one android tablet that i had the most fun using in a very long time, and it could very well be the legit ipad competitor out there, but is it an ipad killer? My name is aisha, youre watching track in tech, english, and this is an in depth review of the xiaomi pad 5, which is priced really really Music, well, its a 10.9 inch ips lcd panel with fhd plus resolution 650, nits of peak brightness and, most importantly, support For dolby vision and the icing on the cake is the fact that its a 120 hertz refresh rate panel, you dont, get 120 hertz refresh rate on tablets at double the price of the xiaomi pad 5. In fact, the tab s8 and the ipad pro which come with 120 hertz refresh rate, are far more expensive. It feels super smooth to use and the 120 hertz refresh rate actually runs across the entire ui and many apps as well. But what i noticed is that apps, like youtube, prime netflix hotstar, all run at 60hz, because i dont think they are optimized for the android tablet: 120hz ecosystem. Yet now this is also a very good display. With dc ip3 color gamut. I did notice some bluish uh.

You know shape to the whites, but otherwise it was largely fine. Now i did mention the dolby vision, support on netflix. You do get that on the ipad airfie as well, so i tested them side by side and in a show like bridgeton. I noticed that it was almost similar in terms of sharpness and detail and dynamic range as well, except for the fact that the ipad had slightly better facial tones thats about it and, coupled with the quad speaker setup with dolby atmos support its a complete. You know multimedia experience package, its literally almost as good as the ipad f5. Now xiaomi has done something very interesting with the channel balance on the speakers as well, when youre holding it in landscape orientation. Of course, you get the left and right channels, but when you hold it in portrait orientation as well, xiaomi moves that channel very, very dynamically, along with the help of the gyroscope. Now. The one problem with this display is that it is a fingerprint magnet just like the ipad r5 and many other tablets out there, so you might need a matte screen guard. You know to protect from fingerprints and smudges, also whats a fingerprint magnet. Is this plastic rear panel, especially in this black color? So if you dont want fingerprints and if you dont like fingerprints and if youre gon na be using your tablet naked, then i would say that you should pick up the white variant instead.

And you know what id like to be a magnet as well. For your fingerprint to go and hit that red subscribe button, that was a really bad one, but please go ahead and do that. We love making videos like these, for you and you know, of course, youll get a notification whenever a new video is out live on the trackitec english channel and yes, the rear is actually made of plastic, but i dont really mind it because it helps keep the Your tablet really slim and light as well, and it feels fairly sturdy. I didnt find any structural rigidity issues, especially considering the price, but there are a couple of design decisions that i find completely odd is the fact that the type c port at the bottom is a usb 2.0 type c port and, of course, theres. No video out as a result, thats something that i absolutely love while using tablets. I actually like taking video out to a display and the other problem is the placement of the uh. You know eight megapixel front camera its actually on the top bezel when held in portrait orientation and on the left bezel when held in landscape orientation and thats, not ideal, because it doesnt orient well in zone calls and, unlike the ipad, theres no feature like center stage Or anything like that and talking about that 8 megapixel camera on the front, it can also shoot full hd videos and these full hd videos do look very good and the pictures that come out of this you know selfie camera is not too bad either.

It is definitely good for video calls, except for that weird orientation which sort of throws you off in fact theres a 13 megapixel camera on the rear, with dual led flash now this 13 megapixel camera can also take good pictures, but im, not somebody who takes pictures With the tablet, if you are that person im probably going to be walking away from you, but i do like the fact that xiaomi has rearranged the modes on the camera app and you have easy access to the document capture mode, which is going to be very Useful for students and thats, something that i actually used very recently as well, when i had to send a passport to somebody now, theres, also a three pin: pogo port and a magnetic uh. You know attachment for your smart pen and keyboard dock, both of which you will have to buy separately, and you know what ill actually talk about them in this video a little later on now going back to the design, the xiaomi pattern does feel nice to actually Hold in the hand, thanks to its you know, slimness and low weight as well. Now there is a power button on the top, but you dont get a fingerprint scanner with it like you would get on the pro variant of the xiaomi pad 5, which is unfortunately not available in india. You can use the face unlock feature, but its not really very secure and it doesnt work well in the dock now powering.

The tablet is a snapdragon 860 system on chip. Now this chip is the most powerful one inside an android tablet in this price range. I also do like the fact that xiaomi has actually bumped up the base. Variant of you know the xiaomi pad 5 in india to 128 gb, and that matters primarily because you dont get a micro sd card slot with this one. You can also, of course, buy the 256gb variant of this tablet, which also comes with 6gb of ram, which is the same on the 128gb variant and thats lpddr4x ram. Plus you also get ufs 3.1 type storage, which is basically really really fast. Now, when it comes to performance, bgmi and call of duty run at top graphics settings which wasnt even possible on the defensivity 8100, of course, thats, because its not optimized yet. But it is good to see that you know. Bjm and cody are running at such high graphics on this tablet, but you know what i feel that call of duty and bj are not running at full hd resolution on the tablet, because id ran a grim, valor and asphalt 9 and both of which look much Sharper and proper high definition types compared to you know call of duty or bgmi, also by the way grim valor runs at 120 fps. There are many games that run at 120, fps and thats really good to see. Daily performance is great too, especially with miui for pad, which has very smooth animations, and it translates beautifully with the snapdragon 860.

