Pro lets go ahead and jump in Music, all right, just some quick housekeeping news here, the regular me pad 5. So not the me pod, five pro like this one, so the me pad five actually launched globally as of last week, i believe in europe, specifically so as of now as of the shooting of this video. If you want to order the me pad 5 pro like this one, you would have to go for the chinese version, which is what i have here. They dont have one global. We are still not sure that theyre gon na release it globally. As of now its staying local to china, so if you dont live in china – and you really want this tab that you would have to scan the internet and see if you can get yourself a chinese version anyway. So now that we got that out of the way lets go ahead and talk about this tablet here, and i want to quickly brush on design before talking about my experience using it and to those who dont know. This is an 11 inches android tile theyre, currently available in only two colors, which are black and white, and, as you can see here, this black actually looks pretty sleek. You do have a solid built here, both to the touch and also in terms of looks. It looks very familiar to many of you simply because it looks so awfully close to an ipad pro.

In fact, the ui is actually built to mimic what you would have with apple tablet. As far as the camera goes, this unit here is the wi fi version and, unlike the 5g variant, this one has a megapixel main sensor on that camera module there and a 5 megapixel depth sensor on there and the selfie camera found on the front here is Boasting an 8 megapixel sensor – and i have to tell you this is actually impressive – great stabilization when youre using it for selfies, using it for vlogs or just when youre using that front camera to make videos same with the back. You may know that xiaomi generally tries to push the envelope with their phone cameras, and it looks like they did the same here again very impressive image stabilization with this camera, so something pretty close to what you would find on their phone. As i mentioned, they generally tried to push that envelope there and they did a good job implementing that on here. Obviously, you have the usual suspects like i like to call them and by that, of course, i do mean physical features. Now, if we can start up here with the power button which again looks awfully close to what we have on the ipad a4, so its a combo of a power button, slash fingerprint sensor, so you have the fingerprint you know system embedded in that power button. So you can press that to unlock the tablet.

You can also use it to power. The tablet on you have a quad speaker set up here, so quite set up, so you have two on the left side and two on the right side. But the tablet itself has eight speakers, and it shows the sound quality here is really really good and these by the way, do support dolby vision and dolby atmos. Very impressive loudspeaker, sound quality, of course, with a very good level of bass, pretty clean treble also, especially for something this size, so very good tablet for entertainment. You do, of course, have additional features like the mics around it. You have the three pins to connect to uh the official keyboard, the official xiaomi keyboard here, and then you have a usb type c port. This was kind of well actually its a major disappointment. This is like the most basic usb type c port that you can have on the tablet. As of now, you know on the pro tablet or even on the mid range tablet, because it does not push out video signals. So what you have even the speed is actually not even that great you know, transfer speed here, not that great, and not only that you cannot extend the display or extend whatever content you have here to an external display that was kind of a disappointment, especially for Something that claims to be a pro tablet and finally, of course, you have your volume rocker there up and down by the way, quick break here.

If you are new to the channel chances, are you forgot to do two main things? Please do me a huge favor hit, both the like and the subscribe button there, its a tremendous boost to this channel again. I truly appreciate that all right so lets talk about something heavier here, so specs and performance. One of the main reasons why many people are attracted to this tablet here is just the platform right, so its boasting a snapdragon 870 and just for reference. The galaxy tap s7, which is an amazing tablet. The tibet seven eight tablet, seven plus both worlds. Each boasts a snapdragon 865 plus, so i should imagine 870 here means is clocked a tiny bit higher than those tablets with their snapdragon 865 plus now, even though, when buying a tablet or a phone, and all that that you cannot base the whole performance and user Experience on a single factor, just like the chipset, it doesnt tell the whole story, obviously, but its still very impressive to see that they were able to add a high level chipset on this thing, given how much it costs right. It is also coupled with six gigs of ram for the base model, which is what i have here along with 128 gigs of internal storage, and that is another downside with this tablet. Here is that you have 128 gigs of internal storage, but that is non expandable. So a little bit like the ipad, if you buy 128 gigs well, you just bought 128 gigs, nothing! You can do about the internal storage.

You cannot expand that as you would normally be able to do. You know with just a typical android tablet. You also do have the option to go to a 256 gigs of internal storage for a little bit more money and stick with six gigs of ram and theres a third option available for 256 gigs of ram with im, sorry, 256 gigs of internal storage and eight Gigs of ram the skin thats sitting on top of this is me ui version 12.5.2, at least in my unit here, and to those of you who are not familiar with this interface. As i mentioned earlier, it looks awfully close to what the ipad has to offer. It is its as if they just went out of their way to get away from the traditional ui that is offered on android tablets to you know, mimic what is offered on apple tablet, so just the apple devices which ended up leading many to believe that you Can use this as a replacement for an ipad pro which, by the way it is not – i already made a video about that. It is not all of that being said that ui has been implemented here very very well. It is super fluid. It is super smooth. Also, it is loaded, you know, tablet itself is loaded, it supports 120 hertz refresh rate, but again, even though that ui is well implemented, it is still an android tablet. So obviously you can download or sideload google the google play store here and if you were used to a different ui, this thing will definitely take some getting used to and for someone like myself who owns you, know android, you know the typical traditional android tablet and Also apple tablets or apple devices, its just weird, to see kind of that apple ui on an android tablet, so im still trying to get used to it again it doesnt matter.

