Video lets take a look at how xiaomis pad 5 has fared whats to like and dislike about this new tablet from xiaomi, hey guys ash here from c4e tech and welcome to my full review of the xiaomi path. 5. lets get started now amongst the tablets that xiaomis launched this the pad 5, its the only one they sell globally, the five pro and the five pro 5g at least for now they are limited to china, so i feel it makes a lot of sense. To start with what the pathway cant do, what it lacks, not just in comparison to the uh to its more expensive stablemates, but just in general, in comparison with other similar tablets. So first we have the fingerprint scanner or the lack theyre off, while the pro version has one built into the power key thats been cut here, you dont get face unlock via the selfie camera, though. The next thing to note is the lack of a headphone jack. You dont even get an adapter in the box, so thats a little bit of a bummer number three on the mia list is microsd this ones the most disappointing to me. Tablets are media consumption devices after all, and the extra storage would have been very much appreciated here and finally, numero quatro gps, not a big deal on a tablet that does not have data connectivity, but it is still one worth mentioning. Okay, now with the whats missing missing part out of the way lets get started with the review.

You know how, in the past, for some phones, xiaomi and redmi have gone with the glass back, but a plastic frame, this ones, the exact opposite. We have a metal frame and a plastic back. I like it, though the matte plastic finish is quite excellent. It doesnt pick up a bunch of fingerprints or smudges and personally, i think, with tablets. The feel of the sides are more important than the back, because you rarely use a tablet naked over the last four or five years. My go to tablets have been the 2018 uh ipad pro the galaxy tab s6 and the ipad mini right. Now i never use them without a case on, and i think thats gon na be the case for most people. If you have a different point of view, leave a comment down below id love to know what you think and while youre down there also click the link in the description to check out our sponsor for the video 28 If there is any smartphone – or in this case tablet thats not available in your country, is the way to go. They are reliable. They ship, quick and offer great support, so do check them out if you havent yet now coming back as far as placements go to the top. We have dolby vision, atmos branding alongside two speakers, a microphone and the power key volume, rockers and two more microphones are present to the right and to the bottom.

We have another couple of speakers with one final microphone and, of course, the usb type c port. There are a couple of other things too to the right. You see this. This is where the xiaomi smartpen connects. It attaches magnetically and the tablet keeps it charged kind of very second gen apple pencilish. Now to the left, you have this connector that lets you use. Xiaomis first party keyboard, both of these are optional accessories, though in some markets at least initially xiaomi is including the pen with every knee pad they ship, the xiaomi smartpen. You know talking about it its quite nice to use the palm rejection here is accurate, its comfortable to hold and use its its got 40 96 levels of pressure, sensitivity, look closer and youll see. It has two buttons press this one tap on the screen to launch the notes app and you can start writing or sketching the same button now lets you switch between brushes and when you press and hold it. You trigger the eraser theres, a tiny bit of delay with triggering anything, though lets see this every time. Im done. Writing a letter im actually pressing the button, but it takes a little bit of time for that change to trigger now the other button you can press it to cut out part of the screen for a screenshot. You see how slow and deliberate i am here because any quicker and its not going to work now, thats, not to say theres a lot of latency.

It just happens whenever you want to trigger something if youre just using it its, not an issue uh its pretty responsive in that case, so hopefully they can fix this with an update in the future. I know i also like how, unlike the apple pencil, you can use the xiaomi smartpen for navigation with apple you, cant, multitask or switch between apps. You need to resort to you know using your finger again, but you can do all that and even swiping from the corner for a quick, screenshot thats, an extra feature thats a bonus now coming to the keyboard. It is okay, i mean having used both apple and samsungs implementations, a kind of dead mess having a trackpad might not be as big a deal for some, but for me keyboards and pointing devices they kind of go together. The experience here just felt a little chattering. The keyboard itself feels spacious as spacious as possible, given 11 inch tablet. We are dealing with the 1.2 millimeter travel i mean typing on this. Was nice do know that the way xiaomi is implemented. This keyboard means the angle at which the tablet is when you, when the keyboard is attached its fixed, you cant change it, which is something you could do with both apple and samsung. But this angle seems to be fine for most use cases, so i didnt particularly mind it talking about use cases. One major use case for tablets, especially these days, is video conferencing, whether its talking to loved ones over skype or attending a class or that business called over zoom the selfie camera.