But there are a few micro stutters here and theyre, not too uh. You know annoying, though now talking about miui for pad. I really like the fact that xiaomi has reimagined miui for the tablet from ground up. The first thing that will grab your attention is that dock and that dock of course looks a lot like the ipad os and on this dock you can set your list of applications and therell be a couple of applications that are recent applications. Of course, you can also invoke this dock from just about anywhere from any app and as far as multitasking is concerned, you can get a split screen with two apps and one extra floating window or you can get one app running uh. You know in the background, and you can have two floating windows on the front. Unfortunately, like samsungs galaxy line of tablets, you dont get app pairs or you dont even get the dex mode, which would have been a nice feature for especially a tablet. Thats. This powerful whats, also nice to see is that first party apps, like calculator nodes weather, have also been reworked from the ground up. So when you use them in landscape mode, you will see that there is more information being laid out, especially considering the fact that theres no calculator app on the ipad did you know that if you didnt, let me know in the comment section below software – is obviously Android 11, based on miui pad, like i mentioned and xiaomi, says that there will be an upgrade to android 12 l, which is uh.

You know, googles very own. Take on a tablet. Os so well have to wait and watch. If that actually pans out – and you know what miui on this tablet is the cleanest implementation of miui ive seen yet, there are very few third party apps, very few first party apps as well its just very, very nice. I really hope that you know xiaomi would implement similarly on at least the flagship phones now. Finally, let me talk about the accessories that you can buy separately if xiaomi starts selling it, because theres literally no information about it. Im, of course, talking about the xiaomi smartpen and the xiaomi smart keyboard now lets start off with the smart pen. Xiaomi hasnt shared the latency numbers for this smartpen, but it has a pressure sensitivity of 4096 pressure points which is not too bad and ill. Tell you why xiaomi hasnt shared it because its not as smooth and as responsive as the apple pencil on an ipad or s pen on a samsung tablet, which is actually fine if xiaomi prices it really low. Just like the tablet out here now, the smartphone is actually very good. Otherwise, its got a lot of features, especially the fact that you can dock it on the tablet itself and it connects via bluetooth, and you get. You know the battery life level as soon as you dock it as well and, interestingly, you can also use the smartpen to control the ui itself, which is not possible with the apple pencil on the ipad, the first button.

What it does is it actually cycles between the different pens within the notes app and the second button. When you long press it, you can actually take uh. You know a screenshot and annotate it for whatever purposes that you need now. I did ask xiaomi if the smart pen will also get api support so that you know third party developers can use it, but no response, and unlike the s pen, which has air gestures, this one doesnt have that but thats okay, thats, not a huge problem, and Now the smart keyboard that you can attach to the xiaomi pad itself feels very premium, and it doesnt weigh the tablet down too much its not too bad, and the key travel on this keyboard is about 1.2 to 1.4 millimeters and its fairly decent, not too bad. But i must mention that you can prop the tablet only in a single orientation which is a bit of a letdown. I hope that there would have been more but its fine. That orientation is one of the best ones out there. Now the battery inside the xiaomi pad 5 is an 8 720 mah unit. You can easily expect about four to five days of basic usage, ive been using it for the past week week and a half and it hasnt drained. Yet, although xiaomi does only bundle a 22.5 watt charger inside the box, but the xiaomi pad 5 can actually charge up to 33 watt charging speeds now xiaomis take on.

That is that anyone who buys the xiaomi pad 5 will also have a xiaomi phone or a 33 watt charger lying around, but thats just weird. Does that mean that xiaomi doesnt want to sell it to anybody else, whos interested in an android tablet? You will have to buy the 33 watt chargers separately because trust me its worth it because it can actually charge uh. You know the tablet from zero to 100 in one hour and ‘ minutes which shaves off at least 20 25 minutes from you know what it would take with the 22.5 watt charger by the way. Theres. No gps on this wi fi. Only variant, which is the only variant that xiaomi is selling in india right now, theres no lte variant, but that not having gps is not a huge deal because i probably need gps only for google maps in my personal experience and google maps runs just fine. Now, let me know if you guys have any other use for gps, that you know that i might not have or might have overlooked. Let me know in the comment section now to close it out. The xiaomi pad 5 is easily my favorite android tablet available in the market. Today, its priced really well its got a lot of features, its got uh, you know a connected accessories ecosystem as well. Im gon na be recommending it left right and center, but the ipad loyalist will definitely tell you that the apple ipad has far more premium apps and a connected ecosystem.

The connected ecosystem part – i do agree, although i must put that question out there, how many people are actually buying premium apps on an ipad, at least in india. I dont see a lot of people doing that and for the apps that you use for the basic apps that you use. For example, even something like instagram is actually a full app on the xiaomi pad 5, which it is not on on the ipad, which is kind of weird right. So if youve made up your mind about buying an android tablet, i would easily recommend the pad 5 over an ipad, because i know and understand that android fanboys dont really want to get out of that ecosystem either, primarily because of the you know open nature of It and the way you can connect it to multiple devices to you know, share stuff as well, so those are the things that definitely give you know the xiaomi pad 5 and edge over something like an ipad, although i will end up using an ipad because ecosystem Anyway, which is a tablet that you like? Let me know in the comment section below – i hope you guys like the review as well until next time.