You know, i have no doubt that people out there you know who buy this tablet. Will eventually get used to it, but im just saying from the get go you will find it kind of odd if you already know that that ui is solely on apple devices. Overall performance is just excellent here. You know you have a top notch: chipset six gigs of ram thats, really really good stuff ive been able to handle day to day tasks. You know to light to medium to heavy tasks with absolutely zero issues. None whatsoever gaming has been fantastic, also ive tested a bunch of my favorite mobile games over here. You know, including call of duty mobile asphalt, 9. You know pub g and a few more games and gameplay has been great even for these fairly heavy games. Now i have not encountered any stuttering or lagging you can actually play pubg mobile with hd graphic and keep the frame at extreme and still be going at about 60 fps and speaking of frames per second here lets talk display for a second, its an 11 inch. Ips display here with 2560 by 1600 for the resolution and, as i mentioned earlier, it does support high refresh rate at you know: 120 hertz. But you do have the option to revert that back to the just the standard, the regular 60 hertz that we are all accustomed to and, as i mentioned earlier also, this tablet will offer dolby vision and hdr 10 support.

Although netflix seems to play in standard definition. Only but anyway, nice image quality, fairly sharp and you can play with the color adjust the settings to your liking. As far as the battery goes, it is loaded with an 86 milliamp battery here so slightly higher than what you would typically get for something about the size right. So the type of seven for reference, for example, is an 8 000 milliamp. So here you have an 8 600 milliamp and its a good battery it lasts and actually is fast charged at up to 67 watt. That is impressive, so ive been able to actually finish the day without any issues, even keeping the tablet at 120 hertz refresh rate. All of that being said, i cannot tell you what your usage, what your battery life is going to be like, obviously, because its going to be subjective so just make sure to charge it and test it out, and speaking of charging, you actually get this tablet that Thats, all you get in the box, so obviously we dont have a global version for this guy here. So if you want to order this, you will be ordering the chinese version, which comes with just the tablet and the quick start guide. So its literally a tablet of the guy, and also the usb 2 headphone jack port, the little dongle, so just that now, unfortunately, im still not able to get my hands on the xiaomi stylus made for this tablet.

Here in the me pad 5., i actually did order it through ebay. I dont know whats happening. I thought by now i would have shipped i thought by now i would have received it. It was coming out of china, so im still waiting thats. Actually, the reason why i waited so long to do the review of this guy here. So i guess at this point as soon as i get it im gon na test it out, and then i make another review video just for the xiaomi pen there, but with all of this being said, heres my take overall. This is a very good tablet, especially given the build and also the price point right. It will run you about 400 bucks for this chinese version and thats. You know before tax and shipping so pretty affordable and with all of this comes the question, can i recommend this tablet? No, and yes right so it depends. I wouldnt just blindly recommend this to everyone out there and like ive said before. Buying a tablet is not necessarily about going with what has the most power right case in point. The m1 ipad pro is the most powerful tablet out there, but i dont recommend that tablet for just anyone or everyone same here. I would recommend this particular tablet. If you are looking for something affordable with some flagship, specs and features pro level chipsets fast, with excellent performance, high refresh rate, great entertainment and so forth, and you dont care much about an ecosystem.

I will, however, not recommend this tablet to anyone. Looking for an ipad pro replacement just because it mimics the ui that is made by apple, i also would not recommend this if you are looking for something versatile in terms of handling high productivity right, so like the ability to extend your main screen or main content To another display so for people who are always doing a million things at the same time and trying to extend that display not being able to do that through the hardware. Failure. Well, not failure, but the fact that the usb type c cannot push video out thats. A problem also the fact that it doesnt have a solid feature to really make it flexible for you to work with a bunch of different things, yeah. So if youre a high productivity type of person, this may not be the one for you, but still its a great tablet. Dont get me wrong, fantastic now, anyway, i hope you found this informative. Of course, as i mentioned, im gon na make another review this time around for the xiaomi stylus, whatever its called and im gon na drop that whenever i get my hands on it, make sure to share this video. If you know anyone wholl be interested, were in the market for this one and were looking for additional information on this im gon na catch in the comment section, if you have any questions, something that you would like for me to test out, let me know in The comment section im also gon na catch you in the next video.