This tablet is 11 inches, which is a large tablet and does not fit in the same category as the ipad mini. The weight of this device is 515 grams and its thickness is 6.9 millimeter. It is not a light tablet at all, but it has a very good weight plants, xiaomi pad frame flat, designed that i personally do not like flat frame at all for large phones or tablets, but in general the tablet is not uncomfortable. The back panel is matte, finish plastic, the frame is made of aluminum and the front panel is protected by glass and completely conveys the feeling of a premium tablet. But i wish the back panel was made of aluminum too, on the back panel are two camera lenses with flash in an oval frame in the corner. It has a minimalist and attractive design and reminds you completely of the elementarys flagships of this brand on the front panel is a screen with very low margins and a selfie camera on top of it. About eight to three percent of the front panel is the display, which is a great for a tablet. Xiaomi pad supports xiaomi, smartpen and keyboard, none of which are in the box, but there are magnets to connect them to the tablet. One thing is for sure: the smartpen is a really good pen, but if you are a very professional user, the apple pencil for its tablets slightly works better. The display of xiaomi pad 5 pro is ips lcd with a resolution of 1600 to 2560 with a pixel density of 274 ppi.

It supports hdr10 and dolby vision, content and displays more than 1 billion colors in terms of price range. This display is great. The colors are displayed very accurately and attractively and the color separation is really great because it is 10 bits. It also has good black depth and contrast, but not as old. The brightness of this device is 500 nits and it is perfectly suitable for a tablet. The first rate of this display is 120 hertz and the touch sampling rate is 240 hertz, which results in a completely smooth performance at the top of the frame is a capacity fingerprint sensor that performs quickly and reliable, but is difficult to access. Definitely no one buys a tablet for the camera reason, but xiaomi has tried not to make the camera of this tablet too. Weak xiaomi pad 5 pro uses a 13 megapixels main lens and a 5 megapixels depth of field the photo through detail and shortness world. The colors are a bit exaggerated and the dynamic range is weak in portrait photos. The subject separates relatively well from the background and the background blur is done. Naturally, with the main camera. You can record 4k 30 frames per second video, which i suggest 1080p for better stabilizer performance. The tablet selfie camera is 8 megapixels and can record 1080p video at 30 frames per second and is perfect for things like video conferencing and video calling overall good in terms of camera, but the ipad definitely performs better in terms of hardware.

The pet 5 pro uses the snapdragon 870 and 6 or 8 gigabytes of lpdr for each ram. There are no lag or slowness in this tablet and it performs even the heaviest tasks so well and has a stable performance, but in term views its body starts to warm up, which is not annoying and is normal. This device has 128 or 256 gigabytes of ufs 3.1 memory and is not expandable. This tablet has android 11 and miui 12.5 at the time of release and has software support for up to three years. Android tablet software is not like before and is really optimized for tablet size and can meet your needs of a tablet, but ipad os is especially developed for ipads and has a smoother and much better performance inside the device is an 8600 million per hour. Lithium polymer battery that works for one to one and half a day in semi heavy use without the need for charging. It also supports 67 watts fast charging which fully charge the tablet in 70 minutes, which is great. This tablet has not two, not four but 8 speakers tuned by harman kardon, which has an amazing volume, excellent, sound resolution and even produces a good base.