Its finally made its way to india and its priced at 24, 999 for the six gigabyte plus 128 gigabyte variant, and you can also get this variant, which is the six gigabyte plus 256 gigabyte variant uh, which is priced at 26 999.. There are some offers and bank discounts, so if you do have credit cards from those companies, youll be able to get some great offers on. This were also going to be reviewing uh the keyboard case, which is designed particularly for this, and also the xiaomi pencil. Its called the xiaomi pen, its basically the apple pencil in xiaomi branding, so lets quickly get into it and see whether or not this is the ipad killer that everyone wants it to be. You know that the category is really dominated by the ipad, because xiaomi had to put the name pad in their tablet as well. Most companies call their tablet devices the tablets, but here xiaomis called it. The xiaomi pad and theyve always called it. The me pad in the past as well. This device is basically taking an aim at the ipad and everything that you can buy for this, including this keyboard, the magnetic back cover and this xiaomi pen is basically taking a jab at the ipad pro which does offer all of these things that work with it And, of course, you have to buy them separately in both the cases. If we talk about specifications there are some things that immediately go for the xiaomi pad 5 and one of those is the display.

So you get a2560 by 1600 pixel resolution display, and this is a 10.95 inch display diagonally. The aspect ratio is also wider than what you see on the ipad, so where, on the ipad, you tend to get black borders. When you watch content online in this because its a more landscape or a more wide screen format, you will not get that problem and then this display is also 120 hertz. As far as refresh rate is concerned, and ipads do have that, but in the much higher end ipad pros this device has it at a much lower end. In fact, this is cheaper than the cheapest ipad that you can buy and it offers 120 hertz of refresh rate. The display also has 500 nits of brightness, so visibility of the display is pretty good indoors, uh, somewhat outdoors as well and viewing angles. Everything looks good on the panel, and colors are pretty good as well. So as far as a content consumption device, the display is going to be one of your most used things, and this display will not disappoint. As far as that goes, the display also supports dolby vision. So, if youre going to be consuming hdr content or dolby vision, content on this that will come through without any problems on apps that do support it. Netflix, for example, is one of them and for everyday use, whether youre going to be using this for, like i mentioned, content consumption, which is going to be the primary use of anyone who buys this device.

Youre also going to be wanting to play some games on this, for that the display is good as well, and the touch response from the display is good as well and youre going to be wanting to do a little bit of work. If you want to get this as a notebook replacement, so if you have a lower end sort of a chromebook or something like that, this can be a great device for somebody to carry to college, to take notes uh to probably do some word processing some basic Excel stuff, you can do that on this without any problem, so powering everything for the xiaomi pad 5 is the qualcomm snapdragon 860 chip. Now this is a pretty capable chip, especially getting this at the price tag that this tablet is priced at youre. Getting quite a lot of performance inside and that translates on to everyday use, and it is able to power up the 120 hertz refresh rate display, as well as the cameras as well as the gaming performance that you get on games like battlegrounds. You can play it in hdr with extreme fps and it plays smoothly without any jitter or without the device actually heating up in any way. So you get a 8 720 milliamp hour battery and you do get a 22.5 watt charger inside the box. Now, with these things combined, you do get decent battery life, but not as much as far as quick charging is concerned, not as much as xiaomis phones that do offer up now up to 120 watts of charging.

So the xiaomi pad 5 becomes a little more interesting when you look at the accessories that are on offer on the xiaomi pen and the smart keyboard, and the case itself is basically a ripoff of the apple smart keyboard case. This is designed to hold your tablet in a sort of typing position, and then it magnetically sort of closes as well, and then it also holds the tablet magnetically, so its its basically a complete rip off of the smart keyboard case and no ones complaining its actually. A really good idea – and the implementation here is good. The magnets are strong and the keyboard case gets on the xiaomi pad 5 really well, and it connects. Why are these three dot connectors? Also something that weve seen on ipads directly with the keyboard? The keyboard is not backlit, unfortunately, thats something. That is an oversight. I feel they could have added that, but keeping in mind the economy of the product, they probably decided to keep that out the keyboard itself. The keys are nice to type on and you can go on for basically typing sessions without any problem, its a completely flat keyboard, but you have decent travel and you do have decent sound from the keys as well, so youll get that tactile feedback and that audible Feedback when youre typing on this, the pen is also a complete rip off of the apple pencil. To the point where the ui also shows the same animations.

When you connect the pen to the xiaomi pad 5, and it also shows you the battery the same way that it does on an ipad, so if you havent seen it, this is what it looks like. It looks pretty cool and uh. It is definitely convenient to use this. The good thing is that it is basically like a stylus, so it works across the user interface and you dont have to worry about it, not working in a particular area and while xiaomi has attempted to enable mostly everything that you see on the ipad with the Apple pencil uh, the implementation is not as clean. So if you want to do some handwriting to text it doesnt automatically do that you have to pull out some menus. So in certain areas it is a little gimmicky and it is a little software based where in which, on the ipad, you see that theres, a lot of hardware, implementation and software implementation that go in together here, its mostly software based. Another thing to note is that you can get basically the same functionality of the pen with any stylus that you can buy, so you dont have to buy this pen. You can get basically all the functionality with a stylus apart from the two buttons here. That can be multi use buttons in certain things. You can use them to swipe through images, so theyre more like a presentation remote. So if you buy a presenter which does have a stylus tip, it will work basically like the xiaomi pencil or the xiaomi smartpen.

Rather, should i call it, you also do get a additional replaceable tip inside the box, which is great theres, not a lot of pressure, sensitivity either, but you do have a little bit, so you can sort of scribble through and draw and sketch using this. If that is something that youre planning to do, does this replace the ipad in a situation where this offers itself? It is actually a much cheaper alternative to the ipad, so if you are going to get into tablets for the first time, this actually is a much better option than some of the budget, samsung tablets and some of the other android budget tablets that weve seen because It does give you that performance and that uplift, with respect to the display that looks really good, incidentally, theres also cameras on the back as well as the front, so you can do 4k 30 from the rear camera. And then you do have a full hd on the front camera as well, which im not sure a lot of people will use this to click pictures. But if you do here are some samples for you, you can check it out and decide whether or not the camera is good. Id say that the camera is decent, especially considering the price that this tablet is placed at what youre going to be mostly using is the display, and that is pretty impressive. The speakers, while xiaomi claims that there are quad speakers, its not the loudest of them all and while you do have a nice, sound output, the volume on the speakers leaves a little bit to be desired off and heres.

A sample of the speakers for your reference were also going to show you a sample of the ipad air speakers. Music, Music. Now, xiaomis done a lot of ui tweaks to make sure that this device looks and feels like the ipad. The user, interface miui and the dock is basically completely identical to the ipad. And then certain functionalities, like pulling out notes from the bottom edge, is again something completely like the ipad and all of those things can become really useful to a lot of people. But what the xiaomi pad 5 lacks is refinement. And if this is going to be your first tablet, you will not really care about that too much and again, if youre looking for a budget friendly option, this is going to basically offer up all that you need without worrying about other things too much. If you have an apple ecosystem already happening in your life, so if you have an iphone, maybe a macbook, then i would say stay away from this, but if youre more on the sides of android and would like to experience a tablet and see if it will Fit for you, this is a pretty good option and a much better option than some of the other android tablets that weve seen in this price bracket from other manufacturers go check. It out well have links in the description. If you have any particular questions about things that we might have missed in this video, you can drop them in the comment section below and well try and answer them for you.

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