I really wish it was a line for landscape instead of portrait. The camera itself does fairly well. This is an 8 megapixel f2 with electronic stabilization. It shoots good selfies and the selfie video was much better than i anticipated. Now to the back. We have a single 13 megapixel, f2 camera and from a tablet camera perspective. It feels solid, as you can see, the images turned out just fine, even low light shots with night mode, enabled werent horrible, and if you should shoot video id recommend you not to i mean not because 4k30 isnt usable i mean just just dont, be that guy From a software perspective, we have the tablet version of miui, which is just like the regular version of me ui, but with some cosmetic changes and weird omissions like say, the theme store, i cant believe its been seven whole years since the first meepad launched – and we Are still asking for team support now batting that the user experience is excellent. Everything feels smooth and fluid on this 120 hertz ips panel. Would i have preferred amoled hell yes, but this is a very good ips panel uh its pretty punchy and has both hdr10 as well as dolby vision, support the resolution. Bdw is a little over quad hd, so we get a very crisp 274 pixels per inch 16 by 10 aspect ratio display the xiaomi pad 5 is pretty easy on the hands, its a little over 500 grams, its 6.

9 millimeters thick, even with the keyboard case on. I didnt mind the weight. Usually i mean i do remove the magnetic keyboard case from time to time when i read comics or something if im using it for a little too long. But for the most part the mepad 5 is pretty wieldable for a tablet. With a 11 inch screen and as you can see, gaming on this was a pleasant experience. The excellent display the speakers and, most importantly, the soc on the inside qualcomm snapdragon 860, which is basically a 855 plus with a new name, but even a two year old flagship qualcomm chip manages to perform perfectly fine. We get six gigs of ram and 128 or 256 gigs of onboard storage and rounding things off is a 8720 milliamp hour battery the battery life on this thing is insane. The idle drain is negligible. So even i generally use tablets for a little bit of night reading or watching some videos in bed. My usage isnt particularly taxing so say its 45 minutes to an hour each day on average, and i could get multiple days out of this. The ideal battery drain is that low. The bat 5 also supports up to 33 watts of charging, but at least in some markets, xiaomi is only including a 22.5 watt charger in the box. So what we have so far built in design im going to call it excellent. The display is very good performance, again very good battery and charging im going to bring that back to excellent user experience.

I leave it very good. I talk a few points for this. Being miui and having some ads in it but hey the global rom is supposed to be ad free, so feel free to change the rating if you wan na and finally the price xiaomi has priced the pad five at 1999 yuan in china that converts to roughly 23, 000 rupees or 310 us dollars in europe. Theyve launched it at 350 euros, though, which is no surprise, given the european prices are generally much higher for this asking price xiaomi seems to have put together one hell of a tablet: uh, probably the best bang, for a buck. Android tablet available today, in fact come to think of it. There are only two other tablets that i could see myself recommending over this uh at around this price, one, the lenovo pad pro 11 thats, the one thats got pretty much the same specs its got a 870 instead, just like the xiaomi pad 5 pro its also Priced the same as the pad 5 pro. What i love about that tablet is the fact that it rates this 120 hertz lcd for a 90 hertz oled, which i think is perfect now. The other tablet i see as competition is whatever ipads priced around the same. I mean with apple youre gon na youre gon na have to go back a few years to hit this price point, and so the xiaomi vat 5 is gon na, be better on all fronts.

You know the display build whatever battery. It is gon na have better specs, but at the end of the day, all i mean this equation. It boils down to really apple versus android and, sadly, apple has done a much better job with tablet adoption, which means there are way more optimized apps for tablets. On the apple side of things, so anyway, there you go thats been my take on xiaomis pad 5, an excellent tablet that checks almost all the boxes. So what do you guys think? Do you agree with what ive had to say in this video? Do you have a different point of view? Let me know in the comments below and beat it up. If you do want to pick a xiaomi pad 5 do check out our ill, have a link in the description and with that we get to the end of this review thumbs up thumbs down, based on whatever you felt about it. Subscribe turn on notifications hit that bell icon, if you havent yet, and thanks a lot for watching until next time. My name is ash. Youve been watching c4 read tech and im signing off. For now.